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Colorful Thoughts

My aunt always liked jewel tones and my mom liked earth tones. They were identical twins. This was the one thing they differed on, color. I remember vividly how they would laugh and laugh when they realized they had the same purse or the same dress. Sometimes they would send each other the same exact birthday card, purchased on different days in different stores in different cities. They were so much alike. They would show up to a family gathering wearing the exact same dress purely by coincidence. But mom would always choose the boring tans, browns, beige or mauve. My aunt would be in blue, red, or purple.

My mom did like green. She called it Kelly Green. I am wearing that color today. Technically emerald green is a jewel tone but Forrest green or hunter green is an earth tone. Kelly green falls just in between. I was always intrigued by my aunt’s choice of colors and found her personality to be more bright, vital and exciting than my mom’s. I remember they once had the same wallet, Mom’s was green and Auntie’s was purple. She was a kick! I do not remember my mom ever having anything purple ever. Not one thing.

I like the bright colors. Red is my favorite. All shades. After my aunt died and my mom became very ill, my mom had a liver transplant and was given a second chance on life. It was a miracle for so many reasons. After mom’s recovery she lived a celebratory life. She was so happy and free from pain and suffering for many years. One major difference I noticed in her personality was her choice of colors. She began to decorate her home in bold reds and pinks in contrast with the white and bland walls and floors that surrounded her. She wore bright colors for the first time. Still earthy tones but mostly bright orange and yellow. I was inspired by this and thrilled by the contagious joy she expressed. It was her turn to shine. I know how much she missed her twin sister. She was often sad with heartbreak and she suffered from the guilt that she had a miracle when her own identical twin sister died of the same disease that she had.

It helps to think that she carried on the joyousness and zest for life that my aunt always had. I hope I can do that for my sister.

My sister also died of the same disease my mom and my aunt had. It’s most likely I will too. My sister and I had a thirteen year age difference, so we didn’t have many similarities in experience or preferences that the twins did. My sister and I were very different. There are a few things that we both always liked like makeup, dressing glamorous, power suits, and high heels.

My sister had a bold, bright, and beautiful love of God and life.

Me too!


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