Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town Featuring My Sage Gourmet Carol Takakura

Posted on October 13th, 2015 by & filed under #SPARKLE Tinsel Town Tonight Interviews

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Melissa Reyes, Mare331, Jr Montanez, Carol Takakura, Jamie Kirkegaard, StilettoSupermom, and Lee Turner

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296 responses to “Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town Featuring My Sage Gourmet Carol Takakura”

  1. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson I am the Queen of Queens!

  2. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson yep!

  3. Lee Carlson says:

    @mare331 white tonight huh?

  4. Lee Carlson says:

    no Lorna bobbit jokes.

  5. Mare331 says:

    We’ll ask – great question

  6. Lee Carlson says:

    how about food with autism

  7. Jr Montanez says:

    no worries that’s so awesome. Hi Stiletto

  8. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson My idol

  9. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson Lorena!

  10. Jr Montanez says:

    sorry my connection is having issues

  11. Lee Carlson says:

    @thereverselife how’d you do it JR!

  12. Mare331 says:

    @StilettoSuprmom Great seeing you too!

  13. @Mare331 hi my luv! great seeing you all!😍

  14. Lee Carlson says:

    I have lots of cracks

  15. Mare331 says:

    @StilettoSuprmom Hi and thanks for joining!!!

  16. hi everyone!😘😘😘😘

  17. Jr Montanez says:

    sure I’ll take a yoga mat

  18. Lee Carlson says:

    keep all those little cracks dry

  19. Lee Carlson says:

    @Mare331 so I heard. and saw

  20. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson Hey, I do a lot with my little phone!

  21. Lee Carlson says:

    look at that small phone!!

  22. Lee Carlson says:

    see it if I turn my phone upside down

  23. Lee Carlson says:

    using it for yoga I hope

  24. Lee Carlson says:

    small chunks. you do my need VO training

  25. Lee Carlson says:

    do a book on tape. Mizz

  26. Lee Carlson says:

    I didn’t hear the story!!

  27. Lee Carlson says:

    I need a sugar daddy

  28. Mare331 says:

    @Diwoo Yes, he said he’d come by afterward

  29. Diana W says:

    David is streaming

  30. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson HA!!!!!!

  31. Lee Carlson says:

    can’t beat a good Mare. HA

  32. Mare331 says:

    Hi Lucia! Welcome!

  33. Mare331 says:

    @LivWireElectric Yes!

  34. KristenLaird says:

    They are a wonderful group

  35. KristenLaird says:

    Nothing at all in terms sarcasm

  36. KristenLaird says:

    All of our requests!!!!

  37. Lee Carlson says:

    @genewildersjhair doesn’t wear pants!!

  38. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson Ha!!

  39. Lee Carlson says:

    feel this. I’m gonna grope you

  40. Mare331 says:

    @LivWireElectric LOL

  41. KristenLaird says:

    Lol I forgot I was in MK

  42. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson LOL

  43. Lee Carlson says:

    blab is like a box of chocolates

  44. Mare331 says:

    Hi Paul! Thanks for joining!

  45. Mare331 says:

    Hi Bruce! Thanks for joining!

  46. Diana W says:

    I like the sidelines

  47. I’m ok here on the sideline. I’m enjoying your coversation.

  48. Mare331 says:

    @ScrbblngBndit Thanks for being here. Good night!

  49. Diana W says:

    bye Nancy😘

  50. I’ve gotta jet guys! I’m fading. 😜 time for my hot toddy and woobie

  51. Mare331 says:

    @NancyInWI Thanks for joining, Nancy! Good night. πŸ™‚

  52. Nancy says:

    I’m going to have to go…but thanks so much for this excellent Blab tonight Melissa, Mare, Carol and Jamie.

  53. Diana W says:

    my nutritionist told me to splurge on occ or I’ll burn out

  54. I’ve got a friend on avery strict GAPS diet because she has neurosarcoditis or something like that.

  55. Nancy says:

    yeah, I’d talk my way down too

  56. Nancy says:

    I think I’m 60/40

  57. I’m still acoffee drinker FIRST. Black NO sugar

  58. Diana W says:

    I mix green tea and herbal tea a lot

  59. Nancy says:

    I use so many mixed flavored teas from Adagio

  60. Nancy says:

    green smoothies are great…but I’ve never put basil in it

  61. I don’t use flavored tea. Ijust use a regular tea bag and add fresh fruit or herbs like mint

  62. Nancy says:

    I use oil on my pillow at night and in an oil blend for calming/sleep

  63. Nancy says:

    I’ve never eaten it

  64. Nancy says:

    i’m salivating

  65. Nancy says:

    I argued once with a woman who insisted an iPhone was a necessity/need

  66. Mare331 says:

    @Diwoo Thank you!

  67. Diana W says:

    that’s awesome Mare!!!

  68. Mare331 says:

    @NancyInWI Thank you!

