Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town July 28 6-8 PM PDT

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Melissa Reyes, Jay, David-Dorian Ross, CPirateNetwork, and Covert Patron

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270 responses to “Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town July 28 6-8 PM PDT”

  1. Mare331 says:

    Bye Melissa & thanks! xo

  2. bye everyone, thank you!!

  3. Sparky says:

    And the classes are FREE!!!

  4. Jay says:


  5. Sparky says:

    And My new one as well.

  6. Sparky says:

    I’m Planning DDR’s new one

  7. Tommy Spero says:

    im going for a new one soon and I am going to stream the whole thing

  8. Tommy Spero says:

    we had quite the challenges on our DoD show earlier tonight

  9. Sparky says:

    Kiss Kiss to everyone!

  10. Tommy Spero says:

    Def breaking new ground

  11. hi De Anna ❤️💚👍🏽🙌🏽👊🏽👏🏽😃😀🐠🐟

  12. Mare331 says:

    Thanks, DDR, Melissa, Jay and De Anna!

  13. Herbie says:

    Hi Jay! (Sorry saw the above comment late. lol)

  14. hey Mare331 😘😍👍🏽🙌🏽😃👏🏽👊🏽✌🏽️😂❤️💚🐬🐳

  15. Betsy says:

    hello everyone

  16. Tommy Spero says:

    and I did not do it 🙁

  17. Tommy Spero says:

    i did not get over there

  18. Sparky says:

    I just saw the documentary on him, I was impressed… with him..

  19. Tommy Spero says:

    @2_damnbeautiful – the newer work is base din the concepts not in the experiences as much

  20. Sparky says:

    Yep….. It was cool….

  21. Hey it’s cross country Collaboration harder than it looks

  22. Jay says:

    right back at ya Covert

  23. Sparky says:

    Ok that hand slap was like watching two guys who had too much to drink LOL..

  24. Would you like to come in the screen @TommySpero

  25. Sparky says:

    Werner seemed like a cool guy, but like things got a little out of control.

  26. Sparky says:

    You can reshape memories with Active Imagination…. and EMDR

  27. Tommy Spero says:

    BC – some of the transformational work I have done is based on Werner Erhard’s work

  28. Sparky says:

    I burped a little bit ago I’m downstairs from DDR was worried everyone heard me.

  29. I need to weigh in and let everyone know, I just farted

  30. As soon as DDR answers the q I will accept your call BC

  31. Mare331 says:

    Thanks DDR, Melissa & Jay – great show!

  32. Sparky says:

    somebody asked a question about what if you were damaged as a young child and going back to that time doesn’t bring up good thoughts…..

  33. Sparky says:

    She is also spunky during our bedtime stories 🙂

  34. Sparky says:


  35. Walt Spence says:

    changing the world starts with self-improvement

  36. You can’t change the world,but you can change one persons world

  37. Sparky says:

    I have low tolerance… red-headed scorpio

  38. Sparky says:

    He has sooooo much compassion….. He is my teacher for that

  39. Walt Spence says:

    not worth putting yourself in a negative mindset

  40. Walt Spence says:

    bless them and forgive them and move on

  41. Sparky says:

    Fabulous Infused Mimosas!!!! That’s why I like it!

  42. Sparky says:

    Jam on Hawthorne

  43. Sparky says:

    He gives this amazing shit away for free….. so we live on top ramen 🙂 With lots of love of course 🙂

  44. Sparky says:

    Come join him in class….daviddorianross.com

  45. Walt Spence says:

    that sound bite will be on the next commercial Jay

  46. Mare331 says:

    I like that – you always hear people saying not to narrow minded, but not often do people speak about not being narrow hearted. Good stuff!

  47. Jay says:


  48. Mare331 says:

    Ha Ha Ha De Anna!

  49. Sparky says:

    Though I think he should copy Nora and do a shower stream!

  50. Sparky says:

    Thank goodness there isn’t a camera in the bathroom

  51. Sparky says:

    Because our house now has 4 rooms set up for live streaming and we only have 5 rooms total…. sighhhhhh.

  52. Jay says:

    Guys if you haven’t checked her site out yet, MizMeliz.com is a fabulous site to check out! she even has this and other shows posted

  53. Sparky says:

    I like that Hashtag….gonna steal it!

  54. Jay says:


  55. Sparky says:

    Love me and my vices 🙂

  56. Sparky says:


  57. Derek Kerr says:

    what’s that device called jay?

  58. bad news thast is the one that is selected

  59. Derek Kerr says:

    wow high tech David!

  60. Derek Kerr says:

    then right click the device and select default for the one you want to use

  61. Mare331 says:

    DDR is at his command center!

  62. Derek Kerr says:

    right click the speaker in bottom right and select recording devices

  63. Derek Kerr says:

    her mic is defaulting to PC not her headset

  64. Jay says:

    yes it got very staticy and faint

  65. Mare331 says:

    I love that – the unblemished you

  66. Mare331 says:

    YAY! She’s back!

  67. otherwise i can switch it for you

  68. which i htink is a different account, so you will have to login from that account

  69. and know what we are to do

  70. @MizMeliz the blab was created from the TENMINITT username

  71. ebeing powerful tool

  72. we were talking about the energy with in

  73. I’m going to try that

  74. David – go ahead and tell us about your thoughts

  75. one second let me see if i can fix it

  76. she’s might be using a diff Twitter name

  77. it isnt lettning me in

  78. are you on the phone or web?

