Managing Challenges using Mind-Mapping

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Here are some of my challenges.  Make a list of the things that come to mind when you think of all the things you are taking on right now.  What is holding you back?

  1. Dealing with difficult people
  2. Being assertive without being labelled a “bitch”
  3. Managing stress
  4. Keeping up a positive image, managing perceptions
  5. Staying Organized
  6. Communication (communicating clearly with others)
  7. Multi-tasking and completing projects
  8. Self-sabootage, facing fears and following through
  9. Contintued personal growth
  10. Letting go (of things that no longer matter)
  11. Saying “No” – prioritizing
  12. Continued professional development
  13. Reaching Goals, facing my fear of success
  14. Increasing efficiency
  15. Managing finances

Whew!  That’s a lot!  It is not a check list.  It is a reality list.  I believe knowing the things that are tugging on the back of my mind can help me to set a clear path to what I want.  I use this technique to achieve my goals.  A list is a mind-dump.  It isn’t in any order.  It may not include everything.  It is just what I put on the list.  Mind-mapping is so much more.

If you are creative, like me, your thoughts and ideas don’t always come in the form of a list.  They don’t even fit on a calendar.  Sometimes it feels like the ideas flow through me and other times it feels like they are coming at me from all directions. Mind-mapping is a way to organize your thoughts in a creative way that uses both sides of your brain.  Yes! You can be organized and creative at the same time!

I will be giving a workshop on how to use mind-mapping for setting goals and improving your blog (or other projects) and applying these principles to maintain a balanced lifestyle.  If you have questions for me, please put them in the comments.  I will address these questions at the workshop and on the blog.

I will be taking an in depth look at cognitive behavior therapy and how positivity impacts life balance.

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Where is your path leading you?

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2 responses to “Managing Challenges using Mind-Mapping”

  1. MizMeliz says:

    You are welcome Gayle, thank you for your comment. I feel like once I write it down, I am done with it. Now I can let my mind get to work!

  2. Gayle Levy says:

    I love the idea of a reality list and using it as a mind dump. I think I’m actually going to do this. They say garbage in, garbage out, right? So from now on garbage out always and no more allowing these things about me hold me back from being the best person I can be, useful, happy and friendly instead of miserable, bitchy and moody. Loved this post, thanks for the idea.

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