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Inspiring Adventures Interview with Jess McKnight

Your mind is magic! Your mind can do so much for you. It can either hold you back or it can help you move forward. The choice in that is always the choice that you can make at any moment. You can change your mind at any moment, and that is, the magic of your mind.

Jess McKnight/Inspiring Adventures with Melissa Reyes
Inspired by Jess McKnight’s Mindset Magic!

I’ve discovered through my journey, that many of the things that I have left behind have shaped me into who I am today. I am always able to pick up where I left off. It is not a step back, it is a stride forward utilizing a wealth of knowledge and experience that I picked up along the way.

After a few years of not doing interviews or any live broadcasts, podcasts, or blog posts – I am back. So many times I opened up my website to write and share what I was up to and where I was going, and I just didn’t. But I have been actively sharing on Social Media. I have been very busy. I started a new business, one that thrives on social, and one that uses all my social and digital marketing skills, as well as my sales and management experience. And I was incredibly lucky to have an upline (my “boss” or more like a mentor in our business) that is a mindset coach an extremely upbeat, positive, and brilliant person.

Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, Law School Grad, Marathon Runner, writer, Jess McKnight is a mindset coach with a very positive outlook.

As an Executive Director with Pampered Chef, she leads her team with integrity and a positive perspective. Easy going, fun, lighthearted, and energetic, she provides pep talks, mind hacks, and journal prompts through JessMcKnight.com – the no nonsense stuff we all need to stay motivated and in control of our own destiny.

Jess loves magic, the magic of the mind! I love that! She has such a great attitude, an infectious laugh, and just the kind of go get ’em attitude that makes me want to run a marathon – well, maybe in the business sense at least!

Marathon Runner, Jess McKnight

“Everything (in my life) is the result of a choice that I made, I can always choose to let something bother me or to not let something bother me.” -Jess McKnight

McKnight is devoted to helping other female entrepreneurs succeed. Conquer is the new program that she developed which dives deep into the steps that she used to build her business. She believes that “you can conquer yourself – you can conquer the parts of you that are telling you that you can’t do it.”

See the delightful Jess McKnight in our Magical Inspiring Adventures interview and let me know what you take from it, hopefully you are inspired, as I was, to start doing something you are passionate about.

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Jess McKnight is available for interviews regarding mindset coaching, her programs which include Pep Talks, Journal Prompts, and (coming in June 2021) Conquer, where she helps female entrepreneurs discover and conquer the steps to building a successful business. She offers guest blog posts, articles and motivational key notes on being a bad ass woman in business while smiling and beaming with confidence and positivity. Connect with her at JessMcKnight.com.