Tinsel Town Live from Tinsel Town

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Tinsel Town Live from Tinsel Town

30 responses to “Tinsel Town Live from Tinsel Town”

  1. Cheryl Lande says:

    Enjoy the play – Beautiful, so jealous.

  2. You look great Melissa.😊👍

  3. Have a wonderful evening!

  4. I understood clearly.

  5. Very Merry UnBirthday!!!

  6. Anne Parris says:


  7. Anne Parris says:

    I have to bring husband to 33 Taps next time we are in LA!

  8. Anne Parris says:

    What restaurant are you at?

  9. Mary, Who was the nicest person you every interviewed?

  10. Anne Parris says:

    I got dropped; back!

  11. Nicole Baker says:

    Hey Melissa…how are you?? You look wonderful!! I’m gonna watch your show now (in my new Choice by Calvin Klein bikini!!)

  12. Anne Parris says:

    Connection is fine!

  13. Anne Parris says:

    I’ve heard Beautiful is amazing!
    You are coming in fine all the way across the country.

  14. Anne Parris says:

    Hey Melissa! Happy I caught you live!

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