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Vitality Song

As a resolution and commitment to myself, I chose to make experience my focus: I wish to embrace the experiences that become present in my life, I wish to create meaningful experiences for myself and my family, and I wish to use my prior experiences to help me to appreciate the beauty of each moment.

Are my day-to-day actions supporting my choices of change and resolve?

Let me think. . . I want to this to be my focus, my mantra:  “embrace the experiences that become present in my life.”

First things first. What does that mean? Sometimes expressions become so common that we forget their deeper meaning. I like to break down the words and review their definitions to see if I truly said what I meant to say. I am usually pleased with the result. My brain is pretty good at knowing the right words to string together to convey what I am thinking. I’ll start with embrace. Why didn’t my brain use accept or another word to explain my intent?

embrace as an action . . .

  • take or clasp in the arms, press to the bosom, hug
  • receive gladly or eagerly, accept willingly (embrace and idea)
  • avail oneself (embrace an opportunity)
  • adopt (a profession or a religion)
  • take in with the eye or the mind

embrace as a noun. . .

  • encountering or undergoing something (to learn from experience; the range of human experience)
  • observing something (knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone: a man of experience)
  • philosophize (the totality of the cognitions given by perception; all that is perceived, understood, and remembered)

synonyms for embrace. . .

adopt, espouse, welcome, seize, comprise, cover, embody

synonyms for experience. . .

encounter, know, endure, suffer

Experience refers to encountering situations, conditions, etc., in life, or to having certain sensations or feelings.

Experience implies being affected by what one meets with: to experience a change of heart, bitter disappointment.

Yes – I truly want to embrace the experiences that come my way!

I intend to honestly hold dear and welcome all that happens to me – taking to heart, processing, learning, accepting, and freely allowing these happenings (however large or small; coping with the big things, determining their insignificance and evaluating the significance and intrinsic value of the little things) to unfold on me while actively absorbing wisdom and knowledge and gaining strength along the way.

A perfect example of this is what may be a familiar experience to many of us, and it happens to me frequently.  I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a grizzly bear snorting and growling in bed next to me and I realize it is my husband in a deep, sound, blissful, much needed and deserved sleep snoring loudly in my ear.

Rather than getting annoyed that I can’t sleep, taking a swipe at him, pushing him, or moving to the living room couch myself hoping to get some peace and quiet as I did bitterly for many years, I recall hearing the sound of my father’s snoring from down the hall in the middle if the night and a sense of security falls over me like a warm blanket. I am grateful for this amazing man in my bed who works so hard to take care of me and our family. I am in love with him as much as I was when he was a skinny boy who flirted with me in high school 26 years ago. My children are secure and happy because of him. I turn over and close my eyes falling asleep with a smile on my face listening to the rhythm of his raspy breathing, knowing my children can hear it from down the hall. It is a security blanket for all of us. Without a doubt, his presence is known. He is home, recharging, readying himself for another day. Gratefully, graciously, I lay my arm over him take in a deep cleansing breath and fall asleep.

It’s not as easy to interpret every single moment in my day and immediately process each experience understanding instantly how I am affected by it. That is why it is a good challenge (is that an oxymoron?) By resolving to open myself to the possibility that taking in the good with the bad and by not rejecting all that I have always believed to be negative, or at the very least bothersome, and by truly appreciating the good (glorifying it even) I allow myself to experience peace, joy and happiness! It’s beautiful, amazing, lovely, and completely worthwhile. I am walking taller and stepping lighter each day.

Thinking this way has changed my life and made it better over the years in significant ways.

Do my day-to-day actions support the choices I have resolved to make in order to produce change in my life?

Is my MIND propelling me in the direction I want my actions and resolutions to take me?

Yes – the inner voice says yes! The movie playing in my mind shows a scene of me with a propeller on my belt and I close my eyes and think, “move forward,” and the propeller starts to spin and I am lifted into the air and begin to float happily along like Winnie the Pooh holding on to a balloon. Where will the wind blow me today? I can use my navigation skills and my propeller to steer myself in the “right” direction. Or, I can float along and see where the wind wants me to go. My mind knows the “right” way. The wind knows the “right” way. I close my eyes and trust. I take a breath and feel myself letting go.

You might hear me hum a little vitality song. . . like Winnie the Pooh!

I am free!

I am flying!

I am alive,

and freely

being me.

I am going

where my heart

wants to be.

It feels good

to be me!


I am happy!

CHOOSE to keep moving, I CHOOSE to keep motivated, I CHOOSE to keep doing what I am doing. . . experiencing the vitality and joy in my life.  One moment at a time.

What do you think?

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