My Culinary Confessions


Who am I to write a review on a restaurant or dining experience?  Nobody.  I can cook and I have been to some nice places and I can write and I have a blog.  That’s about it.  The truth is, I shouldn’t be eating everything I do and I shouldn’t be spending so much money on eating out.  I feel guilty about that.  (Sometimes.)  I want to tell people about my experiences but I have some issues with the guilt.  I must confess, I can’t keep these secrets anymore!

My Culinary Confessions is a place where I will share my opinions about my dining experiences.  I will tell you the truth about what I eat, what I love, and what I spend.  I know that I might get some slack for the consumption of sugar and fat from time to time.  I certainly will try to justify the spending, probably to no avail.  I want to tell you everything about my adventures.  I will share all the guilty pleasures of the succulent, decadent and mind-blowing food I try.  There won’t be any shame in that!  Enjoy!

What do you think?

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