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This post is one of my most popular, so I thought I would share it again. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to take a photo that we really like and I love to look at the ones in this post. I hope you enjoy them, too!
Also, check the links because the friends that are the “real” photographers have even better photos to share!

Miz Meliz

I’ve been getting into cell phone photography lately. Especially since I got my iPhone. I have four different camera apps. Since I learned a little about photography and used an old Nikon SLR in the 90’s, I feel like I know what I am doing. Lately, I have enjoyed taking pictures of flowers. They are so beautiful, colorful and stand still when you ask them to pose. I recently had the opportunity to have some of my photos appear on another blog! Check it out!


I also started a Tumblr account and I am trying to post one picture everyday.


More of my pics can be found at my Flickr account. . .


What I love most about photography is that it is another creative way to express myself that I can enjoy and bring joy to others. I have been influenced by some amazing artists such…

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