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Investing My Faith In Myself

Is there an easy way to start something new and not drop all the other plates you have spinning in the air?

I have a new project that I want to get started and I am lagging behind a bit.  It didn’t help that I was in a car accident last weekend.  I have not posted on my blog in a few weeks.  It is all related.  I am spinning quite a few plates right now.  But I am doing the best I can at the moment.  That is all I can do.

To get through this tough week, I used some mantras.  A few phrases to help me stay calm when things got really rough.  I repeated the words to myself.  I wrote them on the back of my business cards.  I pinned them up on my cubicle wall where only I could see them.  When I was in pain, I read them to myself, “Everything will be okay.”

“Just breathe.”

“I can do this!”

Yes, I can,  I will, I must.  Only I can get through this.  Others will help.  But only I can emerge from this difficulty better and stronger, wiser and happier. Yes, I believe that I will grow from this experience.  The knowledge I gain and the grace that I receive from being grateful and reverent in this experience will help me live my full potential. I will do the right things and the right things will result for the right reasons.

If you have been in an accident or a potentially dangerous experience, you might know what I am talking about.  If you have said, “Wow, I am lucky, it could have been much worse!” Then, you may know what I mean.  When I realized how bad my accident could have been and how I came out of it virtually unharmed, I was grateful, relieved, and happy.  A few scrapes and bruises, a few sprains and some fears that I will overcome, is all that I must endure.  I have so much to be grateful for! With this in mind, I persevere through the next stages of red tape, insurance, doctors, estimates, and so on.

“Just breathe.”

“Everything will be okay.”

“You can do this!”

When I have a lot of things going on at once, it helps me to review my notes, regroup and prioritize.  Here is a little something I wrote awhile back that I just found in my notes.  These statements help me to revive the energy that is needed to get it all done.

How to Keep Motivated
Inspired by don Miguel Ruiz

Be happy
Be authentic

Use the silent voice of your integrity to find your inner peace

Return to the truth
Return to love
Live in happiness

I believe I need to cheer myself on at times
You can do this
Yes I can
I am capable
I can rely on and trust myself
I am dependable
I am the glue

See the world with the eyes of truth
Don’t let the parasitic voice in your head take over the dream of your life
Speak only truth
Live in love
Have no fear

Believe that anything is possible

Invest your faith in yourself

Experience the truth

What you perceive is your truth

Use words to make a portrait of what you witness

I believe that God is the artist
I am the muse
My words are inspired
I can paint a picture or create a lasting image with my words
I can show the world what I have seen, what I have witnessed, and what I feel in my heart

Create your own story
Create your own art

13 thoughts on “Investing My Faith In Myself”

  1. I hate that shaky-keep checking over your shoulder–feeling you get after an accident. You’re so right about just breathing & just keeping yourself in the moment.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Oh, what an experience! But I’m happy to know that you are ok!

    “Believe that anything is possible…” That’s true! We can get through anything if we believe in ourselves. Thanks for sharing these beautiful words!

  3. Oh, what an experience! But I’m happy to know that you are ok!

    “Believe that anything is possible…” That’s true! We can get through anything if we believe in ourselves. Thanks for sharing these beautiful words!

      1. Melissa,
        Lots of people have done things previously considered impossible. Air planes, space travel, robotics, etc.

        All you need is some confidence, some faith, and some perseverance. You can do anything!


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