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A Visit to Downtown Disney Thanks to Grandpa Gene!

Spontaneity at it’s Finest

Thanks to my “Grandpa Tiīn” and my cousin Gene, Lito and I and the boys had a wonderful dinner at Downtown Disney’s Jazz Kitchen.

Miz Meliz at Disney's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney

The food was really good. The service was exceptional. The drinks (chosen by my “little” cousin who Is still 12 in my mind who had not been to Disneyland in 20 years and now returned with her two beautiful daughters) made me feel zippy. As in Zippity Do Dah, which has been playing in my head ever since Lissandro suggested that yummy rum punch cocktail!

The atmosphere was a pleasant homage to one of my favorite places,I have yet to visit, New Orleans. At first, I was disappointed to sit upstairs in a smallish for Disney room, far removed from the live Jazz music and general audience. I had been looking forward to listening to the music with the kids. Sometimes I allow Disney to give me the feeling that we are transported in time and space to the places in my heart that they represent. New Orleans is one of those places for many reasons.

I found the room to be stuffy and noisy. And even though I was sure it was my hormonal disposition to have hot flashes when I am super excited – Lissandro, our sever said he would do what he could to cool the room down, when I challenged him. After our meal was served he said, “I know it’s been a little cramped in here because we were busy, but now that this area is emptying out, the room is yours, enjoy.” He opened the doors to a balcony where we had the best view of the fireworks in Downtown Disney. He set up another table do we could be more comfortable. I looked around and realized by the time he brought the amazing desserts, our kids and my littlest cousins had spread out and were playing together. The two little girls who practically fell asleep at the table during dinner were now climbing all over and being teased by their big teenage California Cousins!

You Can’t Make Magic Happen, It Can’t Be Planned

This is the kind of experience that only happens at Disneyland. Where you can meet up for dinner with relatives you rarely see (and in the case of our children, barely know) and leave after a few hours feeling like you have just experienced something magical.

Miz Meliz and cousins at Downtown Disney

While walking around the shops after dinner, souvenir shopping, and taking pictures to preserve the precious memories, my cousin putting his strong cowboy arms around me and our other cousin who also joined the group for the day, and he said,

“This was on “Grandpa Tīn.”

I reminded him that although Anthony and I have no recollection of our grandfather who passed before either of us were born, I knew precisely what he meant. Lito and Anthony had put their best effort towards fighting for the bill. Gene wouldn’t let down. He wanted to “…take care of his family.”. He is the grandpa* now!

My heart is full. We have such an amazing family!


And the chocolate soufflé was top-notch, too!


*A little explanation of the Sedillo Family Tree . . . as it was represented this particular evening:

Savanna and Cheyenne are the daughters of Anissa Ray.

Anissa is the daughter daughter of Gene Ray.

Gene Ray is the son of Frances Ray.

Frances (not present this evening except for all of her lovely comments on the pictures we posted on Facebook!) is the daughter of Mel Sedillo (d) and granddaughter of Augustīn Sedillo(d).

So that makes Savanna and Cheyenne the great great great grand daughters of our Grandpa Tīn!

Anthony McLean is the son of Reina Slade Lickert McLean (not present this evening but may be getting a visit when the little family goes to Sea World today!) Reina is the daughter of Edwina Sedillo Slade(d) and grand-daughter of Augustīn Sedillo. Making Anthony great-grandson of our Grandpa Tīn.

Me, Melissa Lopez Reyes, daughter of Eva Sedillo Lopez(d) who was daughter of Augustīn Sedillo. Yes, I am the youongest granddaughter of Augustīn Sedillo!

My three sons, Julian, Colin, and Roman,  are great-grandchildren to Augustīn Sedillo.

I don’t want to leave out our fabulous spouses who were with us last night! Lito Reyes, my husband of 20 years and Laura Ray, Gene’s wife of 31 years. Both very aware that they are related to the late great Grandpa Tīn!

I also want to mention the deeper connection in regards to godparents. I am the godmother of Justin Ray, Gene and Laura’s son. Anthony is the godfather of my son, Julian Reyes. My brother, Jonathan Lopez and my sister, Karen Lopez Martin (d) are Anthony’s godparents. This is just a smidgen of how our family ties stretch and interweave and provide a firm foundation for the little princesses and princes of the Sedillo Legacy!

The Real Disney Princesses

Please comment on how you fit in.

Chances are you are in some way related to the clan!