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This is for all my friends who “use” Social Media and for those who want to learn more about it. In case you don’t know, you are reading social media right now. Welcome to the club! Read on and I hope you enjoy my Triberr Friend, Jan Moran’s post and recap of 19 Things Successful People Do on Social Media via Forbes. . . .

Jan Moran's Smart & Stylish: Ideas to enrich your lifestyle

Social Media Party

Social media is an important tool for entrepreneurs, author-preneurs, and corporate folks alike. It’s been reported that 69% of adults use social mediaNow, more than ever, it’s important to understand the keys for success.

How do you build a brand and develop a following? Like face-to-face social interactions, social media interactions are also improved by being genuine, by speaking to the individual. In writing, the reader/audience has to fall in love with the protagonist. In the business I founded, I used to tell my team that we wanted our clients to fall in love with us and our service. Answer the phone with a smile, because people can hear happiness. Care. Be authentic.

We’re all individuals, and we each have a special way of sharing our message. For example, I like the quick interactions on Twitter, I like sharing news from my Triberr friends. Facebook and Pinterest are growing…

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