Tinsel Town Tonight: Audacious Brilliance with @CoachJennie and @KarenGravesMYG

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This is a replay of the live broadcast of Tinsel Town with Melissa Reyes, The Audacity Coach Jennie, and Karen Graves


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145 responses to “Tinsel Town Tonight: Audacious Brilliance with @CoachJennie and @KarenGravesMYG”

  1. can’t even say reserved

  2. @KarenGravesMYG I love it, I text me son in the next room all the time

  3. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan Wish. Texting my child to put her to bed.

  4. See, I don’t have to be on, Jennie completes me

  5. @IamDavidVaughan hold it together

  6. she says sparkle, I think of unicorns

  7. she gave them last night in a post

  8. Oh I have jennies parting words

  9. Crazy blessing to have these two in the same space at the same time! I love ’em! #powerfulpeople #1love

  10. Karen Graves says:

    @RegenerationLBC xoxoxoxo

  11. thanks for the great Blab ladies – enjoy the rest of your evening!

  12. ok, I’m done blabjacking

  13. Awww @KarenGravesMYG he is adorable!!!

  14. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan Word, right?!?!?

  15. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan I’ll send you Sugar Shack donuts.

  16. or becuase Miz is an awesome host, and I love Karen and Jennie

  17. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan HAHAHAHA!!!

  18. I’m here because they told me there would be doughnuts

  19. it’s been a 16 hour day

  20. Gotta run, dinner is ready! Really enjoyed the chat.

  21. Enjoy the journey and revel in the chaos!

  22. Driving metaphor for bad marketing: Don’t make me pull this car over

  23. Get out of neutral and put your foot on the gas.

  24. Texas has shit too look at

  25. South Carolina is also as bad

  26. Nothing is as bad as driving through Texas…

  27. Probably as long as driving through Texas!

  28. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan NAH AH!!!!

  29. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan Really? I didn’t know that!

  30. SMART cars are BMW as well

  31. @IamDavidVaughan exactly

  32. otherwise they suuuucked

  33. That’s when they became worth buying when BMW bought them

  34. Ahhhh Mini Coopers!! I love them!

  35. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan BMW

  36. and cooper is owned by????

  37. hahahaha totally @ravengael

  38. Hookah is delicious.

  39. My grandma lived in hathaway towers

  40. @KarenGravesMYG Nice…

  41. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan That’s exactly where I am.

  42. Karen Graves says:

    @Sherree_W I like a nice Cohiba. Don’t get me to lying on the #.

  43. My family was in the midlothian area for a long time

  44. OMG I did not realize Karen was that close

  45. @KarenGravesMYG favorite cigar, when you smoke?

  46. crunchy french toast, in the south we call that burnt

  47. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan Right? Souds interesting…

  48. Coach Erin says:

    Yes.. beach is THE place to be 🙂

  49. @KarenGravesMYG I like to play the Jamaican way, flipping over tables.

  50. Karen Graves says:

    @ChaChanna ME TOOO!!! I can stand to improve!!!

  51. that sounds like fun!

  52. I’m a dominoes player.

  53. It’s ok, I lose when I play solitare

  54. That game is still around? Wow

  55. Coach Erin says:

    didn’t expect a teeny tiny opinion 🙂

  56. @ecoacherin great minds

  57. Coach Erin says:

    shaking head up & down :0

  58. and that’s a great question as well

  59. Coach Erin says:

    Q/ What are your thoughts on those who call themselves “coaches” and yet they really are doing more “training” or “consultant”

  60. If you’re a 20 year old life coach

  61. See I doubt to the benefit of people

  62. Coach Erin says:

    business really is a living organism that grows and adjusts

  63. make sure to tweet this out everyone

  64. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan HAHA! Thanks!

  65. Coach Erin says:

    love it! “own your own genius”

  66. Coach Erin says:

    love that your “title” ties back to your story of childhood.

  67. and she will #shove you

  68. Coach Erin says:

    love the question @IamDavidVaughan

  69. @IamDavidVaughan great question.

  70. The Blabs have been awesome.

  71. 96% of entrepreneurs fail in within 10 years, 80% within 5

  72. @Sherree_W I’m super excited!

  73. @CoachJennie you’re welcome.

  74. @Sherree_W Hiiiii! Thanks for my emails!

  75. @IamDavidVaughan I know. But it’s too much fun

  76. You are better off ignoring me Jennie

  77. never “heard” of that

  78. yeah that sounds like a goverment made title

  79. Karen Graves says:

    @IamDavidVaughan It sounds like an impossible task.

  80. she’s awesome and that’s enough

  81. Yay! So excited for this interview!

  82. oh yay. thanks @imorpheus

  83. I saw the notification on facebook

  84. iMorpheus says:

    I followed @alexiaanastasio via the Blab front page.

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