The #Doozers from Fraggle Rock Premiere on Hulu April 25th @DoozersTV

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NEW on and HULU PLUS – “Doozers” from Fraggle Rock premiere April 25


I believe that if you can dream it, you can make it happen.

So, Dream BIG!

If you have little kids or you are a kid at heart, you are going to love this show! These Doozers are little Architectural Design Engineers in the making… I had the opportunity to be on a conference call interview with Brendan Boyle, a Stanford associate professor who teaches a class called From Play to Innovation and is a consultant for the new children’s program “Doozers.” Brendan says that the Doozers, like pre-schoolers attack problem solving by “thinking with their hands.” When you tinker and build as you go, you are creating something as you solve problems. Rather than spending time planning something that might not work, you find out immediately and keep building.  Brendan explained that the Doozers create an environment of collaboration and teamwork that is important for learning and applying skills in life. Professor Boyle teaches collaboration by observing children at play and encourages the use of “three levels of innovation: inspiration, ideation and implementation” on the show and in the toys that he develops.

“Celebrating the spirit of being an innovator and inspiring all kids to have an “I can do it” attitude, is the main theme in “Doozers,” the animated preschool series from The Jim Henson Company and DHX Media (“Yo Gabba Gabba”), which premieres on Hulu and Hulu Plus April 25, 2014.

Inspired by the wildly popular characters from the classic Henson series “Fraggle Rock,” the program encourages children to design and create.  The four three-inch green Doozer kids –  Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex and Daisy Wheel –  live at the edges of our world and right under our noses in the fantastical, modern and eco-friendly Doozer Creek. They’re full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm and put their ideas into action and change their dreams into reality, from designing a Doozer Derby racing car to flying in a kaleidoscope of butterflies or building a giant gingerbread house!

“Doozers” also features design thinking curriculum, which is part of an overall STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) initiative.  In developing the series, the Henson Company consulted with Brendan Boyle –  a consulting associate professor at Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the, where he teaches “From Play to Innovation,” a course he created. He serves on the board of the National Institute for Play, a nonprofit committed to bringing the knowledge, practices, and benefits of play into public life.

Brendan is also a Partner at IDEO, passionately promotes entrepreneurial thinking; he has invented and licensed more than 150 consumer products, specializing in the design of kid-centric goods, services, and experiences. Brendan holds a master’s degree from the Joint Program for Design at Stanford and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan State.”

Since Brendan Boyle has researched and observed children at play for his career, I thought it would be interesting to know what he has learned from the pre-schoolers that might be helpful for us adults. I asked him, “What can we learn from pre-schoolers?”
Professor Boyle answered, “Pre-school children can sense what their parents are passionate about, we must remember the things that we love, remember how curious we were at that age and model behaviors that help to build creative confidence in our children.”
I always want to know what people are most passionate about and it comes out when I ask them how they would like to be remembered. Professor Boyle said that above all else, he loves teaching most. He said, “I love seeing people go out and succeed!”
The folks at Hulu shared this: “On Friday, April 25th, five episodes of the show will debut for free on and seven will be on the Hulu Plus subscription service (available across connected devices, including ios, Android, 3DS, wii. tablets and more.) Since kids love repeat viewing and mastering the concepts in every episode, we’re rolling out the episodes over time. Three new episodes will hit and Hulu Plus every three weeks. We’ll also have holiday and themed episodes that will debut on the Friday before each holiday. Halloween is especially exciting!”

Flex, Spike, Molly Bolt and Daisy Wheel (L-R) are “the Pod Squad,” best friends who engage in exciting projects and have a blast playing together the new preschool series Doozers. In “Mega Magnet Mover,” a massive magnet helps Flex find his favorite tool just in time for his Grandpa’s birthday. The series launches April 25 on Hulu Kids.
Photo courtesy of Hulu/The Jim Henson Company. © 2013 The Jim Henson Company.

How do you put your ideas into action?

How have you changed your dreams to reality?

Personally, I am in the process of selling my home and moving to another house. I have dreamed about living in a bigger home with a pool that my teenage kids can enjoy. That is becoming a reality very soon. Dream BIG! If you believe it, you can make it happen!

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    I love Hulu and this looks like a great show for my kids to watch while I cook dinner!

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    This looks so cute! Thanks for sharing it.

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