Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town Interview with Genie Davis @GenieWrites

Posted on September 8th, 2015 by & filed under #SPARKLE Tinsel Town Tonight Interviews

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Melissa Reyes, Shaun Griffin, and Genie Davis

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70 responses to “Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town Interview with Genie Davis @GenieWrites”

  1. candyj™ says:

    Melissa you need to rest

  2. candyj™ says:

    @geniewrites you rock girl

  3. Tammy E says:

    @geniewrites thank you!

  4. Ramon Ortiz says:

    Thanks genie great interview

  5. candyj™ says:

    great interview & very interesting story

  6. Tammy E says:

    Perfect closing words

  7. Jack Burke says:

    The vivid descriptions come through in her writing.

  8. Tammy E says:

    @jackandhismac 👍🏼✨I’ll be checking out her blog / books

  9. Jack Burke says:

    Travel, travel, travel!

  10. Tammy E says:

    @candyjavier26 👍🏼✨✨✨✨✨🙌🏼Awesome!

  11. Jack Burke says:

    Genie’s memory of places she’s travelled to is amazing.

  12. Ramon Ortiz says:

    Yes that it thanks mellisa

  13. candyj™ says:

    @vintagepath going to do my best girl

  14. Tammy E says:

    @candyjavier26 that’s great Candy…😊✨✨

  15. candyj™ says:

    Im going to this Fair

  16. Ramon Ortiz says:

    When you decide to publish your novel for example when was that moment you said i should share these stories

  17. Tammy E says:

    @candyjavier26 oh , that sound great!👍🏼✨☀️

  18. candyj™ says:

    we are having a Tokyo Book Fair next week.I will be going & do a live streaming

  19. Jack Burke says:

    Marathon is great. spoiler alert!

  20. Ramon Ortiz says:

    Genie how long does it take you to prepare for a novel

  21. Tammy E says:

    @geniewrites what was your favorite book you’ve written or character ?

  22. Tammy E says:

    @Shadow3413 hey Bobby😎☀️👌🏼

  23. candyj™ says:

    thats so cool #familybalb.aesome

  24. Tammy E says:

    @RAMONORTIZ7 yes for a few min 😊

  25. Ramon Ortiz says:

    Hey you made it welcome @vintagepath

  26. Tammy E says:

    @shaun94403 Heya Shaun😊☀️✨👌🏼

  27. Tammy E says:

    @RAMONORTIZ7 Yo!✌🏼️😊

  28. Tammy E says:

    @candyjavier26 Hiya cutie 😊✌🏼️🌺🎈

  29. Genie Davis says:

    thanls for telling re echo

  30. candyj™ says:

    Huge thanx Genie for the good advice.will taking notes by that.xoxoxoxo

  31. candyj™ says:

    Thnx Melissa for the shoutout

  32. Ramon Ortiz says:

    Melissa the video has a delay but the audio is perfect

  33. Jack Burke says:

    The photo is on diversionsla.com

  34. candyj™ says:

    No more echo but only delay Melissa

  35. Jack Burke says:

    There’s a really bad echo

  36. candyj™ says:

    Any good advice to overcome from slump?

  37. Genie Davis says:

    thank you all just kept singig in and out of chrome

  38. Bill Rowe says:

    Sounds like you’re working great now.

  39. Jason Clarke says:

    Guess we will close the other room.

  40. you both are good on me end

  41. @shadow3413 chillin about to go out and try to make more money

  42. @geniewrites Melissa is waiting for u on blab

  43. just wing it, your a pro lol

  44. are u on beta over on MK

  45. rdbdesignz says:

    Testing first time on

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