Why I Won’t Sell Out For Hearts Stars and Coins

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Why I Won’t Sell Out For Heart’s Stars and Coins By Melissa Reyes, June 21, 2017

I don’t need or want instant gratification. That is an oxymoron. Gratification comes from putting in the work and feeling accomplished for making a difference. I feel cheap and worthless when I ask for a handout and I will not ask you to toss me a coin or give me a star to elevate my status and especially not to be my source of income. I will provide value for you and then it is up to you if you want to compensate or help promote me or thank me.

What are we doing when we make a game out of this? When our image is the commodity and we dance for change and gifts? Why would we pimp ourselves out to get attention, make some money, feel valued, supported, loved? What real value is that and at what cost?

When the big businesses make it blatantly difficult to attain star status by dangling a golden carrot just out of reach it is obvious they are in it to increase their own value. There is no intention to payout to anyone who will attempt to reach those goals however those who attempt to do so are the ones who will collectively pay the bill. They will boost viewership and engagement in their efforts to meet the criteria to apply to be a superstar. While the few people poised and ready in that position will be the only ones who will ever truly benefit. I’m willing to bet whoever decided on the cutoff amount for qualification knows someone in close proximity who most likely has been a sponsor at some point. Brilliant or rookie move, I’m not sure yet.

The people that will be hurt in the process are the ones who are out there really hustling to make livestream a useful and valuable resource and vehicle for their own success as well as the overall success of the community at large. They are out there, digging trenches, building bridges, cultivating the landscape, and creating the culture between communities of people, organizations, towns, cities, and countries – through their passion and love of people and for the people. The Brian Fanzo’s, Chris Strub’s and Carlos Gil’s of the world who speak from the heart, lead by example, and get things done are crushed by this giant step backwards in livestream paradise. The givers of our community who share and support freely and with such verve and integrity, are being shaken with this news that even they don’t have enough star power to get into the VIP room this time. You are better than that boys! Don’t sell out for stars. Super or extra shiny doesn’t make them any more real or better. They are still fake. Keep doing what you are doing and you will get the real rewards. I believe in you.

My vow for BubblrMedia:

We will make a difference. We will help people by bringing value and we will provide ways for people to express themselves, share their talents, showcase their skills, and become the super stars they deserve to be if that is what they desire. They will never have to ask their audience to give them props or throw a coin or show them love. We will simply ask to share with your friends if you enjoy what you see.

The only level up you can achieve is the one you set as your next goal. We will help you every step of the way. It might take time and energy and some investment. But real things worth developing and that are worthy of substantial growth usually do.

Remember why we are here. We are not here to make a buck. We are here because we are passionate about connecting with people and sharing a message of hope. For me it is inspiration. For Cindy is it artistic expression. For Chris it is helping others. For Brian it is growing a successful business. Whatever your message is, whatever your purpose is, remember the platform is the place you proclaim it. You bring the value. They can not take that from you. Ever.

Let your passion drive you and let your heart guide you! Reach for the stars in Heaven not the ones dangling in front of you like prizes covered in glitter. Your reward will be bigger than you can imagine and it will be well worth the effort and far more gratifying because of the hard work and dedication you put into it.

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4 responses to “Why I Won’t Sell Out For Hearts Stars and Coins”

  1. Thank you for mentioning me alongside Brian and Chris, it means a lot. Great read!

  2. I never took you for a sell-out! lol Exactly what “hearts, stars and coins” are you speaking of Melissa? 🙂

    • mizmeliz says:

      Thanks Leland, Periscope just launched a new Super Star Broadcaster program, but in order to qualify one must have 180,000 stars racked up first. It is frustrating many people who think by getting back on Persicope they can now monetize their livestreams. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

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