Time for Goals Bingo! Summer Check-in 2014 #14in2014

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It’s time to check and see how I am doing on my goals for the year.

My focus this year has been… Discovery. I have been learning new things and breaking out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed sharing these discoveries with  you. So far I have written twenty blog posts this year about my discoveries. See if they interest you…

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Some of my goals for 2014 are professional, having to do with my writing, blogging, life coaching and public speaking. I am still in the research and development stages of some major aspects of the business that I am building. I am about to start editing a new book. My plan is to edit through the summer and have something ready to publish in October 2014. As you can see on my goal chart (aka Goals Bingo) below – I have a lot of projects stewing. These are ongoing projects that are ready to be tasted and tested. So, I will be looking for feedback. Will you help me out? Just let me know if I post something you can relate to or like. That would be wonderful!Some of my goals I hope to achieve this year are very personal. I am starting a program with Sandi Amorim called the 100 Day Promise. It is time to invoke the “real me”! I am ready to dig even deeper and go for the gusto! I haven’t decided on my actual goal that I will make a promise to attain – – but it will have something to do with health and weight loss. You will most likely see some updates and blog posts about it in the next few months. Please keep me in your thoughts as I start this aspect of my journey. I am doing this for you, too. The more I learn about life coaching and reaching goals, the more I can help you realize your dreams and aspirations.

Most of my goals are things that I always need to be reminded to stay on track!  Thanks to my handy dandy Goals Bingo Chart and the Valentine RD’s #14in2014 Goals/Resolutions/Intentions

Quarterly Link-up, I have a chance to meet these goals and accomplish everything I set out to do this year. I know I put way too many things on my chart and it is really hard to focus on them all. Each column is a different category or area of my life I want to work on. My real goal is to stay on track and to be consistent. I expect to see more check marks in September!

There is still time for me to get B-I-N-G-O!

Here are some MAJOR GOALS I plan to accomplish in 2014:

  • Publish another book – coming October 2014!
  • Move to a new home – Did it!!! Listed our home in April, Sold it in May, Moved in June! Huge weight lifted. New life started. Now the fun begins!
  • Keep my blood sugar levels (A1C) within normal range – Help! I eat way too much sugar. I really need to focus on this!
  • Not gain weight – I have not gained weight. I have lost a few pounds since we have been packing, moving and unpacking. I am at a turning point and I think I might change this to include lose 20 pounds. But I have not committed to it yet. 
  • Help my son apply to college (yeah, my 2nd son is at that stage!) – I registered my son in a “College Application Boot Camp” class and an SAT Prep course. That’s a start!
  • Dreams

Six months into 2014 and I am well on my way to achieving my major goals –

and many of my day to day goals.

I know I need to focus on making my dreams come true. I know what I want. I know what I need to do. It’s time to go out and make it happen!

If you believe it, you can do it.

I believe!

How about you?

Did you make a list of goals for 2014?

Have you achieved any of your goals?

Are you ready to focus on what needs to be done to achieve your dreams?


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4 responses to “Time for Goals Bingo! Summer Check-in 2014 #14in2014”

  1. Kim says:

    C’mon bingo! And good luck with the college applications!

  2. Ann says:

    So excited & can’t wait to see the new book! Congratulations on getting so far with your goals–I know you’ll get at least one Bingo by the end of the year.

  3. Raquel says:

    Congratulations Melissa! I am in the process of doing my mid-year check (we are ALWAYS thinking alike)! I love the fun bingo idea. I have achieved some of my goals and a couple have changed – how is it mid-year already? Congrats on book #2 too!

  4. Tim says:

    You’re good. I made no goals for the year and have managed to achieve all of them 🙂

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