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My Oscar Experience Part Two @MendPoverty #MENDOSCARS #Mizoscars

I had a wonderful time last night with my hubby at the MEND Gala Event, The Oscar Experience Los Angeles!  Thanks to our hosts at Kaiser, Jennifer and Jonathan Lopez, we had an outstanding experience.  It was just like being at the Oscars!  It felt like we were part of the excitement and energy of the Oscars, at least.  MEND raised over $250,000 for their charitable organization that helps people who are suffering from poverty in the Los Angeles area.  Please see their website to donate and find volunteer opportunities.  Who knows?  Maybe you will find yourself on the red carpet next year!

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The High of the Social Media Buzz #GettySocial

I must say I am still on a high from my so-called social media life!

I do love being a blogger, and I love living in Los Angeles. Many of my readers are my friends and have asked me why I get to do fun things and how I find out about them. My answer is usually, “Social Media.” ” I found out online.” “I heard about it on Facebook.” “I just got lucky, I guess.” It’s true, I hear about events or get invited to them many times because of my role as a blogger. I am asked to review something or Tweet about it. This is often in return for free food, a goody bag, or a movie pass. Mostly I would Tweet or Blog about it anyway because I like to share my experiences. I love to write about what is happening in my life. Of course that would include my activities. As I hope I have proven, it is possible to create your own adventures. Anyone can make an adventure out of any outing. Just make it fun and enjoy yourself!

Now and then I find myself in a somewhat surreal position.

Last weekend, my hubby and I attended an event that took place at The Getty Museum. I did hear about this in my So Cal Lady Blogger Group from PR Pro (Hot Shot and friend) Ana Lydia Monaco. It was a special event about and for the influence of social media put together by Ted Nguyen, Lana Layne, Laura Bittler, and Beverly Macy, For more pictures and a unique look at the event see my friend from So Cal Lady Blogger’s, Marcie Taylor’s Storify:

All the attendees were asked to use the “hashtag” #GettySocial which makes it so nice to search for all things related to the event on Instagram and Twitter. Take a look, you will find participants and instigators alike hamming it up and enjoying the fruits of their labor. . . you will even find a jingle a la @youtoocanbeguru Bridget Willard!

The highlight for us was hearing the guest speaker, an admired Hollywood business owner, Nic Adler of The Roxy.

Even more exciting was getting to meet him and talk with him. On our way there we discussed what we would ask him if we had the opportunity. He was so approachable and easy to talk with that we soon found ourselves forgetting our prepared questions and just talking about our favorite bands. We talked about how fast tickets sell out these days and Nic gave me a great piece of advice. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before, but it is a great way to use what I consider to be an integral part of social media – Google Alerts! Just set an alert and get an email every time that topic hits the news. Problem solved! Another feature that I discovered . . . You can personalize the freakin’ news in “your world!” Just make your own News Channels. Why not?

How do you modify and personalize your Google Platform? Have you been building your own Social Community?

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A Fun Spontaneous Road Trip #BlogVenture

I had such a wonderful adventure over the weekend!! I shared it with my So Cal Lady Blogger friend, Mary, from Along Comes Mary. She just posted this fantastic and detailed overview of our experience! I asked Mary if it was okay to invite you over to her blog to check it out. So, c’mon now! Don’t be shy! All you have to do is click on the link and you will get the skinny on our super fun trip to San Francisco! Enjoy! Please let me know what you think!

Along Comes Mary....

Step it upSF2
Grab your phone
Get your suitcase
There is no time to waste
A big adventure awaits
(Tori Amos, 500 Miles)

Did you miss me?! I have been AWOL for afew days. It was not planned, but what happens when one of your friends from SoCal Lady Bloggers, Melissa of Miz Meliz, is searching for a partner in crime to drive up the coast with in order to attend the book launch party for Evan of Better Man Project? Well, if you’re me, & in need of a getaway, you say YES. We left last Friday & returned Sunday, but within that time frame, we: Got pea soup, wine tasted in Solvang, searched for garlic ice cream, got amazing food in the Castro district, saw Golden Gate Bridge, Went to The Walt Disney Family Museum, The Snow White Exhibit, met up with Susan Cooper from Finding…

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Miz Meliz’ Checklist for the Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving @MizMeliz Copyright Melissa Reyes 2012
The Reyes Family, Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving Planning Checklist:

  1. decide on the menu
  2. clean the house
  3. buy the groceries
  4. make something memorable
  5. plan a game
  6. don’t throw out the traditions with the dish water!

