Why are we afraid to tell the truth?

Posted on October 17th, 2017 by & filed under Everything Miz Meliz

The word for this week is RISK. With the #MeToo conversation happening I want to support everyone who is speaking up and sharing their experiences. If you choose to talk about it publicly or not, you are not alone. You be you. Stand up for who you are.

It’s risky for some of us to just be ourselves. We find it difficult at times to share our true thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions. We don’t think it matters. We don’t think other people care. We hide behind our smile or we just hide. What if we stopped hiding? What if we let our true colors shine through? I think the world would be more beautiful and a much better place, don’t you? Speak up! Take the risk! Share your thoughts. Be yourself. Smile your real smile.

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