Tinsel Town Tonight Live with @JacobElyachar @mizmeliz

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This is a replay of the live broadcast episode of Tinsel Town Tonight with Melissa Reyes, featuring Jacob Elyachar – Live in Studio!

2016-03-22 17.42.50

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69 responses to “Tinsel Town Tonight Live with @JacobElyachar @mizmeliz”

  1. Necessity is the mother of invention

  2. Ryan Seacrest is the millenials’ Dick Clark

  3. Who is the Queen of Blab? Why not you?

  4. I’m here… working on graphics

  5. Carolyn West says:

    I saw John Stamos at the taping!

  6. Carolyn West says:

    Hi Jacob! Yep.. I was there.

  7. I live about 90 minutes from Dollywood

  8. Gotta split, peace love and chicken grease

  9. nah I can just show you

  10. @TENMINITT have you tried the Drop In feature?

  11. everyone loves a pirate

  12. David catches everyone’s replay

  13. unfortunately I am going to have to catch the replay

  14. professional impersonator

  15. Nope, that’s my man, not me

  16. @Grammys_Art who loves the Walking Dead

  17. Wait, is @iamdavidvaughan a Time Lord?

  18. whales don’t speak, don’t be silly

  19. I speak baby and horse as well

  20. your video card and CPU weren’t able to handle the additinal load

  21. I’m jealous, your video looks so wonderful tonight and your audio is in sync

  22. Chaka, Chaka, Chaka
    Chaka Khan
    Chaka Khan
    Chaka Khan
    Chaka Khan

    Chaka Khan
    Let me rock you

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