Tinsel Town Tonight with Vicki Fitch and Jennifer Quinn @JennyQ and @Vicki_Fitch @mizmeliz

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This is a replay of the live broadcast of Tinsel Town Tonight with Melissa Reyes, and featured guests: Vicki Fitch and Jennifer Quinn.


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110 responses to “Tinsel Town Tonight with Vicki Fitch and Jennifer Quinn @JennyQ and @Vicki_Fitch @mizmeliz”

  1. @TheColinPorter will pray for your family

  2. Vicki Fitch says:

    @community_chat hey thgere

  3. @GregGrayson3 awww. Thank you, friend.

  4. Greg Grayson says:

    Jenny is one of a kind

  5. Colin Porter says:


  6. Vicki Fitch says:

    @LilTurtle27 hey girl

  7. @vicki_fitch how are you xx

  8. @Cindy_Harrison 🙂

  9. Vicki is fuzzy both are unsynced

  10. Vickie, your fuzzy

  11. yes, we had 15 people down to 7 now

  12. @vicki_fitch what time is your blab?

  13. Greg Grayson says:

    what’s the book

  14. Greg Grayson says:

    Jenny might have some redneck wifi

  15. Vicki Fitch says:

    @jennyq is skipping audio isn’t she @TENMINITT

  16. Vicki Fitch says:

    @GregGrayson3 hello dear friend!

  17. Vicki Fitch says:

    @GregGrayson3 hey there!!

  18. Vicki Fitch says:

    @Mare331 hey there

  19. @GregGrayson3 HELLO!!!

  20. Mare331 says:

    Hi Melissa, Vicki, & Jenny 😄

  21. Greg Grayson says:

    hello Jenny. Jenny rocks

  22. @GregGrayson3 are you in here?

  23. Vicki Fitch says:

    @Cindy_Harrison fantastic

  24. @Cindy_Harrison xoxo 🙂

  25. you ladies are amazing & inspiring

  26. Vicki Fitch says:

    @HanzFreller I’m awesome!

  27. @vicki_fitch i just followed you on twitter.

  28. Hanz Freller says:

    Hey there Vicki!! Hope you are well, I will inbox you shortly.

  29. @GregGrayson3 Hello there!

  30. Vicki Fitch says:

    @JennyQ Over Acheiver with hugs & kisses #JustSayin

  31. @MsCandyBlog xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  32. Vicki Fitch says:

    @hanzfreller HEY!!!

  33. thats too much haha

  34. @mscandyblog HEY HEY!

  35. nurse jackie was good in the first 2 seasons

  36. Vicki Fitch says:

    @MsCandyBlog xoxoxoxo

  37. i havent seen it but i heard it was good

  38. Vicki Fitch says:

    @mscandyblog hey girl!

  39. Vicki Fitch says:

    @Wakeupbetter thank you so much!!

  40. @vicki_fitch hope all is well with you and your family

  41. Vicki Fitch says:

    @Wakeupbetter Hey there!

  42. @Wakeupbetter HELLO!

  43. She exudes that level of charisma.

  44. Vicki Fitch says:

    @wagnerbranding you are so precious my friend!!!

  45. @vicki_fitch But you’re so incredible to have that understanding.

  46. @vicki_fitch Hello Ms. Amazing

  47. Vicki Fitch says:

    Hey @wagnerbranding

  48. Vicki Fitch says:

    @SandyD717 Hi Sandy

  49. good evening ladies

  50. We met through Snapchat Mel. I’m MamaZoop. lol

  51. Vicki Fitch says:

    @GiovannieEaldam Hey there!

  52. @vicki_fitch Hello Vicki =)

  53. Vicki Fitch says:

    Hey Honey Badger!!

  54. Vicki Fitch says:

    WELCOME Danny & Sunny

  55. Jack Mangum says:

    you are loud and clear

  56. but at least she can hear you

  57. Vicki Fitch says:

    @tenminitt now you are black you need to refresh

  58. are you going to call in Vicky?

  59. Vicki Fitch says:

    @tenminitt make me a co host and you can refresh

  60. Vicki Fitch says:

    no it says you have a firewall Melissa.

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