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The Most Amazing Tool in My Box: The Rosary

I love praying the Rosary and I have a stong love for the tradition of the Rosary in my family. A friend of mine recently told me she was going to pray the Rosary at lunch break, sacrificing her lunch time and fasting for that meal. She said she had a lot to ask for. I can relate. Can’t we all?

I read this “Beginner’s Guide to Praying the Rosary” on this morning.  I was looking for a nice and easy guide to share on my blog.  I was taken with the fact that anyone can say the Rosary and you don’t have to be Catholic.  I have always wanted to share what I love about the Rosary with all my friends, but hesitated to do so because I felt it was “so Catholic.”  There are many “rules” that go with it, but the best rule is – there are no actual rules!  It can mean whatever you want it to mean.  Symbolic, or simplistic, it is a way to meditate and reflect.

Photo by Melissa Reyes Copyright 2012 "Lisa's Rose" aka Spiritual Rose posted in "The Most Amazing Tool in my Box: The Rosary" 1-24-2013
Praying the Rosary is like offering a spiritual rose as a gift.

I must admit, it has been a very long time since I was in the practice of praying the Rosary regularly and with intention.  But I have always known that it is powerful, meaningful, worthwhile and something I can return to.

This is what I connected with this morning as I read about praying the Rosary:

Ask for big and small gifts. Be bold! In this sense, the Rosary is an exchange of gifts between friends.

It is widely known that Our Lady answers seemingly impossible intentions to those who are first beginning to pray the Rosary. This is her way of drawing you closer to Her and to Jesus. If you are praying your first Rosary, or returning to the Rosary after years of not talking to Our Lady, ask for something big, spectacular, “impossible.” She’ll often surprise you.

I believe in the Virgin Mary as a mentor of motherhood and womanhood.  The fact that she is referred to here as “Our Lady” is significant because she can inspire all women, all people, with the story of her life and the life of her Son.

Prayer and meditation play a big role in my life.  I pray in many ways.  I wish to share them with you now and then and would love to hear how prayer fits in to your life.

If you want to read more about Our Lady, check out my post on Fatima.

The Featured Image on this post is from the R.C. Gorman collection.  R.C. Gorman is one of my favorite artists and this particular picture is one that I love to use in prayer.  I feel that warmth of light shining on me when I pray. 

2 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Tool in My Box: The Rosary”

  1. That’s so lovely Melissa. I grew up praying the Rosary with my family but sadly have fallen out of practice. Hopefully I’ll start up again soon.

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