Why Opposing Views on Big Issues are Okay

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“I am for love, not fear. I stand for freedom, not hatred. I can be tough if I need to be, but I lead with my heart.” ~Melissa Reyes 11-8-14

Opposites Attract

This week I am starting a new weekly prompt for “creatives” from Honelife.com. It’s a great website that gathers like minded people together to share their interests and creativity,

Here is the prompt:

Put your creative spin on “opposites“. Capture opposites in your writing, photography, illustrations, and other creations.

-Write, draw, and create one piece of work using two opposite styles. Create half of the piece in the morning, inside, with your right hand, and the other half…the opposite. Share your work and your experience.

-Observe opposites throughout the week. Shoot a photo, and then search for the “opposite” scene or an opposite point of view.

I love challenges like this.

In my house when something isn’t going our way, we say it must be because this is “opposite day” or because we live in “opposite world.”

To be honest, I am the one who says that. It’s my way of getting out of an argument. I don’t like conflict. I am okay not being right. I am always willing to hear someone else’s side. I welcome a debate, if you have a position. Tell me why you believe what you believe. If it is a matter of opinion and I don’t agree with you, then let’s agree to disagree.

If it is something I know is one way, for example if something is supposed to start at a certain time or is on a certain day and I am defending myself that I know when it is – man, I have a good memory and if you don’t want to believe me, then fine. You can be late. You can go on the wrong day. “It must be opposite day, because in the real world, I know I am right!” (I might say, to myself.)

It May Be a Matter of Opinion

There are some things that are open to interpretation. There are some subjects that have varying perspectives. My husband and I come from opposite views on a few of these. We have had some heated discussions over the years on gun control and the death penalty. We both are steadfast in our positions on those subjects. We rarely argue about anything anymore. I don’t get hurt if he doesn’t agree with me or if I can’t seem to understand his point of view. We are okay with agreeing to disagree. It’s strange that we have such similar upbringing, same religion, same schools, both come from similar family backgrounds, yet we can have a stance so far apart on the same subject.

My parents were the same way. I don’t know for sure what position they would take on either subject of gun control or the death penalty. But I could guess. Mom was Republican. Dad was Democrat. They both were raised Catholic. Just like my husband and I. You can guess which one of us is the Republican.

I will not speak for my husband or his side of either debate. Just know that for as strongly as I believe this to be true in my heart, he feels the exact opposite.

This is what I believe to be true in my heart about gun control and the death penalty:

  • I think guns are okay for hunting, with a permit, in an area zoned for that purpose.
  • I think guns are okay for sport, with a permit, in a controlled area such as a firing range.
  • I think guns are okay for law enforcement. Issued to those who are there to protect and serve.
  • I think guns and weapons are okay for the military.
  • Guns are not okay in the home where children are present. Ever.
  • Guns are not okay for teenagers. Ever.
  • More than one gun inside the home is not necessary.
  • A gun inside the home should be kept locked up.
  • Gun laws should be enforced in all 50 states. (I know I am dreaming on that one, but it is my opinion.)
  • Records should be kept when guns are sold and it should be indicated on a license that a person is a certified gun owner.
  • I do not accept the death penalty as a punishment or justice.
  • I do not believe the death penalty is a solution.
  • I value all life, I believe in unconditional love and forgiveness, I shall not kill. Ever.

I have always believed these things and I always will. That is my prerogative. These are my feelings, my beliefs, my opinions. These statements reflect WHO I AM. That is all.

original artwork, glitter on construction paper, photographed by Melissa Reyes copyright 11/2014 for http://mizmeliz.com

I am for love, not fear. I stand for freedom, not hatred. I can be tough if I need to be, but I lead with my heart. ~Melissa Reyes 11-8-14

I do not put these truths on you. You might have a completely opposite point of view. We are only human, we have many reasons to believe what we believe. You have the right to take your own stance. Tell me why you believe what is true in your heart.

This is why I believe what I believe:

I love life. I love my life. I love living. I honor and respect all people and their right to live. If we don’t control the usage of weapons that can kill, innocent people will be killed. I believe gun control can reduce the instances of accidental death. I believe that gun control can reduce the amount of murders. I believe that gun control can reduce the amount of school killings and violence among teenagers and young people.

I value all life, I believe all people have the right to live their entire life as it unfolds naturally. Every person has the right to dignity, forgiveness, and love.

It is not up to me, personally, to decide if someone deserves death over life in any situation. I am not a judge or a jury. I am not in a position to enforce laws or serve the public. I am for love. I am about love. I stand for love in all cases. Everyone is someone’s child. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect. I can’t believe that to be true based on circumstance, because then I would have to judge. I would have to have the conscience of one who decides who should live and who should die. That is not up to me. My part in life is to love. To forgive. To pardon. To respect. To honor.

I have faith that all people would choose to live rather than die at the hand of another person. When it comes to punishing the criminal acts of someone, I do not see the sense in ending their life. How does that make them pay for what they did? How does that make them responsible for what they did? How does killing someone for punishment solve anything? The only thing that killing someone for punishment serves is to remove that person from the landscape. It cannot remove the act. It cannot stop the crimes from happening. It is a vicious cycle of death.

I am for life.

I am for love.

My husband and I may disagree on this and I still love him, with all my heart and soul. He is a remarkable man. He is my best friend in all the world. He is a wonderful father. Why do I love a man who has such opposing beliefs to my core values that I feel so strongly in my heart? All I can say is that it is a law of nature that opposites attract. It may be nature’s way of checks and balances. We challenge each other. We make each other think. We defend ourselves as well as each other. We value our relationship over all else. I love him because he respects my opinion and views, even when he disagrees with them. I love him because he is willing to speak up and disagree with me when he feels strongly about something. That is true love. That is respect. That is faith.

We are all entitled to our beliefs and opinions. I would be happy to hear yours. 

Please be respectful in your comments.

Can you think of an opposing point of view that you have with someone you love?

Do you ever live in “opposite world?”

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