Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with @Lelper and @MariaMenicou

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Melissa Reyes, Walt Spence, Maria Menicou, and Lela Perez

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242 responses to “Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with @Lelper and @MariaMenicou”

  1. Great show last night guys! I wasn’t able to stay long because we did a Test Blab for our show for tonight!! Check us out if you can!! Subscribe now➼ https://blab.im/5np9w

  2. Jr Montanez says:

    I need a periscope for periscope

  3. Jr Montanez says:

    meerkat has quality trolls

  4. Walt Spence says:

    @thereverselife no kidding

  5. Jr Montanez says:

    @Walt 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽Walt long time man.

  6. Jr Montanez says:

    cruise_ship was a cool troll

  7. Jr Montanez says:

    @Thenamesjocelyn 👊🏽👊🏽hi Jocelyn

  8. Jr Montanez says:

    @emusicafe hey✌🏽️😎

  9. @thereverselife Hey JR

  10. Jocelyn says:

    I live in San Diego and don’t have a car so 🙁

  11. Jocelyn says:

    I need to spray tan

  12. Jocelyn says:

    Look how fancy Lela looks 😛

  13. Jocelyn says:

    Melissa, will you be meeting up with Keith?

  14. Lela Perez says:

    @RAMONORTIZ7 thank you!

  15. Ramon Ortiz says:

    thanks mellisa lela and maria for a great stream

  16. Lela Perez says:

    @BigTxGravy you too!

  17. Lela Perez says:

    @BigTxGravy bye thanks so much for coming!

  18. glad to show support. peace

  19. I’m going to go. take lovely ladies

  20. Jocelyn says:

    That sounds neat 🙂

  21. Bhujangasana is my favorite yoga pose

  22. Lela Perez says:

    Hi Jocelyn! Hi Mike!

  23. Ramon Ortiz says:


  24. Lee Carlson says:

    you rocked it @lelper!!

  25. Lee Carlson says:

    Let me reach into my big wallet! Business expense!

  26. Tommy Spero says:

    can’t wait to be on your show Meliz

  27. Lee Carlson says:

    Big things for @lelper… love it!

  28. Lee Carlson says:

    Is that the one you wanted me to meet?

  29. Lee Carlson says:

    what’s in your future @lelper

  30. Mare331 says:

    @TENMINITT very cool!

  31. Lee Carlson says:

    who’s next Melissa?

  32. Mare331 says:

    Sweat and be proud!

  33. Mare331 says:

    I know, I definitely do. Yes, we had gone dancing at our meerup-I was soaked (as we all were)!

  34. Lee Carlson says:

    AEIOU and sometimes Y

  35. Lee Carlson says:

    @Mare331 yes you do… you were after the Merrup!

  36. Lee Carlson says:

    dry off all your little cracks!

  37. Mare331 says:

    I have one for my hair! and one for my dog.

  38. Mare331 says:

    I’m talking about the super absorbent towels above.

  39. Mare331 says:

    @RAMONORTIZ7 Hi! 🙂

  40. Lee Carlson says:

    @tommyspero Yes, I have a few in me….

  41. Mare331 says:

    @tommyspero I know! I feel like I have one in me too!

  42. Tommy Spero says:

    Everyone has a book in them

  43. Mare331 says:

    I think it went really well. I obsess over assignments so me letting go & posting it now when it’s due just before 5 p.m. tomorrow is good for me!

  44. Lee Carlson says:

    @viper2883 thanks for dropping by

  45. Lee Carlson says:

    “how do you solve a problem like Maria?!”

  46. talk to you soon have a great night 👍👍👍👍

  47. Lee Carlson says:

    @Mare331 How did that assignment go? Cheers for you doing homework/work at the same time.

  48. Mare331 says:

    @lelper Thanks and yay!

  49. Nancy says:

    This was awesome…so great to see and hear from Lela and Maria, but I’m battling a cold and some tendonitis, so I need to rest up before my trip. Good night!

  50. Mare331 says:

    @lelper Thanks! I had to finish an assignment first. Now that I am done – this is my reward!

  51. Lee Carlson says:

    Lee’s the deaf one!

  52. Lee Carlson says:

    what age group is the book for?

  53. Lela Perez says:

    @lee_e_carlson ah i see

  54. Lee Carlson says:

    @lelper yes, but hard to hear her..

