Tinsel Town Interview with @KimSomers Confidence for a 10+ Life

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This is a replay of the live broadcast of Tinsel Town Tonight with Melissa Reyes and Kim Somers Egelsee.

Kim Fam


Ten Plus


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37 responses to “Tinsel Town Interview with @KimSomers Confidence for a 10+ Life”

  1. briantracyevent3day.com

  2. i had an unhappy, insecure 1st husband

  3. Kim Somers will be joining us live at 11 am!

  4. Bob King says:

    @TENMINITT My wife is a huge crafter, her craft room is like walking into a Michael’s or a JoAnn’s Etc store. On my last submarine, the wardroom wives dubbed her “Martha Stewart of the Submarine Force” LOL

  5. Bob King says:

    @TENMINITT Love the low tech “I’ll be back solution” 🙂

  6. Bob King says:

    @JohnJewish That’s very specific 🙂

  7. your videos are very good Bob

  8. Bob King says:

    I’m good. Finally back home

  9. Kim is a confidence expert and life coach. She is a TV host, award winning speaker and the #1 best selling author of Getting Your Life to a Ten Plus

  10. Kim is a motivational speaker. Here is a link to her Tedx Talk: https://youtu.be/Q79F1bvJsZU

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