Everything Miz Meliz, The Happiness Project

The Happiness Quotient

I didn’t make a resolution this year, other than to have a focus term. . . experience.

I wish to embrace the experiences that become present in my life

I wish to create meaningful experiences for myself and my family

I wish to use my prior experiences to help me to appreciate the beauty of each moment

So far, 2012 has been full of experiences!  Have I thought about this term everyday?  No.  Have I applied the idea of focus in my daily life? Yes.  I really have noticed a difference.  I have embraced the experiences that have presented themselves.  I have had some good days and some bad ones.  With each experience, I have managed to enjoy the ride.  I have learned from some harsh realities.  I have made the mundane seem like miracles.  However slight, miraculous none the less!

I have created some magical, meaningful experiences for my family.  At the very least, I took part in activities that were meaningful.  I recognized them to be memorable and important.

I have been writing weekly and this has enabled me to reflect on my past experiences quite a bit.  I am in love with writing!  It is opening up possibilities for me and is making me feel whole again.

Some memorable experiences of 2012:

Getting an iPhone (for $2.50 after credits and upgrade!)

Seeing my 12 year old son sing with an amazing choir for Epiphany.

Enjoying my husband and sons learning to play the ukulele they got for Christmas.

Opening a bank account for my sixteen year old son – a right of passage.

Taking the family to Big Bear for snowboarding and staying in a beautiful cabin for the weekend

My 15 year old son going to the emergency room in Big Bear for snowboarding accident and being grateful that it could have been much worse than a collar bone fracture

Meeting up with my in-laws at Disneyland to see my nephew perform with his high school orchestra

Finding the perfect gift to give to my MIL and enjoying the day with her

Spending time with a new friend and enjoying movies, shopping, doing fun things and going for walks around the lake

Watching Football with my brother and niece and planning Super Bowl Sunday

Going to a college application workshop with my oldest son, another right of passage!

Getting in “trouble” at work for taking a long lunch and being chronically late

Making a valiant effort to be on time and staying positive at work for two weeks!

Working really hard and completing projects at work, and loving it.

Getting my sons report cards and being able to celebrate their successes with them!

Promising to get my 15 year old an iPhone for his birthday and being willing to pay full price (over $500) to make him happy, and working out a deal for less than $100 which made us both happy!

I can’t wait to see what other experiences unfold this year!  What ever happens, I resolve to live, love, do, be and enjoy the ride!