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When it is Time to Focus, You Just Know

I’ve been thinking a lot about finding my focus.  That sounds strange.  Finding something which means clarity.  If it was so clear, why do I have to look for it?  Why doesn’t my focus just make everything easy and attainable?  Why does it seem like work?  My mind wanders.  I get distracted.  I decide to clean out my desk drawer instead of finishing that project.  Maybe I can think clearer or do better work if my desk drawer is organized.  I like markers.  Really!  I love markers!  Apparently I like paper clips, too.  There are lots of those in my desk drawer.  Now, what was I doing?  Oh, yes!  Finding my focus.  Where did I put it?

I think that when I need to I am able to snap into focus and get the job done.  What ever it is, I just know when to buckle down and go for it.  When I am determined to do my best work and am happy with the result, I might even do a little happy dance.  I might say out loud to myself, “I am really good at this!”  I like that feeling.  I see nothing wrong with patting myself on the back.  Who else would recognize instantly the hard work that went into it?  Who else is going to know if it is really the best I can do.  Sometimes I surprise myself.  I am not sure how I am able to accomplish what I do.  Where did that skill come from? Oh yeah, I was focussed.

When we have a clear vision of what we want to accomplish and we get it done, it feels great.  But things don’t always go that way.  Most likely, a gazillion things happen that either distract or detract from getting to the results we want.  But are they all that bad?  What if something wonderful results from it?  What if losing focus momentarily actually helps me find my clarity? What if I am meant to handle lots of things all the time and what I am searching for is not to be focussed on any one thing, but to do all things with the clarity and energy that I need to put forth to do my very best work?

I believe that giving everything my very best effort, even the small things like taking the time to separate the jumbo paper clips from the mini paper clips, is well worth the effort.  It doesn’t distract me from my focus at all.  As long as I am doing my best, I can still attain my goals.  I don’t like that feeling that nothing is being accomplished.  I must keep moving foward.  But, I don’t want to stop all the distractions and just be good at one thing.  I like having lots of things happening all at once.  I’ll know when I need to put more effort into something when the time comes.  I don’t need to make a job of finding my focus.  It’s all in how you look at it anyway.


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Now, I need to separate the different colors. . . .


39 thoughts on “When it is Time to Focus, You Just Know”

  1. This is what happens to me. When I need to get something done, I do it and do it well. But… I do get easily distracted, mostly with social media, and I’ve started putting my laptop in another room and only allowing myself to look at it AFTER I finished something I needed to do. It’s making me much more productive.

    1. Yep, for me it helps to turn off the notifications on my cell phone. I just can’t resist it when I hear that I have a tweet! There is nothing quick about checking them. You can’t read just one!!

  2. Well anytime you need to organize, just let me know. I have so many unorganized incomplete projects I could use someone like you! 🙂

    1. That’s funny! I have a lot of unorganized and incomplete projects to do too! My best advice is to stop making lists. Just do it when you get to it. If it gets done, great! I get my best organizing done when I am procrastinating on another project. That’s another topic!

  3. I completely what your saying. I have recently started working from home and even though I do work a majority of the time- I find myself loosing focus very often. Turning off the TV in the background, removing social notification noises from my phone and really working at staying away from my apartments pool have helped kick me up a notch. Good to see I am not the only one who at the end of summer needs a little more focus!

      1. After reading your post, I started putting together a list of all the things I need to focus on. I think I am def going to put a blog post together about it. Thanks for the motivation!!

  4. I am totally guilty of “shiney objects” distracting me. If I really need to focus, I make sure IM is closed, Facebook is not open and that I only have the tab of my blog or thing I’m working on open. If I REALLY need to focus, I go pen and paper into another room altogether to take notes. I think juggling focus is an artform that we women are excellent at. ^_^ Just now and then we need a refuel.