  79. and it will automatically let you in

  80. nope only she can if itsa her room

  81. who created the room?

  82. one of you should be able to answer the call

  83. Lela Perez says:

    WE love you and we are friends 🙂

  84. Sparky says:

    He really does the work as well.

  85. Mare331 says:

    I love people like David – he’s lived it, so he can preach it and teach it.

  86. Mare331 says:

    @shaun94403 had a few Foremans – like this one better 🙂

  87. David is a Great Guest 👏👏👏

  88. Mare331 says:

    Great share, David!

  89. but it’s not a Forman mare, time to update 👍

  90. Mare331 says:

    Bye for now Kelly – see you soon!

  91. Kelly says:

    gtg see all soon

  92. Jay says:

    I mean kelly

  93. Mare331 says:

    It’s exactly like a Foreman – all the fat collects in a tray

  94. Kelly says:

    I gotta run! good to see everyone ! DDR hope to see you again

  95. Jay says:

    David Dorian Ross is an awesome man! We can learn a lot from people like him!

  96. Hi Clifton 👊😃🙏😎👋

  97. Forman Grill is the best

  98. Jay says:

    Foreman grill FTW

  99. Mare331 says:

    Be right back – have to grill some chicken for lunches (cusinart counter grill)

  100. Mare331 says:

    Good plan, Shaun!

  101. I use Starbucks drive thru, no music

  102. Mare331 says:

    I agree, Jay! Going Bold with their coffee – not their music.

  103. David what about the 8 year that is damage and there thoughts are negative

  104. Jay says:

    Love Starbucks but have to deny their free songs they try to push on me thru their app!

  105. Mare331 says:

    He sure is – that DDR!

  106. Jay & Melissa taking the show on the road, Live from Starbucks. Jay in future figure out how to edit out Starbucks music 😂

  107. Kelly says:

    DDR is EXTREMELY wise!

  108. Mare331 says:

    Kelly!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Kelly says:

    I got a new tee shirt

  110. Jay says:


  111. Kelly says:

    joints has new shampoo

  112. Kelly says:

    Shaun didn’t get news yet, knows more Thursday.

  113. Mare331 says:

    Hellllloooo Joint / Tim

  114. Mare331 says:

    Mama G – you’re awesome

  115. Kelly says:

    Jay is back from vacation

  116. Mare331 says:

    DDR Be blabbin’


  118. Mare331 says:

    Yes, Jay! #MeerFam and #BlabFam

  119. Jay says:

    #Meerfam #BlabFam!

  120. Jay says:

    welcome Davon, and MamaG!!!

  121. Jay says:

    Thank you guys for coming to the stream tonight!

  122. Kelly says:

    we find our tribe 🙂

  123. Ben Kendall says:

    Message or Massage?

  124. @elgarnero not the answers I want but atleast surgury is not needed yet

  125. Ben Kendall says:

    yes David-Dorian, every morning at 8am I find myself in the dark dark place LOL

  126. Mare331 says:

    @texasben Hello!

  127. El Garnero says:

    hey shaun! hope youre getting good updates with your health.

  128. Kelly says:

    el garnering! greetings!

  129. Ben Kendall says:

    08:07 pm
    @Mare331 Hi!

  130. Jay says:

    Im fine with it! 🙂

  131. Mare331 says:

    Good luck Shaun and Keep us posted!!!!

  132. @kelly1646 I get MRI tomm will know thurs morning what is issue

  133. Mare331 says:

    Hi Kelly!!! 🙂

  134. Kelly says:

    jay is it okay that we don’t shut up ? lol

  135. Mare331 says:

    Hi JAY!!!!!! Welcome back!!!!

  136. Jay says:


  137. hey Garner how u doing man

  138. Kelly says:

    good Shaun! Hope you got good news today. not to be too disruptive

  139. Mare331 says:

    AH, receiving the chi!

  140. @texasben – yes but now I no longer have to wear the mask when I wrestle cuz you all know my real identity

  141. Kelly says:

    yes the mailman threw it on the doorstep!!

  142. Mare331 says:

    Hello everyone 🙂

  143. Hey Jelly how u been 😂😂

  144. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  145. Kelly says:

    jelly has a new shirt too!!

  146. Kelly says:

    my name is Kelly but you can call me jelly if you auto correct! 🙂

  147. Ben Kendall says:

    DDR is his wrestling name

  148. Ben Kendall says:

    DDR is his Wrestling name

  149. I am a Meerkaster/blab fan now lol

  150. Jay says:


  151. Jay says:

    Thank You ALL!!

  152. Jay says:

    Tahnk You all!!

  153. Ben Kendall says:

    @shaun94403 S H A U N !!!

  154. @texasben hey bud how ya doing

  155. Ben Kendall says:

    Whew, not Its a Small World Afterall

  156. Ileane Smith says:

    I shared from your blog Melissa

  157. Ileane Smith says:

    Why are you on Meerkat anyway – is that where most of your audience is?

  158. its not them its you

  159. Ileane Smith says:

    Jay what is your handle on Meerkat

  160. Kelly says:

    maybe later then 🙂

  161. Kelly says:

    jay can you tell us about your day today? any fun stuff?

  162. Lela Perez says:

    i hear you melissa

  163. the July 28th show will be about Making Connections Count. My guest will be David-Dorian Ross. Jay, @GeneWildersHair will be back. See you there!

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