Tinsel Town Tonight with @AlaiaWilliams

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Melissa Reyes, Alaia Williams, BobbY ShadoW <3 ✅, and JP Freeman

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157 responses to “Tinsel Town Tonight with @AlaiaWilliams”

  1. I thought i could listen and get my work done simultaneously, but i was wrong. Have a great nigbt you guys!

  2. Rich J. says:

    will catch y’all on future blabs! gotta run!

  3. Rich J. says:

    yeah, not happening. lol

  4. Rich J. says:

    i got my towel folding privilege revoked. she doesn’t let me touch laundry at all.

  5. ha — my wife taught me to fold clothes

  6. Rich J. says:

    I know her from Twitter, so def will!

  7. That’s awesome @TENMINITT

  8. Carolyn West says:

    Yes… it is hard but you just have to plow on through.

  9. we want to know what you have to share…not where your eyes are

  10. Carolyn West says:

    I’ve just been watching Alaia… I see you all the time.

  11. I have to go, loves… my goal is to edit one more chapter before bed.

  12. cant hear you. switching to the app

  13. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  14. do not worry about it one bit

  15. Carolyn West says:

    Didn’t even notice.

  16. DUDE, just stay away from electric blue eye shadow and you’re good

  17. I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow because I got heckled on Jennie’s Blab. ;p

  18. unlock the thingy please

  19. LOL It should compliment your natural beauty. LOL

  20. You look great Alaia. 😉

  21. RM Harrison says:

    Glad I got to catch part of this! Gotta dash out now, but I’m dying to hear more about the ATH podcast revival! xo

  22. i am pausing the recording

  23. Carolyn West says:

    She’s very scratchy.

  24. @ScrbblngBndit me too!

  25. ah hell naw… I’ve been in my 40s since I was 10. lol

  26. @ScrbblngBndit #teamoldsoul

  27. RM Harrison says:

    Forever 20-something! 😉

  28. @TENMINITT look at you being amazing

  29. @AustinIuliano thanks for being here

  30. @TENMINITT hi love! glad to catch this

  31. RM Harrison says:

    The ATH conference in 2014 was AMAZING. Was sad I couldn’t make it last year.

  32. RM Harrison says:

    It’s strange to see @AlaiaWilliams post more about David Duchovny than Chris Meloni

  33. @AlaiaWilliams I just visited your site. The planner is really very well thought out.

  34. Awww! I was a “Little Sister” – thanks for being part of Bigs, @AlaiaWilliams

  35. @ScrbblngBndit thank you!

  36. @AlaiaWilliams and @CoachJennie are bizaversary twins!

  37. @kevincao1996 Hi Kevin!

  38. @CoachJennie No, you just reminded me that I hadn’t replied in there because I was dealing with crazy melting down screaming fit earlier. Oof.

  39. @stacyspensley Ah. I see you’re making sure I spend time in Masterclass’s group, eh? 😉

  40. @hellormharrison Melissa slayed the troll

  41. RM Harrison says:

    An obvious one, too. Damn.

  42. @stacyspensley This is excellent “NPR” in the background while I respond to Astonish Yourself and Masterclass facebook group posts. 🙂 #multitaskingbadassery

  43. @CoachJennie Same, but toddler, and he’s in his bed. ;p

  44. haha. yep. the wife crashed on the couch so I can listen in

  45. Hahah, I have been in love with DD since 96

  46. @CoachJennie After sunset sighting! Whoa!

  47. @ScrbblngBndit Me too! 😉

  48. @stacyspensley I love that you’re semi crunchy. LOL

  49. @stacyspensley hey girl hey

  50. Carolyn West says:

    Very cool. I told the kids I wanted them to watch all the old episodes. They aren’t interested. So sad.

  51. Carolyn West says:

    Wait! I can’t listen????

  52. Carolyn West says:

    I think I have a planner addiction.

  53. RM Harrison says:

    @AlaiaWilliams Looking GOOD lady!

  54. OMG, I am HORRIBLE with planners

  55. RM Harrison says:

    @CoachJennie Heeyyyy! xo

  56. alaiawilliams.com/planner

  57. and practice your ventriloquism

  58. okay. that’s all I got. 🙁

  59. are all your other windows/programs closed @TENMINITT ?

  60. I’m all about the KISS theory.

  61. I had a blab and it was great until I opened up the chair to a guest…and then it went to crap

  62. yeah. it’s still in beta…so it’s quirky

  63. Carolyn West says:

    The audio from you sounds great.

  64. I was thinking about doing that Alaia

  65. need a really solid wifi connection

  66. you are so C-3PO right now

  67. The only new thing I can think that you did differently Melissa, is your new webcam

  68. @ScrbblngBndit Likewise! Still badassing. How are you?

  69. Carolyn West says:

    Lighting is so much better.

  70. Your audio is starting to get scratchy @TENMINITT

  71. @CoachJennie Hi Jennie! So good to see you. Still being badass?

  72. What did we DO a year ago?!

  73. @ScrbblngBndit yeah. this is their second blab attempt, but it’s working pretty well.

  74. Is it me or is MizMeliz lagging?

  75. Carolyn West says:

    I knew she was destined for bigger and better things.

  76. Carolyn West says:

    With me? Just keeping busy.

  77. Carolyn West says:

    There you go. I see and hear both of you.

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