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On Tuesday, July 21st I welcome a very special guest to Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, her name is Heidi Nazarudin and her blog is TheAmibitionista.com

I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi at the Vanity Fair event during the Academy Awards. She is remarkably sweet and extremely professional. I knew instantly that I wanted to know her better. I am quite lucky to get some of her time, she is one busy lady!


Please join me LIVE on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Heidi Nazarudin @TheAmbitionista on Blab.im/tenminitt 6 PM Pacific Time 7-21-15

We will discuss more than cat videos and Hollywood parties, I promise! I want to talk to Heidi about what has motivated her to help others with their ambition, what drives her and how she has found her purpose in life – helping women to conquer the World in style.

There are a few recent posts on her blog I aim to find out more about – for instance, what was it like to meet the Jazz singer, Ariana Savalas and how did they come to have a discussion that resulted in “how to become an irresistible room-captivating rock star!?” And, “What are the most important questions you should ask yourself?”

Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town

See the video HERE as recorded on Blab.im:

Heidi Nazarudin, Blogger at TheAmbitionista.com, CoFounder & President of BloggerBabes

Show Notes:

Twitter @HeidiNazarudin
What do you do for fun?
Between BloggerBabes and TheAmbitionista I hardly have any time off, but when I do I like to watch cat videos.
What are you currently working on?
BloggerBabes Kindle Series ( foundation books for bloggers ) and Digital Diva Series , social media for advancing your career and getting clients.
What do you want to talk about?
Blogging and social media and how its changed the last few years .
Where can we connect with you?
• Instagram @theambitionista
• blog is TheAmbitionista.com
• BloggerBabes.com
What are your favorite Hollywood Hot Spots?
I love Cecconi’s in West Hollywood and Bottega Louie in downtown LA.

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