Tinsel Town Tonight Featuring the Cowardly Lion on Courage

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Melissa Reyes, David Vaughan, Colin Porter, and Cindy_Harrison

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103 responses to “Tinsel Town Tonight Featuring the Cowardly Lion on Courage”

  1. Colin Porter says:

    b;ess you both. taje care

  2. Colin Porter says:

    yeah you guys say karlin

  3. Colin Porter says:

    yeah please check and share my song

  4. Colin Porter says:


  5. Colin Porter says:

    what time is that for UK ?

  6. Thank you @TheColinPorter

  7. Colin Porter says:

    @Cindy_Harrison looks great cindy

  8. RedBubble.com/people/Mizmeliz

  9. Colin Porter says:

    Melissa, I too am a creative, can I post a shamless link to a non profit motivational song I recorded called ” you can do it” ?

  10. Herbie says:

    @IamDavidVaughan I played the scarecrow in High School.

  11. Herbie says:

    @IamDavidVaughan I did take a moment to debate. lol

  12. I knew you were going to tweet that Herbie

  13. Colin Porter says:

    @BarbTUSA thank you

  14. Did anyone else want to pop in or have a question?

  15. Thank you. Came in late, but I will catch it from the beginning on replay.

  16. @IamDavidVaughan Did you growl at all? Sorry I missed your performance. πŸ˜‰

  17. Gael says:

    and next week on tinsel town tonight…… Captain Jack Sparrow, David Vaughan style!

  18. I think I’ll just do my makeup like this all the time

  19. Colin Porter says:

    can i step in for 2 mins melissa pls?

  20. Colin Porter says:

    eye of the tiger for the lion ? πŸ™‚

  21. Gael says:

    its courageously fierce πŸ™‚

  22. Gael says:

    your face…..

  23. Hal Aaron says:

    Yes… nice job ou two. Thank you!

  24. Hal Aaron says:

    I love my stories, trust me

  25. Hal Aaron says:

    Good advice, David

  26. Hal Aaron says:

    That’s Redd iwth 2 Ds

  27. I agree. I have problems with that as well. David hit the point, I love everyone else’s story more than mine.

  28. Hal Aaron says:

    I think once I get into the groove of broadcastingmy own scopes and blabs, the fear will disappear

  29. Hal Aaron says:

    It depends. I have the skills , but hesitant to “blow my own horn”

  30. Hal Aaron says:

    Technical dificulties won’t stop us!

  31. Colin Porter says:

    can we catch up at some point?

  32. Colin Porter says:

    the worm that turned is a story i read as a child

  33. Hal Aaron says:

    annnnd she’s back!

  34. Colin Porter says:

    would love to chat at some point

  35. Hal Aaron says:

    There she goes again

  36. Colin Porter says:

    Are we saying that once things reach critical mass , its as if the worm turns?

  37. Colin Porter says:

    An adopted persona?

  38. Hal Aaron says:

    Breaking through the fear that first time is the most difficult. I remember my very first open mic. I was projectile sweating.

  39. Colin Porter says:

    so you “strap on ” a persona?

  40. Colin Porter says:

    Do you reccomend mental rehearsal or is it more of a physical experience?

  41. Colin Porter says:

    Is there a technique that you use to practice courage

  42. Colin Porter says:

    What is the secret to feeling courageous?

  43. Colin Porter says:

    love the metaphor David

  44. Hal Aaron says:

    @TheColinPorter thx

  45. Hal Aaron says:

    I want to learn about courage… but I’m afraid ti ask πŸ™‚

  46. Hal Aaron says:

    My ex didn’t believe in naps. I can’t live without ’em

  47. Hal Aaron says:

    probably a slow processor. Don’t worry. Just keep going. We’ll get used to it

  48. Hal Aaron says:


  49. Hal Aaron says:

    Slight latency prob

  50. Hal Aaron says:

    The sound is okay but not synced with lips

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