Decide on the Menu

That’s easy!  It’s Thanksgiving!  We will have turkey for sure!  With all the trimmings.  We must have the lime jello with cottage cheese and pineapple that my mom always made.  We must have the candied yams.  And we can’t forget the raisin pie!  Wait a stinkin’ minute!  That’s my mom’s menu!  I do not have to make those things anymore.  Come to think of it, my mom made those things to suit the tastes of her guests and none of them will be at my house on November 22nd.

Who is coming to my Thanksgiving Feast? My brother and sister-in-law and my nieces and nephews.  My brother likes rich gourmet foods, my sister-in-law likes him to eat heart-healthy foods that are low in salt.  Tough, but I can think of something!  My niece eats gluten-free foods, so I will be sure to have something amazing for her.  I am Diabetic, so I want to have plenty of low-sugar options.  I polled my boys and they requested my potato salad and a few other favorite dishes.  No one asked for green jello or candied yams! Cool.  I can rock this!

Clean the House

This requires a strategic plan.  It is SIX days to the big event.  I do not have a housekeeper.  I work today, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and a half day on Wednesday.  Our family has a big event to attend on Saturday.  This is one reason that if I were the President, I would change Thanksgiving to a Sunday. But, that’s me!

I am going to break the house down into five sections.  There are five inhabitants vested in a nice Thanksgiving and five evenings in which to beautify the establishment.  We will each take a section.  We will do what we can do, and hope for the best.  Wednesday night will be for prepping and pre-cooking as much as possible and the boys will have to do their part to make everything look spic and span.

Buy the Groceries

I am the Queen of Lists when it comes to meal planning.  I will decide on the foods I want to make, check the pantry for what I already have, and make a list of everything I need to buy.  Then I will list the items by the stores where I want to get them.  I will set out to do the main shopping on Sunday night.  I will get the fresh stuff on Monday or Tuesday.  I used to know when the best times to go shopping was, avoiding the crowds and getting there before everything was sold out, but now I am at the mercy of my available time.  So, I will have to muster the energy and fight the crowds.  Lucky for me, I have my best friend, the iPhone with me.  I can Tweet when I am in the long lines!

In a perfect world, I would get up early on Saturday morning and get many of the ingredients for my Thanksgiving dinner at the Farmer’s Market.  I would also engage the expertise of my close friend, Chef Holly Markman to help me choose the fare.  However, the world is not perfect and my friend will be out of town and will not be at my disposal.  (I bet she is relieved about that!)  My meal won’t be “gourmet” but it will be all homemade and delicious.  It’s just what my family needs right now.

Make Something Memorable

There has to be that one thing that everyone will be talking about for years to come.  Well, at least I think it makes things extra special.  I want to think of something that will knock their socks off!  Perhaps I will give my attention to making one dish really stand out. But what?  I have some ideas, but I don’t know for sure yet.  It might be a quinoa side dish or grilled asparagus, or a sweet potato souffle.

It doesn’t even have to be something edible.  I will make things special by using my nice dishes and setting a beautiful table.  When I was a little girl, I was in charge of setting the table when Thanksgiving was at my house. My mom would help me come up with creative ways to fold the napkins and we always made place cards.   There will be candles on the table and a nice centerpiece.  I believe it is important to make the table special and even if the setting is casual, as I plan it to be this year, it will have that special feeling.  This is a day of thanks and I want everyone to know how much I care for them.

