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Mid-Year Reality Check

At the beginning of 2013 I set the tone for the year by establishing a word to define my focus.  The word is “ta-da”

I feel like I have shared many of the fun things that I like with that “Jazz Hands” show-off mentality, as if to say, “Look at Me!” See what I can do?  More than that, it has been my intention to show who I am and what I am proud of.  As if to say, “I have arrived.”  “I am here.”  Catch my energy.  See my spirit.  It’s my time to shine.

picture by Melissa Reyes copyright 2013 http://mizmeliz.com
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

How have I demonstrated my “show-off” attitude towards life?  I will review.

I can look back at my posts.

I can look at my Day Runner.

I can look in the mirror.

During Christmas Vacation, I went to see a few movies.  One of them was “Lincoln”.  When I was waiting to watch that much anticipated film, I thought to myself, “Okay Mr. Spielberg, inspire me! Help me come up with something special.  Help me find a unique way to write my story.”  And he did.  I don’t know how or why, but during the credits for that film, as I wiped my tears and gained my composure, I thought about how I have a character and I can write my story through her perspective.  Melissa the Mouse was born.  “Ta-da!”

In January, the focus was getting back to school and immersing myself into the boys’ schedules with school and sports.  We spent a weekend at my aunt and uncle’s home near Coachella where my son was playing in a lacrosse tournament.  It is always difficult for me to visit there because my parents lived down the street from my aunt and uncle before they died.  I had been avoiding that situation for some time.  This weekend was nice and I managed to get through it and I was okay.  Up a level in the grieving process, I guess.  “Ta-da!”

At the end of the month, I had a chance to read my poetry at a cabaret show in Hollywood.  It was stellar!

photo by Melissa Reyes copyright 2013 http://mizmeliz.com
I read my poetry at a show in Hollywood. January, 31, 2013

In February, I had so much fun! I went to San Francisco to interview fellow blogger, Evan Sanders, and attend his launch party for his book, The Better Man Project.  I took a road trip with new friend, Mary Lansing of Along Comes Mary, and another new idea came into play. Blog Ventures. I attended an Oscar’s night viewing party and it was just like being at the Oscars!  “Ta-da!”

In March, I started visiting college campuses with my son and planning how we would celebrate his graduation from high school. I realized that there is always an end before there can be a new beginning.  I contemplated how dealing with the empty nest syndrome is very much like letting go of my parents and sister since they died.  They will always be a part of me and I can look back at all the wonderful memories with joy and gratitude.  I am embracing the fact that there is more to look forward to!  “Ta-da!”

In April, I took a road trip with my family.  We visited more colleges and spent time with my cousins in New Mexico.  It was a wild ride road trip!  I learned how much a family can bond in moments like these and how important it is to be satisfied with my life as I know it.  “Ta-da!”

April also began the celebration and event season!  It started with being in a flash mob for my friend’s proposal, then the celebration of my wedding anniversary, and I attended a few conferences and shows.  May brought  more celebrations beginning with my son’s confirmation,  then my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday, my niece’s high school graduation, my nephew’s engagement party, my oldest son’s high school graduation, my other nephew’s high school graduation, both of my sister-in-law’s birthdays, my kids’ performances, games, prom and grad nights, and awards ceremonies . . . whew!

Yes, it seemed that every day was a celebration or a culmination.  What better way to describe the feeling of accomplishment and appreciation for these special milestones than . . . Yes, I’ll say it one more time . . . “whoopie! yeehaw! wepa! huzzah!  ta-da!!”

Life is a celebration.  Life is good.  There is so much to be grateful for!

What’s next? Six months left in 2013.  I look at the Day Runner.  July looks wonderful.  It’s my son’s 18th birthday.  I should be posting my 200th blog post around the 2nd week. Getting going on the book.  Finally!   It’s my birthday.  45.  Meh.  It’s just a number.  I have some relaxation planned.  Pretty low-key.  My husband and I have plans to attend a few concerts with friends in August.  Then it’s back to school.  My oldest son starts college in September.  He will be moving out.  I am excited.  (I am scared shitless.)  I am excited.  I will be doing a workshop about goals, vision and life balance for my blogging group in October.  Then the holidays will be upon us.  Another year come and gone.

It’s a good life.  A very good life.

