THANK YOU: Warm Fuzzies and Gratitude

I love getting “warm fuzzies” from friends (old and new) who have read my book, follow my blog, or like my podcast. It really helps to keep going.

Hi Meliz,
Thanks so much–It was fun to be with you, and I so enjoyed your sharing about your sons. Your love does shine through strongly, and that’s going to warm the heart of any parent listening in! I appreciated the chance to let parents know about my book, and about this new way of understanding children’s meltdowns and the great opportunity for connection they offer us.
Many thanks for having me on your show!
“THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!  To say that the interview was great, is an understatement. For the first time in an interview, I was able to share a really difficult part of my life (and thankfully it was with You!!). I ended the interview with such a freedom and it was because of you and being asked to share that part of my life that is the reason I am TODAY.”
**Best of the Best** Books April 2016, Delphi Forum
GoodReads Listopia **Best of the Best** April 2016
SOUTHERN GOTHIC: A Celine Caldwell Mystery
Bridgette R Alexander, Author & Art Historian

“Listened to your show again and love it! I also love your inspirational posts—very encouraging!”  ~Brooke Ezell/Media and Public Relations Specialist

“An absolute fantastic post with awesome photos!!! Thank you. I’m glad you had a good time!” ~Jeremy Law/Studio Three Sixty Marketing

jm“It was fun. You are a gracious host. The off-beat questions were a lot of fun. For those of us working behind the scenes, getting a chance to talk about why we do what we do is a rare privilege. Good work. Proud to have been part of it.” ~Joe Moe


headshot_sandi“Your energy reached out and grabbed me! That’s how I know you’re my kind of gal ;)” ~Sandi Amorim



valyrie“I have to tell you honestly as I began it (reading This is the Sound of My Soul) I thought it would be another book like “The Secret” but within the first few pages I was blown away by the depth and positive energy in it…even when it was so sad you were so honest and beautiful… really touched me in a way I can’t explain.” ~Valyrie Schrader


jamie“Melissa is truly one of a kind… with such a shining personality… truly leaves an impression on everyone she meets =) So happy for her and her accomplishment!!” ~Jamie Gall



Carolyn 1“I thought the book was so much better the second time I read it. It is one of those books you want to pick up every now and then and you still find new things to relate to. It isn’t really a one-shot deal and that is a great thing.” ~Carolyn West



myla“You are fantastic, really!!” ~Myla Kovac




Joe-Melendrez-2-400x242“You make things happen.” ~Joe Melendrez




“I love this Melissa. So creative! Wow! Thank you for sharing your vision board. I am INSPIRED to go add to mine and just let go. : )” ~Susanna Hernandez



cynthia“You are a friend and a helper to me. You have always been so kind and ready to assist me and jump in and save the day. Keep writing. If you have anything to share, I would love to read it. ~Cynthia Starry


“Got it, read it, and am very impressed with your writing skills and wisdom.  Yes, when one finds their true passion, it’s amazing the gifts one has to share with others.  And when we let go of living our lives according to MY plan, instead of God’s plan, we’re given the way for us to break out and just be and just do!  Remembering that He is the potter and I am the clay is my daily incentive to remind me of living my life according to His plan, not mine. The big things are obvious and easy to see….it’s the little things we do that touch lives in so many ways. Keep going girl — you’re doing good work.” ~Edwina Wood

“Thanks so much for the great and insightful talk.  I enjoyed our conversation and learned a lot at the same time thanks to you.  You are a natural at life coaching and I think it is your calling. ~Wyman Moe

“Thanks for listening and the really good advice, I went home and enjoyed spending time with my family, my son had a soccer game and it was allot of fun, I also called a few of my girlfriends whom I had lost touch, we are planning a get together for this weekend and I’m sure it will help take the stress out of my complicated life.” ~Maria Rivera

“Thanks for making me cry! But also for reminding me that there is a lot in me to share!” ~Marcela Yerena

“You have an amazing gift.” ~Suzanne Ball

“I can align and relate with your intentions.” ~Sue Dribben-Dickson

“From the first day we met I knew what an amazing person you were—and feel so blessed to call you “friend” and even “family.” Even though we don’t see each other much, you bring “light” to my life when we do get to meet. You are so blessed with your God-given talents—”thank you” for sharing them with your friends.” ~Eileen Jolly

Interviews and Articles

k8NlGu6gShe “touched my heart and changed me forever!”  Day 10 – Interview a Guest ~Vicky Ayala, Vicky by Design




raquel_original-cb3e515d6e53414b6938fad6dadd1a63” What Melissa did for the conference was so creative that I have to share this story.” An Interview with Author, Melissa Reyes ~Raquel Peniera, Organized Island!




jennifer willey“The conversation went well over the 30 min we had planned – I realized that in talking to Melissa, I liked her too.  She was easy going, listened well, and I was intrigued by her.” Picture Perfect -Jennifer Willey, My Journey to Healthy Mind Body and Soul



kimberly“Melissa is living out loud in a big way and I love it!!!!!” Presenting How Melissa Reyes is Living Out Loud ~Kimberly Wright, Keystrokes by Kimberly



alecia“Today a special guest Melissa Reyes was on the show sharing with us how she pulled through when she had hit a wall in what she described as the worst time in her life.” The Worst Time in My Life ~Alecia Lawrence, I Live to Inspire



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