  55. Lela Perez says:

    @Mare331 MARE!!! So glad you’re here!

  56. Lela Perez says:

    @lee_e_carlson but she did mention the animal earlier

  57. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson Hi Lee!

  58. Lela Perez says:

    @lee_e_carlson I don’t know if they’re real pics, that was from google

  59. Lee Carlson says:

    @lelper cool. So real life pics then? nice

  60. Lela Perez says:

    Mouflon sheep from Greece, featured as a character in Maria’s book

  61. El Garnero says:

    lee ive started classes again man. good times!

  62. Lee Carlson says:

    I assume there are illistrations?

  63. Lee Carlson says:

    @MariaMenicou please tell us more about your book?

  64. Lee Carlson says:

    @lelper .. I’ve heard before, but your opinion on GMO foods?

  65. Lee Carlson says:

    @ElGarnero How you been? Why didn’t Melissa use your awesome intro?? HAHA

  66. Tommy Spero says:

    i dont think i have enough connection

  67. El Garnero says:

    hi melissa and maria

  68. Lela Perez says:

    @ElGarnero Hi Garner!

  69. Ramon Ortiz says:

    just posted a great screen shot on my twitter acount

  70. Lee Carlson says:

    @NancyInWI it would be an awesome motorcycle ride!

  71. Nancy says:

    @lee_e_carlson I was wrong…it’s 936 miles from me

  72. Lee Carlson says:

    How would a life coach differ from a social worker for example/

  73. Tommy Spero says:

    I am considering taking a certification course

  74. Lee Carlson says:

    Can you make a living as a life coach?

  75. Nancy says:

    I want to listen to that podcast Tommy

  76. Nancy says:

    @lee_e_carlson yikes…that’s about how far it is from me!

  77. Lee Carlson says:

    @NancyInWI Devils Tower is over 600 miles from me. 🙁

  78. Nancy says:

    thanks for answering my question…very interesting

  79. Lela Perez says:

    @NancyInWI awesome! 🙂

  80. Nancy says:

    @lelper thanks Lela. I also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so I can take him along with me. 🙂

  81. my pork ribs are world renown 😁

  82. Nancy says:

    my neighbor enters BBQ contests…he makes the best ribs I’ve ever had

  83. Tommy Spero says:

    When does it serves us and when does it hold us back

  84. jaw dropped when I heard barbecue

  85. a friend onTwitch had a stoke and after leaving the hospital wanted to take all his pills

  86. Nancy says:

    we have soybean fields around our subdivision

  87. Nancy says:

    Luther Burbank and potatoes…sweet potatoes I think

  88. just being there for him to vent was helpful

  89. Nancy says:

    how does one become a life coach? is there schooling involved? what is your background?

  90. Lela Perez says:

    @BigTxGravy wow that would be an amazing story to hear

  91. my wake up moment with social media was preventing a suicide

  92. Lee Carlson says:

    know someone is truly listening

  93. Lee Carlson says:

    People just want to be heard.

  94. Lela Perez says:

    @RAMONORTIZ7 so glad to know you 🙂

  95. Ramon Ortiz says:

    we just join your streams lo learn and have fun

  96. Ramon Ortiz says:

    thanks lela and mellisa that makes me happy to be part of your streams

  97. don’t be surprised you are a lovely lady Lela

  98. being social is the key to social media..

  99. Lee Carlson says:

    @lelper you are very watchable

  100. Nancy says:

    Yup. Ramon is always in my streams too even though I don’t get on Meerkat often.

  101. Ramon Ortiz says:

    hello mellisa lela maria and everyone on blab nation

  102. there is a bit of right time and place involved

  103. Lela Perez says:

    @RAMONORTIZ7 so glad to hear it!

  104. Lela Perez says:

    @RAMONORTIZ7 Hey Ramon! Glad to see you! How are you?

  105. Ramon Ortiz says:

    @lelper hi lela im doing great thanks

  106. Nancy says:

    And Maria is delightful

  107. Nancy says:

    It was nice to see a familiar face being interviewed tonight.

  108. I would love to see the big sky brewing company in person

  109. Nancy says:

    @lee_e_carlson we’re not going that far into Wyoming

  110. Lee Carlson says:

    @BigTxGravy Buffalo Burgers?

