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Welcome to


My special guest today is

Stevie Wilson


L.A. Story.com

Stevie at the Grammy Suites

Stevie at the Grammy Suites

This was my very first time as press on the red carpet! I loved seeing my blog name on the "line up"!

Welcome to Tinsel Town!

I first met Stevie through the So Cal Lady Blogger Group on Facebook. We connected online on many discussions and soon found we had some things in common. We both love food, fashion, and fun! I have always admired Stevie for her experience in social media and for her willingness to help me out when I was a newbie. She shares great advice on writing and blogging. Stevie gave me a chance to guest post on her blog, LA-Story. When I wanted to write up a review on Chelsea Handler’s show in Atlanta but didn’t feel it was a good fit for MizMeliz, she shared her space on the internet with me. Stevie is professional, funny, smart, and her warm smile brightens my day every time we interact online.

When I asked what my blogging friends what they thought of podcasts and v-logging, Stevie was the first to respond. She is always very supportive and I trust her insights. If Stevie gave a green light on the project, I knew it was the way to go. She knows her stuff! Entrepreneurial, innovative, experienced, and possibly the most down to earth genuine lady I have met online, I am so happy to have as my very first guest on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, the legendary, influential, inspirational, and intriguing….Stevie Wilson!

What Stevie “does”:

stevienwhaircutI am one of the early pioneers in social media and digital marketing. I created an event for a beauty website which became the first ever web + brick & mortar store event. I wound up doing dozens of events for different stores (Barneys, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue & boutiques.)

I had a website where I was implementing all these things…lots of interviews, phone interviews, videos with beauty & fashion industry notables. I am big in social media. I like the sharing with people. I am good at creating connections with people. I am big in the fashion/beauty/lifestyle sector, too.

What Stevie likes to do for fun:

Stevie with Jeanne Mai and Jaren Van Doorn

Stevie with Jeanne Mai and Jaren Van Doorn

I love to hang out with my friends. I had an opportunity to treat my friends to a great catered dinner (courtesy of Bulgarini Gelato) and I was asked to invite some friends. So I got 10+ of my best friends to all agree on a single evening to come hang out at my house. So much fun. (My kid was texting & complaining about the noise!) We had a great time…I was sorry to see it end. I love to have parties, too. I have an amazing array of friends who really find they have a lot in common!

Otherwise I like to see friends for tea or a meal, hang out, go to hit a movie or head to events that I am always invited to.

Stevie loves to dish about:

1902882_505615842894725_9073793026325043644_n (1)Fitness & health, I am currently working on this series. Ditto cocktails and food. Seems weird, huh?  Truly, there is a way to be healthy and still eat and have a cocktail.

Plus, I know how to bargain shop. I have a great rep for that too…I bought over $300 of clothing for $80. I love sample sales (my dress for the Emmys cost $70.) If my friends want to save money and still get great style, I am the person they call.

Connect with Stevie:

Stevie LA Girl copywww.la-story.com





Stevie’s Favorite Hollywood Hot Spot:


The Sunset Tower


I love going to the Sunset Tower. I went there for drinks once when we were hitting an event at the Argyle (*Oribe was there to launch his line and the Argyle helped sponsor the launch party after the training.) While he finished the staff presentation, we snagged a cocktail at the bar…so great! They made a special cocktail just for my personal tastes!

The Sunset Tower Hotel

The Sunset Tower Hotel

I love the Hotel Cafe, too. I have a lot of musicians I know who play there. [Find out more about Stevie’s experiences at the Hotel Cafe on the video/podcast interview, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, below.]

Hotel cafe

The Hotel Cafe

The most interesting thing that I learned about Stevie:

She is the “face” of  McAfee’s Fake Anti-Virus Scareware campaign. After having her computer attacked by malware, she was interviewed in her home by McAfee for this video:

Thank you Stevie!

It’s been great getting to know you!

What do you think of my first video podcast episode of my talk show?

Come back next week and see my interview with Mary Lansing of Along Comes Mary


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    What an exciting start to your new program–can’t wait to hear more!

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