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Make Mine a Fazel Hut with Extra Hazel Fat, Please

Fazel Huts

Fazel Huts are things that make you laugh out loud.

We all know laughter is the best medicine. A good chuckle is a wonderful way to lighten things up. It is especially nice when we can laugh at ourselves.

This is where I will share things that crack me up, tickle my funny bone, and gives me the giggles.

What are Fazel Huts, you want to know? Well, let me tell you! One day my husband, son, and I were up extra early to take my other son to a lacrosse tournament. After an hour drive at day break we dropped him off and then we went through McDonalds to get a bite and some much needed coffee.

I asked my hubby to get me a non-fat hazelnut latte. He said sure and repeated it, “non-fat hazelnut latte.”

When he gave the order he said, “a hazel fat latte please” which totally cracked us up. It took him a few times before he got it right and he was a little embarrassed.

My son and I were quiet until we drove off. Then I said, “Hazel fat latte? What”s that?”

My husband began laughing so hard he could barely see to drive! All three of us got the giggles. We said it wrong trying to repeat the story. I couldn’t get it right when I read it back after posting the quip on Facebook. It finally evolved to Fazel Hut.

A Fazel Hut Latte is now what my drink is called in my family. It’s one of those “you had to be there” kind of stories, I know. But you get the idea!

For now on, things that make me laugh until I cry and that make my family laugh out loud will be known to me as Fazel Huts. And I hope to share them with you, too!

Do you have a funny story? What cracks you up?


2 thoughts on “Make Mine a Fazel Hut with Extra Hazel Fat, Please”

  1. LOL! Love those moments! Whenever my husband and I are kidding around and one of us doesn’t have a comeback, we’ll call the other a “towel,” after the Southpark character. It’s one of those “had to be there” things!

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