  111. Lela Perez says:

    @BigTxGravy thanks for the suggestion!

  112. Lee Carlson says:

    @NancyInWI LOL… yea I can see why you said that then. Sounds like a strip joint

  113. Nancy says:

    @lee_e_carlson maybe it’s not what I think it is…we have a place by that name in Wisconsin. It’s a strip joint. LOL!

  114. no just fresh burger patties. there is a lot of bison on sale there

  115. Lee Carlson says:

    @NancyInWI no Burgers for you Nancy?

  116. Nancy says:

    @BigTxGravy think the guys might want to visit…women? not so much.

  117. whoever is visiting there should look up The Sugar Shack

  118. best burger in America is in South Dakota

  119. Lee Carlson says:

    What got you guys started in the area you have chosen?

  120. Lee Carlson says:

    Never been there. I’ll have to see where it is.

  121. Nancy says:

    @lee_e_carlson Devil’s Tower

  122. Lee Carlson says:

    now you know how much of a creep I really AM

  123. Nancy says:

    Not going as far as Utah, Lee. Maybe you can meet us in Wyoming or SD? LOL

  124. Lee Carlson says:

    we just met so it’s ok. 🙂

  125. Lee Carlson says:

    @TENMINITT except when in Utah!!! hahah

  126. Lela Perez says:

    @creative7inc awesome sauce

  127. Jamie Iria says:

    @lelper chilling, checking the Blabworld😎

  128. Lela Perez says:

    @creative7inc how are you?

  129. Jamie Iria says:

    @lelper hi Lela👍🏼

  130. Nancy says:

    much better, thank you

  131. Nancy says:

    Can hardly hear you, Maria and I want to…

  132. Nancy says:

    that is a beautiful animal

  133. Lee Carlson says:

    miss pretty lil Lela! too

  134. Lee Carlson says:

    @mariamenicou please hold mic closer to your mouth.

  135. Lee Carlson says:

    @NancyInWI Yep, that’s the sign, when you are not longer there

  136. Nancy says:

    @lee_e_carlson soon 🙂 You’ll know when I disappear from Blab and Meerkat

  137. Lee Carlson says:

    @NancyInWI how many days until you leave again? LOL

  138. Nancy says:

    Hi Lela and Melissa. Sorry I’m late. Will have to catch the replay

  139. Nancy says:

    @lee_e_carlson Hi Lee

  140. Lela Perez says:

    @NancyInWI glad you’re here!

  141. Lee Carlson says:

    @Walt #1 or #2 ? hahah

  142. Lee Carlson says:

    or stockyards are fun.. and sad too

  143. Walt Spence says:

    hey lee. have a business thing to do. 😕 I’ll see you guys in a bit

  144. Lee Carlson says:

    @lelper beef squished to goo

  145. Suzie Cheel says:

    Hi just dropping in to say hello @mizmeliz

  146. excited about joining this community

  147. Lee Carlson says:

    what’s the hype about the pink goo in the food?

  148. thank you very much for all of the info

  149. Lee Carlson says:

    graphic!! OH I like those kinda charts!!

  150. candyj™ says:

    @lee_e_carlson *blushing*

  151. @lee_e_carlson hey man how are you?

  152. Lee Carlson says:

    @candyjavier26 YES they are.. and you are too…. of course!

  153. candyj™ says:

    @lee_e_carlson there both cute

  154. candyj™ says:

    @csakamoto been busy preparing for the upcoming photowalk by Scott Kelby & other events & my streaming

  155. Lee Carlson says:

    @csakamoto It has.. saw you were in Vegas! Pretty boring. Just busy working

  156. @candyjavier26 hey whats up?

  157. @lee_e_carlson hey whats up? Its been awhile.

  158. Lee Carlson says:

    I’m good! working on work!

  159. candyj™ says:

    @lee_e_carlson hiya there bro

  160. Lee Carlson says:

    it’s off record… so speak at will

  161. Lee Carlson says:

    @candyjavier26 Hi Candy!

  162. candyj™ says:

    Melissa,its off record

  163. candyj™ says:

    @alfredo_tigolo hello there

  164. candyj™ says:

    by Greece,its 3:00am,early morning

  165. candyj™ says:

    no exciting blabs recently

  166. candyj™ says:

    show time by Tinsel Town

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