    1. Ooooh shiny object! Squirrel! I could go for a snack. Let me just check my email first. Here is what I say to that. . . . I think it is important to appreciate the pretty things we are fortunate enough to have eyes to see. We are so lucky to be able to spot something as quick as a squirrel, we should take a moment to admire it. We need to eat and nourish ourselves so we can do good works. Something very important could be in that email. We can follow our instincts and not be so hard on ourselves. Slow down and release the pressure a bit. I love the idea of pen to paper!!

    1. What’s the worst that can happen if you don’t do something you planned to do? If you promised yourself you would do it, who are you letting down? If it is between you and you, I suggest letting it go. Give yourself a break. You know exactly why it isn’t getting done. Give yourself more time. Reevaluate your priorities. Accept yourself. Relieve the pressure. Set a new goal Or beat yourself up about it. Hey, whatever works! If on the other hand it is someone else you are hoping to please, if you say you are going to do something and you can’t get it done by the time you said, just be honest. Explain that it took longer than you thought and ask for more time. When it is important, you can and will focus.

  5. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought you were referring to what I do when I am (trying) to focus on a single project. My mind has other plans, and just ping pongs all over the place. Wrangling it under control is like me lassoing a calf when I don’t know how… LOL. Somehow I am still able to get things done… a miracle in many ways… BIG LOL.

    1. That’s it exactly. Miracle of miracles, we get the important things done. I just don’t want to stress myself out with a to-do list that reads like the table of contents of a self help book! I want to learn how to master distraction, no offence to Peter Bregman, I just don’t want to make that my new obsession. It’s like the difference between going on a crash diet and changing my eating habits. One is a lifelong commitment.

  6. I’m really good about focusing on the things I want to focus on, but if it’s things I avoid or dread, the focus is zapped out of me. I haven’t figured out a solution to that yet (cleaning is one of those things)

  7. I completely relate! Focusing is tough, and once you start working on something you need to do, there are always a million other things to do that can distract you!! Don’t know how I get anything done! 🙂

  8. It’s times like this that my house becomes sooo much cleaner, laundry gets done and cabinets get organized. I still don’t know if that’s a good thing or not?

  9. BB can sooo relate! Matter of fact, I was going to comment earlier and then something you said started me thinking… ; )


  10. I have a problem with focusing…I dont know why, but its really hard for me to start a project and finish through, I kinda loose excitement in the process and I find something else to start..its really bad and worries me!

    1. Hey Gitanas. . . girlfriend! I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel like all I do is start projects and I lose momentum and feel badly when I don’t finish them. There is hope! I have learned that going back and finishing when the time is right is very rewarding. Even if it takes a long time. Be impeccable with your word. If you promse something, do it. If you can’t do it well because you have taken on too much – then take more time and do it right. If your heart isn’t in it, you won’t do it well. Put it aside and come back to it. Be the best you can be and do as much as you are able. That is all you need to worry about.

  11. OMG this is me 🙂 I am always multi-tasking. I just learned to knock the bigger projects of my day out right away, or I take a mini mental break and start pinning until I can focus again lol Great post xo

  12. I’m like the pooch distracted by the squirrel. Or the dog chewing on the bone while the house gets robbed. Distracted or hyper focused. Finding the balance is tricky but the first step is to not get on myself about and relax. Somehow it gets done, or not. The important things get taken care of and that’s what counts.

  13. I am very much like you. But then I am a multi-tasker and always have a ton of things going on at once. Most times I forget half of what I am doing, but then at some point I will remember. In the end it all gets done and I feel like I accomplished a lot when getting to bed. I just don’t get those people that can only do one thing at a time.

    1. I know what you mean smashbravo!! I think it’s impossible for me to do one thing at a time. Even when I am cleaning the house, I start with laundry so at least I know that something is being done while I am cleaning the living room!

  14. Sigh…I try to keep telling myself aloud to focus but it is so hard with so much going on. Working on a computer makes it harder when you have the internet (the entire world) at your finger tips and one click can take you from work related emails to the latest fashion trends across the world. sigh.

  15. half the time i get distracted easily too…or i start one thing and then another awesome idea pops into my head and i go ahead and start that one because i’m afraid i’ll loose the so i end up leaving the first project for later.. :/

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