Today You are a Little Wiser

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Today you are a little wiser,

truer to yourself,

and more confident and comfortable

than you ever were before.

You are stronger and deeper on the inside

because of the experiences

life has given you,

and softer around the edges

because of the things

you have let go of along the way.

You are clearer about your dreams

and your purpose,

and richer because of laughter,

love, and friendship

you have shared.

And the gifts you have gathered

just make you all the more wonderful.

-Coffee House

A Special Blend of Thoughts and Wishes

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One response to “Today You are a Little Wiser”

  1. jonathan says:

    Thx – I had a great interview yesterday. I am trying to breakout of my funk and feeling sick. The words are cool! Luv u, jonathan

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