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Welcome Spring’s First Day

mocking biird

I knew it was Spring because my little friend arrived early this morning!
She sang and sang her little song to greet me and all the neighbors.

I knew it was her because of the undeniable repertoire of sounds in her vernacular:
Unless she brought with her a parade of voices, I am certain she did not!

I think her travels have taken her to many exotic places and tropical locales.

I am sure I heard tell of crickets and katydids, frogs and mice, chipmunks and monkeys,
whistles, parrots, owls, and car alarms!

What an exciting life of travel and adventure my little friend has!
She will sing her song all season long and into the summer months.

I will know it is her by her distinctive sounds, her undeniable ability to mimick:
Unless in fact there is a parade of voices outside my window, I am certain there is not!

I am sure at the hour she sings the darkness would hide the crickets and katydids, frogs and mice,
but the rest of the critters could not be out there!

I can’t wait until her husband arrives and the singing will be in stereo!

Ahh!  The lovely sounds of Spring!

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