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A Shining Example

The Stanley Cup

Last night was the most anticipated game for the Los Angeles Kings for over forty years. In the NHL world, it was huge!  The Kings were in the championship finals against the New Jersey Red Devils to win the Stanley cup. Everyone I know was watching the game, tweeting and commenting about it online, and all eyes were on my town!

Miz Meliz refers to the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup on
Huge trophies are a boys best friend!

I’m not much of a sports fan. I’m a people fan. I like to be around people and I love the excitement of seeing any live event in an arena.  I have been lucky enough to attend all of the local venues for the L.A. teams and see each of them play more than once, including the Kings.

I remember going with my best friend to  a few Kings games around 1980-81. Her dad, a huge hockey fan, took us. We had great seats behind the glass and I was so afraid of the puck flying towards us! It was a thrill to see the players glide back and forth on the rink scrambling to get a clear shot at the goal. I fondly remember Mr. Bottaro giving me a puck as a souvenir.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

So instead of watching the game and rooting for the L.A. Kings, I watched The Bachelorette last night. Why?  Because I enjoy a show about people. I am reviewing the show and posting a weekly recap on California Mom Bloggers, which is a website that hosts articles about all things that California families enjoy. I tweeted, I commented, I talked about it. It’s not as exciting as a championship game, but just wait!  So far the bachelorette, Emily Maynard, has eliminated 11 of her 20 suitors. I’d say she is heading into the semi-finals. Soon she will be down to four, then two, and at the final rose ceremony, she will choose her champion!

I am keeping my eye on the prize, too.  I am practice writing.  I need to write anything about anything as I search for my voice.  I am meeting new people, discovering new interests, trying to develop good habits along the way and making my mark in the process of finding my groove (or niche, as it is called.)  I made a commitment to the California Mom Bloggers to post a weekly recap of The Bachelorette, so post I must!  (Lucky for me, watching a show about love and dating in far off lands is a guilty pleasure!  As is writing about it!)

It’s not the same to some as the anticipation of a city awaiting the glory of winning the Stanley Cup for the first time ever, but it is exciting for me and especially to Emily Maynard. She anticipates receiving her proposal and winning the heart of an honorable man.  Her reward for her lifelong desire for a husband to love her and her daughter and to live happily ever after just may be a ring with a diamond that will shine as brightly to her as the Stanley Cup will shine for the L.A. Kings and all of their fans.

The Champions

As for the National Hockey League and Hockey fans and players everywhere, the competition is over for this year and L.A. has won!

Congratulations to the L.A. Kings for winning The Stanley Cup!

In the weeks to come we will see if Emily chooses a champion to win her heart.  As for me, stay tuned!  I am working on it!  My trophy will be a shining example of writing and achieving my lifelong goal of publishing a book.

Read my Weekly Recap of The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard:

I would love to get some comments on this and the weekly recap!

Tell me, what is the prize you have your eyes on?

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