  69. Nancy says:

    that’s good Mare

  70. Nancy says:

    That’s the clue…..so many people don’t know the difference between want and need

  71. Nancy says:

    it’s tough when you have teens growing up with rich friends who have everything…been there done that

  72. Happiness is not defined by my stuff

  73. Diana W says:

    I’m sorry Meredith but your self sufficient and you didn’t give up so your on the right path😊

  74. BUT I love the freedom of not having all the junk anymore

  75. Nancy says:

    happiness isn’t in things

  76. I basically lost everything and started from scratch. Talk about budget! I didn’t even have a cellphone until a friend felt sorry or me. LOL

  77. Nancy says:

    I want to go back to college and take those classes!

  78. I love geology. I would totally go out into the wild and look at rocks all day.

  79. Nancy says:

    @ScrbblngBndit start paying yourself first…put away a small amount each paycheck. invest

  80. @Diwoo Sadly, we usually spend what we make.

  81. Diana W says:

    Meredith I seem to find other ways to spend it

  82. Nancy says:

    biology, chemistry, world history don’t sound as interesting

  83. Nancy says:

    why didn’t they have those kind of classes when I went to college?

  84. Diana W says:

    yes nana y πŸ‘πŸ»

  85. Nancy says:

    Figure we won’t be buying too many more cars in our lifetime, so might as well get a really nice one

  86. Diana W says:

    2009 Camry hybrid

  87. @Diwoo that’s a great way to keep money in the bank

  88. Nancy says:

    we paid off one car loan and then took out a new one on a new car in August.

  89. Diana W says:

    our vehicles are paid for they are older but no need for new

  90. I drive a POS car but it’s got 4 wheels and runs. But no car payment.

  91. Nancy says:

    when I put in richhousepoorhouse.com, it comes up with your caliber home loans site, Jamie

  92. Nancy says:

    @ScrbblngBndit I hate being in debt. Kills me that we have a car loan

  93. @NancyInWI I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m on my second home

  94. Nancy says:

    I am old enough that I’ll never have a mortgage again…done with that several years ago

  95. Diana W says:

    I never want a mortgage again

  96. Nancy says:

    Common sense home buying….there’s a concept!

  97. Nancy says:

    would LOVE a cookbook by Carol with her salt blends etc

  98. Diana W says:

    back at ya Mare😊

  99. Mare331 says:

    @ScrbblngBndit So glad to have met you! I’m following you πŸ™‚

  100. lovin’ the love in the room

  101. Mare331 says:

    @Diwoo Love you, Diana!

  102. Diana W says:

    ha ha Mare πŸ˜‚

  103. Nancy says:

    once I wake up in the morning, I’m up, can’t fall back to sleep

  104. Nancy says:

    I forgot to turn the sound off my phone last night and I got a text message at 6am!!!! I was not a happy campter

  105. oh, you need to pull one out for Carol!

  106. Mare331 says:

    @Diwoo You sure are! πŸ™‚

  107. Diana W says:

    I’m a night owl

  108. Diana W says:

    I don’t like sunrise

  109. Nancy says:

    my husband is like that…leave early…and I say “what’s the rush?” wherever we’re going will always be there

  110. I love sunrises…and then go to bed

  111. Nancy says:

    I don’t necessarily sleep…but I’m not productive

  112. Nancy says:

    @ScrbblngBndit I’m not a morning person either…never get anything done until after noon

  113. Mare331 says:

    Hi and welcome mad-fan!

  114. Nancy says:

    the ones in the store have no test

  115. Nancy says:

    there is NOTHING like a fresh picked garden tomato

  116. Nancy says:

    I just picked basil, oregano and parsley today to dry

  117. Tammy E says:

    @lee_e_carlson I will after I have a slice of hot apple pie I just baked !😜

  118. Nancy says:

    And you can get fresh fruits and veggies longer than those of us in the north can

  119. Lee Carlson says:

    @vintagepath get better Tammy!!

  120. Tammy E says:

    ok all thank you all …nightπŸ˜Šβœ¨πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

  121. Lee Carlson says:

    @NancyInWI why do I always miss those!??

  122. Nancy says:

    things I invent often turn out better than recipes

  123. Mare331 says:

    @NancyInWI Remind me to tell you later a funny one that happened on blab a few days ago

  124. Diana W says:

    he reminds me of. peek-a-boo

  125. Nancy says:

    @Mare331 last night on meerkat it was like there was a full moon

  126. Tammy E says:

    @Mare331 Hiii Mare✨

  127. Nancy says:

    laying in bed with no lights on is not bad compared to some things I’ve seen

  128. Mare331 says:

    @NancyInWI You took the words out of my mouth!

  129. Lee Carlson says:

    @NancyInWI lol. yea.

  130. Diana W says:

    Jamie reminds me of someone

  131. Mare331 says:

    Hi Cheri and Tammy!!!

  132. Diana W says:

    carol I’m excited I got to meet you πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  133. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson Yes and Yes πŸ™‚

  134. Lee Carlson says:

    @Mare331 was that song adequate? you like led you said once

  135. I’m a little fearful of yoga…tales from my sister, I guess

  136. Mare331 says:

    @LeleleeleleeLee Ok and you too!