Over the next four weeks I will be posting excerpts from the book that I have been writing.  I will discuss topics such as:

Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness

Kindness and Compassion

Laughter and Joy

Facing Challenges

Letting Go

Attaining Wellness

Increasing Energy

Creating Systems

I look forward to bringing you more of my energy and insights.  I love shining brightly and shouting “ta-da!”

What are you proud of that you have accomplished so far this year?  Please share with me in the comments.  Take a moment and toot your horn!  C’mon, you know you want to!  

Let’s celebrate!

Photo by Tim Farnsworth Copyright 2013
Be Inspired, Everything Miz Meliz

Happy New Year! Focus on Today While Looking Back

Focus on Today

My theme word for 2013 is “Ta-da!!” After reflecting on 2012 and in my readiness to ignite my passions and spark my awesomeness in 2013, I want to have that youthful energy and spread the excitement like a magician or a child showing off – – think Jazz hands! I plan to jump in to the center of the room and say, “Ta-da!” Here I am, here is what I know, this is it people!”

Copyright 2013 Melissa Reyes
Miz Meliz – Carefree and Exploring Life! I love that my Mom and aunts are on the level above looking out the window, they are still watching out for me!

Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog this past year.   I am grateful for the important role you have played in my life and I am so glad to have you with me on my journey.

Taking a Look Back

I have been thinking a lot lately of the little girl that I once was.  I grew up surrounded by adults.  Being the youngest in my family and in my generation, I felt the urge to be grown up.  I spent most of my life so far trying to (and succeeding at) being a responsible adult.  It took some serious digging into my heart to remember what it felt like to be a fun-loving carefree child.  (It wasn’t that hard to recall my teenage and young adult years, where I had fun – but that is VERY different kids!) Thinking about what I was like as a child helped me to determine who I really am.  I believe that we are complete and whole from the start.  The person I am today started as a seed that has grown and developed with help from all the outside influences.  But at the core of who I am, I am indeed that fun-loving carefree child.

Copyright Melissa Reyes 2013
Little Miss Melissa on a Swing at the Park

I loved playing outside when I was little.  I made mud pies.  I helped my Dad water the trees and plant seedlings.  I loved to swing on the swing on the tree in the backyard.  I liked to capture caterpillars and praying mantis and put them in jars.  Eventually I would let them go. In the fall, I loved walking through the piles of leaves that accumulated on our front lawn.  When it rained, I loved jumping in puddles!  I liked to lay in the grass and watch the clouds pass overhead.

Little Miss Melis, 2 Years Old
Little Miss Melis, 2 Years Old

I always liked to collect things.  When I was very little it was pennies, marbles, sea shells and sand dollars.  I had a very large stuffed animal collection and each one had a name and a special place on my bed.  I had a few beloved dolls and I cared for them by bathing them, changing their clothes and cutting their hair.

Copyright Melissa Reyes 2013
Little Miss Mommy with her baby dolls, notice one had to have her own chair!

I liked to dress up, especially at Halloween.  I always made my own costumes (with Mom’s help, of course!)  I remember being Raggedy Anne, a hobo, Dorothy, a flapper, a princess, and a devil.

When I was little my parents traveled and took vacations by car and then later by camper.  We camped and fished and went on adventures.  They took me to all of the South Western states and we visited family in New Mexico almost every year.  We went to Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.  On other trips we went to the Pacific Northwest.  We went all the way up the coast through Northern California, Oregon, Washington to British Colombia, Canada.  We also went to Hawaii when I was eleven.  I loved those trips and enjoyed sitting in the front seat between my parents so I wouldn’t miss a thing.

Copyright Melissa Reyes 2013
Miss Melis Loving the Outdoors!

We took lots of weekend trips all over California.  We spent lots of time in San Diego visiting family.  We would shop in Tijuana now and then.  Sometimes we went on day trips to Solvang or Palm Springs. I loved walking on the beach early in the morning with my Dad and stopping for donuts on the way back.  I would go for a walk with my Mom when we went camping and we would “explore.”

Now What?

I realize that these are the things that I was naturally happiest doing.  My goal for this year is to do the things that naturally make me happy.  I am fortunate to be in a place in my life where I have met my goals and I want to keep things the way they are for a while.  For now, I will do my best to maintain my home, my job, my relationships and all the things that I love.  I will do so with the zest and excitement of the adventurous fun-loving and carefree child that I am at heart.

Please, share with me a memory of your childhood.  What were you like?  Were you that way for as long as you can remember?  Tell me something good. . .