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Tinsel Town is my show. It’s awesome. Really! Come and see what it is all about every Tuesday at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern.

Facebook Live


Tinsel Town Debuts on Facebook Live

For two years I have streamed my show, Tinsel Town, on Tuesday nights. The show streams live. In order to do this, I have shared, invited, promoted, and I will admit, occasionally, begged you to watch. When I was on Blab.im last summer, I had the most engagement. 100’s of people would tune in and enjoy the interviews and camaraderie. The show is about the super stars who inspire me. I interview people who are rockin’ it! But, you know that. Because you watch.

Lately, live streaming viewership has dropped off a bit. There are so many options and it is hard to find live shows. But I persist. I believe in what I am doing and I do it because I love it so much. Meeting people, getting to know them, introducing them to my friends…it’s a blast!

When Facebook Live enabled people to live stream directly on our profile pages, I jumped at the chance to promote my show and let my friends and followers have a glimpse of my world. I was hoping they would follow me to Blab, or Huzza, or Zoom. I tell them about Snapchat, Meerkat, Periscope, MeVee, Busker, Firetalk, Bebo, and more…and some do. But, suddenly it occurred to me that I could do the show on Facebook. Why ask people to follow me when we are all already there?

The reason I loved Blab so much is the fact that I could invite other people to be onscreen with me. This made it perfect for interviewing people from around the world remotely. It was like Skype that everyone could see! It is only a matter of time before we will be able to do that on Facebook without third party software and programs. I will be there, ready and super excited to share it with you!

Join me Tuesday night  on Facebook Live…right on my profile page: Tinsel Town on Facebook!!

Check out my You Tube Channel and see the Tinsel Town Playlist to view previous interviews and shows here:


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