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Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town

with Miz Meliz


An Interview


Ruth Zankich

of So Cal Pocket Memories

I think Ruth is a living doll. I have never seen her without a big beautiful smile on her face. I have met Ruth in person a few times at blogger events that we both attended. She is the nicest person. Online, she is generous and thoughtful. She is encouraging and helpful with promoting, tweeting, and leaving comments. I really like Ruth and I wanted to get to know her a little bit better. So, I invited her to be on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town.

I think Ruth might be an angel in our midst. Please forgive the bright fuzzy ambient lighting reflecting around Ruth’s video image. I thought it might be the glow of a real angel. It turns out that there might be a protective film remaining over her webcam viewer. I am not certain. No matter. Nothing phases Ruth!

It took me awhile to schedule an interview with Ruth. We had some scheduling conflicts because she wanted to be sure her kids were out of the house. She went out of her way to arrange for this to happen so she could give her full attention to the interview. I told her not to worry, and just let me know when she was ready. So, when the time came we were both so excited, we jumped right in without testing sound, lighting, or video. Needless to say, as you will see, Ruth is quite beautiful and her shining happy face shows through the “filter” and she was open and ready to let us into her world at So Cal Pocket Memories.

Bonnie Cove Trail Glendora - 3

“We do a lot of camping and hiking.”

Who is Ruth Zankich?

Ruth has been blogging for four years. She writes about things to do with the family in Southern California. She and her husband and two young sons go hiking every weekend in and around Los Angeles.


Hiking in Kings Canyon Hiking to Griffith Park

What Does Ruth Like to Do?

Ruth loves to tell her readers about places to go with the family that are FREE – and she lets us in on the secret days when some of her favorite locations have free admission.

Some of the places that Ruth writes about on SoCalPocketMemories.com :

HuntingtonLibrary Kings River Kings Canyon 00

“Enjoy nature, be with your family, get out there, and have fun!”~Ruth Zankich, SoCalPocketMemories.com


Ruth recently made big changes to her blog with a new look. She started a So Cal Giveaways page where bloggers can add their link to So Cal based posts or family friendly giveaways. (See what I mean? Ruth is always willing to help other bloggers!)

I learned a few things about Ruth and her blog that I did not know:

  • She has a regular contributor named Catherine who blogs about “Autistic friendly” things to do in Southern California. “Catherine gives you the pros and cons of each place for someone who is on the spectrum.”
  • Her favorite post on her blog was about the camping trip she and her family took to Kings Canyon. She loved posting the pictures from that trip. Read the post and see the pictures here: KINGS CANYON
  • For a sponsored post she did for Hot Pockets, she developed a game to play with her kids that you can download from her blog. The game is used to open a conversation with your kids when they get home from school.

What Does Ruth Do for FUN?

Since Ruth’s every day life is about going out, exploring, and having fun with her family – having fun means having quiet time for herself. She likes to hang out with her mommy friends.

“One time my kids did (such) a great job in the morning that I actually had time for myself and got dressed up. Then I had nowhere to go so I called my girlfriend and asked her if I could come over ’cause I wanted someone to look at me and tell me I looked nice.”

Boy, I can relate to that! I think that is why I started taking selfies, so I would be sure people saw me when I was having a good hair day!

I asked Ruth to recommend a “Hollywood Hot Spot.” I was surprised when she told me that she hob nobs with the likes of Ben Afflek and his family at her favorite hangout. You have to watch the episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town to find out where!

Ruth reveals so much about herself and her blog in my live interview with her on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town. One last tid-bit…she is in Spanish. Yep, Ruth’s audience is bilingual, so her blog is translatable. With a click, you can read it en Espanol. Muy bien!

Connect with Ruth





I know many of you like hiking. Have you been to Kings Canyon?

Have you seen the Giant Seqouias?

Do you have a suggestion for a family friendly trail for Ruth’s blog? 

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