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Grab my Badge for Health: #NHBPM Day 7

Grab the Badge and Join my “Health Community.” Together, we can achieve anything!

I first experienced stacking rocks and making rock piles while camping on the beach a few summers ago with my family and my brother’s family.

I love stacking up the rocks and building towers with them. My kids love it, too. I believe my brother gave us some folklore about what it means to have the highest, most stable pile of rocks. It kept the kids busy for hours trying to make the tallest stack. My brother is a genius!

I enjoyed taking photos of the stacks of rocks from varying positions and perspectives. I recently took the photo that I used for this badge while on a trip with my niece in Northern California. I did not build that stack. It was already there. I like that they last for a while and I enjoy the mystery of who built it, when and why.

I decided to use this image for my Health Community Badge because it symbolizes the need for all different types of people to position themselves in such a way upon which a lasting and powerful foundation can be built. Together, we can rise up and make something substantial happen that everyone can see.

If you would like to join me on my journey, you may copy the badge and put it on your own blog. Or, just leave a comment or say a little prayer. Any way you want to do it, your support will be felt and appreciated.

Thank you,

Miz Meliz

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