  137. Lee Turner says:

    stay beautiful everybody

  138. Tammy E says:

    @lee_e_carlson yup

  139. Tammy E says:

    @Diwoo that recipe sounds Delish

  140. Lee Carlson says:

    @vintagepath you are sluggish. haha.

  141. Tammy E says:

    @Mare331 no very sluggish

  142. Mare331 says:

    Can you all hear us clearly?

  143. Diana W says:

    I’m follow you all here😊

  144. Nancy says:

    ooooooooooo a whiskey fan!

  145. Lee Carlson says:

    you got a couple more complements this week Lee

  146. Diana W says:

    thanks Nancy πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ

  147. Diana W says:

    carol has it on her site for the pudding I seen

  148. Lee Carlson says:

    @NancyInWI that sucks. sorry.

  149. Lee Carlson says:

    @Diwoo is see you too

  150. Nancy says:

    @lee_e_carlson excellent, except I had an bum ankle which limited some things…and weather not that great

  151. Diana W says:

    I just made paleo sausage gravy and biscuits really pretty good

  152. Lee Carlson says:

    hi @nancyinwi. how was the trip??

  153. Nancy says:

    @Diwoo will DM it to you

  154. Nancy says:

    @lee_e_carlson hi Lee…ltns

  155. Diana W says:

    no Nancy please send if you have sounds great

  156. Tammy E says:

    @lee_e_carlson HiiiiiπŸ₯

  157. Nancy says:

    @Diwoo do you have the paleo muffin in a mug recipe?

  158. Diana W says:

    I have fibromyalgia too

  159. Mare331 says:

    @lee_e_carlson Hi!

  160. Diana W says:

    I was going to make the avocado chocolate nut butter pudding is it good

  161. Lee Carlson says:

    where’s the pearls??

  162. its okay, it’s not an academy award speech. no pressure. lol

  163. Nancy says:

    any famous students?

  164. Nancy says:

    thanks for the link

  165. Nancy says:

    I cheat, but if it’s a strict diet, I’m less likely to follow.

  166. Nancy says:

    I figure if I really make an effort to eat well, that it’s a start and it’s good

  167. I hear so much about inflammatory foods but no idea what they are.

  168. Mare331 says:

    @NancyInWI No worries! πŸ™‚

  169. Nancy says:

    @Mare331 hi Mare..didn’t want to bother you while you were talking

  170. Tammy E says:

    @lee_e_carlson. hi Lee

  171. Excellent! I’m just going to have to head over there.

  172. Mare331 says:

    @NancyInWI Hi Nancy!

  173. Nancy says:

    can you put your website in this side chat please?

  174. Diana W says:

    Hi Nancy❀️

  175. Nancy says:

    @vintagepath hi tammy

  176. Diana W says:

    I see you Carlsonβœ‹πŸ»

  177. Tammy E says:

    @nancyinwi. hiiii Nancy

  178. Diana W says:

    Hi Joe “clink”

  179. Mare331 says:

    Welcome Nancy and Lee!!

  180. Diana W says:

    Hi Tammy ❀️ sorry was watching Lee ha

  181. Tammy E says:

    @namcyinwi Hiii Nancy

  182. @JoeWilsonTV says:

    “Jiving with what you’re laying down.”

  183. @JoeWilsonTV says:

    @vintagepath *clink* Tammy!

  184. Diana W says:

    Hi Melissa Hi Carol Hi Mare❀️❀️❀️

  185. Tammy E says:

    @joewilsontv hi JoeπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜Šβ˜•οΈ

  186. Lee can do my hair any time. LOL

  187. Mare331 says:

    @vintagepath Hi πŸ™‚

  188. Tammy E says:

    hi Melissa , Mare , and Lee

  189. Mare331 says:

    follow @wellnessthyme

  190. Mare331 says:


  191. “Best of me” FABULOUS

  192. @JoeWilsonTV says:

    @Mare331 Ha! I thought it was me.

  193. @JoeWilsonTV says:

    Is Lee grooming and blabbing?

  194. @wellnessthyme aren’t those cooking shows stressful? How would that affect your health or chi

  195. Mare331 says:

    @joewilsontv Clink!

  196. @JoeWilsonTV says:

    @Mare331 *clink* Mare!

  197. Mare331 says:

    @joewilsontv Hey! Thanks for joining!

  198. Diana W says:


  199. @JoeWilsonTV says:

    @ScrbblngBndit Hello!

  200. @JoeWilsonTV says:

    @ScrbblngBndit Coffee cheers MizMeliz & co!

  201. Mare331 says:

    Hello Joe, Mario and Diana!

  202. Mare331 says:

    You’re welcome!

  203. Mare331 says:

    Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

  204. Too manytryto do everything and it seems counterintuitive

  205. Mare331 says:

    Feel free to tell a little bird so others will join us

  206. Mare331 says:

    Thank you all for being here tonight πŸ™‚

  207. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  208. Mare331 says:

    @Shadow3413 Hi Bobby!

  209. Mare331 says:

    Hello Melissa πŸ™‚

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