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Moms’ Night Out

When I saw the screening of this film, I loved it. I told my husband how great it was and that we would definitely be seeing it together. My first thoughts about the movie were how well it fit in with my blog’s message of positivity and how it was in line with my own personal core values.  I was like the mommy in the film, Allyson (played by Sarah Drew of Grey’s Anatomy,) in many ways. I experienced her plight of trying to “find myself” while I was an “at home mom” raising my small children. I knew I had a purpose that was more than cooking and cleaning and pleasing everyone.

I started writing. Allyson started a blog.


The daddy in the film, Sean (played by Sean Astin,) was supportive and helpful just like my husband was. The hilarious situations that ensued in the film are taken from real life. They may seem unrealistic and far fetched, but I know that these things happen because things like this happened to me!

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I have heard that there have been some negative reviews by the critics about Moms’ Night Out – this does not surprise me. This film is unlike most Hollywood films that are reviewed by critics. Compared to a lot of the comedies I’ve seen, it is in a category by itself. It is special. I hope more films like this make it in Hollywood.

Mom’s Night Out is a quality film, well-written by Andrea Gyertson Nasfell and expertly directed by the Erwin brothers. The actors humbly portrayed versions of real people we have all met, or would be lucky to meet. This film personifies what real people go through and it might not show what all moms do, or what all parents do, but it is a snapshot of one family and what happens to them. It could be about anyone you know. It could be about you. The movie is wholesome and carefully constructed to appeal to the whole family. There is a Christian message in the film that is indicative of what these characters are going through and in no way pushes religion on the viewer. I liked it because it was well thought out, funny, lighthearted, endearing and hopeful.

These are some topics that I identified with in the film:

  • Keeping my family grounded. Being a part of a community was part of that. I got involved at church and met other families with similar values.
  • Staying sane. Taking time to be with other adults and have some time away from the kids. My husband and parents were very helpful with this!
  • Being true to myself. I searched for and researched ways to be productive and did things that utilized my abilities beyond taking care of my kids.
  • Practicing self-care – for me writing and journaling was always the key to self-care.  I always turned to it when I needed to nourish myself. (I also took yoga classes, cardio kick-boxing, and karate! I started because the YMCA had free child care.)
  • Learning to put my oxygen mask on first. We all learn in our own time as mothers that we must take care of our own needs to be a good mom, wife, daughter, person…
  • Relying on friends and family to help. Yes, it takes a village and all that. Friends and family are very important in helping new parents to grow their families and we can’t do it without them.10345452_s

 “The kind of self-care we each need is very individual, and it is critical to spend time with oneself taking note of what works and what doesn’t. And then do that!” Anne Marie Bennett, Author of “Listen to What Makes You Shine”

I was lucky enough to meet the cast and crew of the film, Moms’ Night Out through my connection with the Entertainment New Media Network of bloggers. Disclosure. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to write a blog post. I was treated to a fun night on the red carpet and saw the film at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Enjoy the pictures below and see the film for yourself. It’s in theaters now. Let me know what you think!


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