Plan the Game

Our family likes to play games together. But, if there isn’t anything planned it doesn’t always get going right away.  We have done “Minute to Win it” games at family gatherings in the past.  We have also played board games, even Poker! This year I am planning a competition called “Spaghetti and Marshmallows” where two or three teams will compete to make the tallest structure using uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows.  It should be fun!  I promise to post pictures!

In addition to Spaghetti and Marshmallows, I have planned this year’s Thanksgiving event around football.  Not just watching it on TV but, weather permitting we will walk to the park and play a game of touch football.  I have never played a game of football in my life!  But my kids love football and I have seen this tradition in movies and heard that many families do it.  Why not give it a try?  It will do us all some good to get a little exercise after eating a big meal.  But more than that, I want to have some contact with my boys.  They are big and even though we do hug and kiss our kids a lot, it is not like it was when they were little and we could tickle them and play around with them.  It will be fun to run around in the grass and play a game with them.  If it goes well, it could be a new tradition.  I have invited another family to join us.  They will meet us at the park after they eat their dinner with their guests, then we will share dessert together.  I think it will help knowing another family will be there to keep us faithful to the plan.  This is the kind of thing that we could easily talk each other out of!! Photo By Melissa Reyes Copyright 2012
The Cousins playing board games, Thanksgiving 2011

Don’t Throw Out the Traditions with the Dish Water

Even though I plan to start some new traditions this year and do things a little more casually than we are used to, I don’t want to forget the traditions of the past.  We will have a Blessing before the meal and thank God for all that we have. Each person will have the chance to state what they are thankful for.  We will take pictures of the turkey and my husband will have the honor of carving it.  We will raise a glass or two and toast to the good times we have had together and we will honor those who are no longer with us.  We will sing some songs and share some tears.  I am so thankful that I have this holiday to spend with my family and I look forward to making it another great one!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

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Life should be fun, right?  I totally think so!  I wish everything was fun.  Or, even more fun!  We love to laugh in our family.  I am grateful for all the different kinds of laughter.  I love when people have “laugh-lines” instead of wrinkles.  I love when people laugh at my jokes or think I am funny.  I love to tickle little kids.  I still try to tickle mine.  I love smiles and snickers, giggles, and guffaws.  Welcome to my very own “Fun Zone”!  Tell me, what makes you laugh?

Here are my favorite laughs:

  • I know a kid who loves babies and kittens.  He’s a pretty tough guy most of the time, but has a soft spot for cute adorable little things.  There is this sound that he makes when he sees something that strikes a chord. . . a high-pitched whiny “Ohhaawwhh!”  Followed by a an airy gutteral half-laugh as if in utter disbelief that anything could be so cute.


  • This one is a crack-up to witness and then hilarious when you join in.  It’s that uncontrollable contagious giggle-snort-laugh that you just can’t stop and at first think it’s annoying until you get it too and everything seems funny and you just keep laughing and laughing until your eyes water and you think you might have just peed in your pants!!!!


  • The head-shake/nervous laugh combo.  AKA the “tell.”  When I want to know what happened and I say something totally funny and I get this reaction, I know they either don’t get the joke or they are up to something.   I don’t want to give away my secrets, but I can read this one like a book!


  • The sigh giggle that girls make when they are in love.  It starts with a deep breath and then a light “hahhhh. . . . hee hee hee.  They most likely are thinking about something he said or did.  Ah, young love.  Butterflies.  Hearts and roses.


  • The histerical outburst laugh that is made when you are reading something funny.  I’ll hear this once in awhile from my kids when they are playing a video game or using head phones, too.  It’s that loud. . . “HA!” followed by, “Oh my God!”  Ha ha ha ha ahhh ha ha!! Chuckle chuckle. . . trails off and then another “Ha!”


  • The laugh so hard you scare yourself gut-busting laugh.  This is the one that can actually wear you out if you keep it up long enough.  I went to a comedy club when I was pregnant once and the comedian was so funny, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to hurt the baby!  Comedy shows and movies are always on at my house and laughter is going on all the time.  I just love it!!