Tinsel Town Tonight with @jenrgy Jennifer Lehner FEB 16 7:30 PM EASTERN

Posted on February 16th, 2016 by & filed under #SPARKLE Tinsel Town Tonight Interviews

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Melissa Reyes, Win Kelly Charles, and Jennifer Lehner

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98 responses to “Tinsel Town Tonight with @jenrgy Jennifer Lehner FEB 16 7:30 PM EASTERN”

  1. yeah didn’t know about the Advanced Search on LinkedIN — really detailed

  2. jillmanuel says:

    love the advanced search

  3. @jenrgy has firetalk.com worked out for you?

  4. jillmanuel says:

    you could also post the video on Ellen’s Facebook page because they are definitely trolling

  5. hard to use, not easy on beginners

  6. Please tweet and invite froends

  7. I heard today that I should drop Twitter

  8. CRM = Customer Resource Manager (or Relationship Manager?)

  9. 2a) Twitter Ads up to a 10 min video

  10. 2) Put text in your Banner; link in your bio

  11. Add a Banner; Pin Art to the top of the page

  12. @jenrgy That was EXTREMELY helpful

  13. Chatting with the other ladies in my life. 😉

  14. @TENMINITT your audio is going in and out

  15. @CoachCaren bye sweetie

  16. bye guys i got to run room is full now

  17. Appreciate that… Wish I could stay but my wife just got home. 🙂

  18. Ross Brand says:

    I use RelayThat.com for all my Blab show cards

  19. Gotta go for dinner but just wanted to stop in and promote the show as well as hear you all live. Have a nice night! 😉

  20. Miz we can’t hear you at all

  21. Where do I change my Twitter Banner?

  22. Ross Brand says:

    @TENMINITT great discussion!

  23. Now she’s going to show us the SUNSHINE!!!

  24. This woman is a CRAFTER!!!!

  25. Yes I have a hat for that ha,ha

  26. OMG now I know your really SMART

  27. Ross Brand says:

    @WinKellyCharles Hi Kelly 🙂

  28. @SandraCentorino welcome

  29. Kevin Cao says:

    @WinKellyCharles hi

  30. I must be in the right place, @SandraCentorino just got here!

  31. @SandraCentorino helloooo

  32. This what blab been doing as I co host today

  33. You’d almost think this thing is in Beta

  34. Apparently they have been pushing a lot of code lately and you should clear your cache

  35. Okay, so let me tell me what TechnoStud said:

  36. @TENMINITT have you done the refresh thing?

  37. Jen always got some new stuff

  38. hope it goes well for you, just saw the post on Facebook

  39. This Blab is scheduled for Tues. Feb 16th! Hope to see you then!

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