Gratefulness Creates Vision for a Bright Future by Melissa Reyes

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April 25th 2016 Theme of the Week: GRATITUDEgratitude

noun: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

My intention for this week will be to remember the things I am most grateful for. I will fill in my little Gratitude Journal every day. It’s a mini book designed by Kathryn Costa for her friends in the Friendship Circle on and it is called, 7 Days of Saying Thanks.

It’s that simple.

So far, I have listed the following:


1. My husband
2. My sons
3. My home
1. Friends
2. Health
3. Technology
1. Music
2. Poetry
3. Self-expression


I interviewed Kim Somers Egelsee yesterday, and she was full of energy and light. I am in line with what she is teaching, and I learned a new way of explaining it. She has a great way of expressing her message and one thing she uses is the term (or mantra) FLOW.

Kim says to master flow, you must be focused yet free, be able to love and let go, be open minded and optimistic, appreciate the wonders of the world without being too attached.

F – Focused, Free
L – Love, Let Go
O – Open-minded, Optimistic
W – Wonders of the World


This is an excellent way of honoring oneself and living in the moment. She says there are paradoxes in everything, it is difficult to be both focused, and free, for example. Yet, when we can fine tune our soul to be free of worry, of regret, of the weight of the world – then we can focus on the matters at hand.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have to speak with such amazing people and learn from them. I hope you enjoyed the interview as well. If you missed it, be sure to watch the replay, it is only 30 minutes and full of valuable compassionate information on how to live what Kim calls, a Ten Plus Life.

Tonight, I will work on my mandala art and post photos of my work in progress on Snapchat. Please follow along if you are on Snapchat. Add me as a friend: My intention is to create a new mandala for each week. At least one, but hopefully more. I am hoping to finish the 100 Mandala Project by the end of the year and have my mandala coloring book published in time for Christmas. I am less than half way through.

This weekend is going to be super busy. There is a carnival in the afternoon on Friday at the school where I work. I am in charge of the popcorn booth. Then, we are going bowling with friends to celebrate a birthday. That will be fun! Saturday afternoon I am interviewing a local filmmaker, writer, and radio host, Gary Alvarez – live in studio. I met him on Facebook, we have a few friends in common and I discovered a remarkably talented man who embodies the spirit of the Los Angeles Chicano in his work, his contribution to society, and in his creative focus. I look forward to introducing him to you! On Sunday morning I will meet with Cindy Harrison for our second show in our creative series on Blab. It is called, Sparkle & Inspire with Cindy Harrison. Cindy is an art teacher and she is showing me step by step how to create intricate and useful art pieces. In the process I am learning techniques that I can use in my drawing and painting as well as in crafting. The show is every Sunday, 7-9 a.m. (Pacific) and everyone is welcome to work along with us. I have listed the supplies needed for our next show here: Decorative Tiles on Sunday, May 1st. In the afternoon, I am covering the 12th Annual First Star Celebration at the Skirball Cultural Center for my friend, Alexa Anastasio. It is honoring the heroes who are transforming the lives of foster youth in Los Angeles. It is an honor for me to be there and have the opportunity to share with you via live streaming and social media.

I am grateful for the ways in which I can express myself, communicate with other people, and experience life!

Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more…

It turns denial into acceptance,

chaos into order,

confusion into clarity.

It makes sense of our past,

it brings peace for today,

and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Melody Beattie


What are you grateful for this week?

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