What is Your Writing Personality?

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 Take This Fun Quiz to See What Your Writing Style Is…

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What’s Your Writing Personality?

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 I took this quiz and here are my results:

The Informative Writer:

“Your goal is to present intelligent, well-worded facts without injecting your own opinion too much. Your readers expect to get valuable information and actionable tips from your writing and appreciate the fact-based nature. Varying in tone from direct to playful, your writing appeals to a wide audience while still remaining true to its values.”

I love that part about remaining true to its values. My writing does have values. I am determined to get my point across in a positive way. I like to share my own experiences with my readers and I try to relay a message to them without sounding preachy or bossy. The part about not injecting my own opinion too much is true with my blog posts about events and reviews. When it comes to my personal story, I hope to be frank and I am open to expressing my opinions. I do believe that my tone varies from direct to playful! What do you think? Go on, tell me the truth!

I like taking these types of tests and the results usually suit me. It helps me to see how others might view me. Being in touch with my personality and style patterns helps me to be a better writer. I feel compelled to learn what my readers want, what they like, and what they may dislike about my writing. After all, I don’t just write for myself anymore. And, knowing my personality, I know that I am a people pleaser. I am okay with that, aren’t you? (Just kidding!) I love to be helpful. It is just in my nature.

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I Write About My Passion, My Values, My Interests

Let me know what your results are and what your writing personality says about you.

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4 responses to “What is Your Writing Personality?”

  1. Ann Odle says:

    Fun quiz! I guess I always knew I was a professional writer, but now I’ve got proof LOL. I liked this little quiz; it was fun.

    • mizmeliz says:

      I am glad you liked it, I did too! It was short and sweet. Would you like to take more quizzes? What topics interest you?

  2. I am also an informative writer too.

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