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Calling all Creatives

It’s funny how the word “Creative” is now a name for people who are creative.  I can say, “I am hanging out with the creatives today.” That’s new, isn’t it?

I have had a huge burst and subsequent constant flow of creativity in the past few months.  It started around Thanksgiving.  About this time last year, just after Spring Break, I was approached by a friend to help coordinate a fundraising event at my church.  It was a big deal and I put a lot of work into it.  A LOT!  It was a major success and it is probably what started me on my way “back” from the doldrums and into my creative flow. It helped that I had some left over supplies like feathers and beads!

Blogging, writing poetry, taking pictures, making video slide shows, doing crafts, making jewelry, making costumes, decorating for parties – these are all creative expressions that I enjoy.  That part is important.  Everything I do expresses who I am.  When I create something, it becomes an extension of me.  It contains a part of me.  It is what I do to enjoy life.  Being productive, creating things and giving them to the people who I love is what I do.  It is who I am.

The Beauty That I See Becomes an Expression of Me

I don’t have a muse.  I don’t think I need one.  I like to make things when the feeling strikes or when I get an idea.  Sometimes that is late at night or at an inopportune time.  I have to hold it in my head or write it down until I can work on it.  I don’t think I could ever make a living – or work for someone else – as an artist.  In that case, I would need a muse to motivate me!  The best part of being “a creative” is that it is entirely up to me when I want to make something, how to make it, if I finish it, what ever “it” is, it’s all up to me.  That is how I like it!


Centerpiece From Mardi Gras Party



4 thoughts on “Calling all Creatives”

  1. I like that you say you don’t have a muse…personally I think some people get over dependent on their muse and it/he/she becomes a crutch.

  2. I think all that you just said hit the nail right on the head for me. I am a Fine Arts major and have discovered that my love of art-making has kind of been extinguished in my studies. It’s not that I don’t love making art but I find that doing it for projects and school is so “forced”. I prefer to do it when I get an itch to do it–that’s when my best work comes out! Thanks for sharing your creative thoughts! 🙂

    1. Yes! As ‘creatives’ we need to be passionate about our work. Sometimes it is hard to be passionate about an assignment. We also need our completed work to be at that level of excellence that makes us proud to share it since it represents who we are. You might try using a different name for your assigned work. Perhaps just initials. Think of it as the part of you that is learning is the part completing the assignment. That part of you will give it your all do get a good grade even if the whole you isn’t into it.

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