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Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town


Miz Meliz

and Special Guest,

Dan Morris of Blogging Concentrated and Amplify Podcast

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I first met Dan at the Entertainment New Media Network conference in Orange County last year. Unfortunately, I missed the session when he spoke to the group. But, I did have the pleasure of meeting him and his business partner, Rachel Martin, at their Blogging Concentrated booth at the event’s expo. Fascinated with their work and taken by their personable characteristics, I was flattered and excited when Dan showed interest in being a guest on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town.

Blogging Concentrated, concentrated.

If Blogging Concentrated is 20 hours of instruction in 7 hours – then this interview with Dan was like 7 hours of Blogging Concentrated in 40 minutes! Check out the video for tips and golden advice from the leader in blogger training and business development.


Dan and Rachel enjoy helping people succeed. They are training the super cheerleaders. Check out some of their success stories. These bloggers have taken their blogs from 100’s of followers, to 100’s of thousands! After taking the Blogging Concentrated Course and getting personalized help  from the dynamic duo – they have taken their blogs to new heights:

Young House Love

Plus Size Birth

Beach Ready Now

Real Mom Talk 

Video Riser is Dan and Rachel’s new video series that will help you make amazing videos for your business and blog, without spending loads of cash. Using car lights and props from around the house…they set an example by recording their first introductory video in the driveway of Dan’s home.

Video Riser


What is the fallacy of making money online?

“You can be making money but if you can’t make money repeatable, you aren’t making money, you are riding a wave. And that wave always goes down.” ~Dan R. Morris

Dan discusses having a business plan, working with a team, having the back end supported, and preparing for the worst by saving money in case something goes wrong. He advises on making decisions based on what your core passions are, what makes you happy, and what works for your readers.

Dan and Rachel are teaching bloggers how to build a business that grows. This is about making money and growing your business wisely, working to make a lasting position for yourself.


 What Does Dan R. Morris Do For FUN?

“I happen to enjoy painting. Right now I’m painting the face that’s on the sail of Kon Tiki.” 

It turns out that Dan enjoys painting more colorful and whimsical pictures that he hangs in his home for his children to enjoy. He likes color and lively pictures and collects them on Pinterest. Dan values his family photos and makes an annual photo album. He works on digitizing the photos and preserving the family memories he makes with his wife and children.

For someone who works so hard, helping others, travelling and staying on top of all the latest trends in social media, marketing, business, and technology – Dan makes the effort to relax, have fun and enjoy his family.

Connect with Dan:

What is Your Favorite Hollywood Hot Spot?

“I haven’t spent much time in Hollywood. But I do have a favorite hot spot. The bar on the outside of the wall of the castle in Dubrovnik.” 

Dan also suggests Nashville as the hottest place for celebrities to go and not be bothered by paparazzi and stargazing fans. So, there you go.

See ya’all in Nashville!


Thank you, Dan R. Morris…

If you want to increase your readership and take your blog to the next level, consider signing up for a session with BloggingConcentrated.

What are you willing to do to improve your business?

How can you incorporate good old fashioned F-U-N into your routine?

How do you color your life and create joyful surroundings for you and your family?

Watch this episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town and learn more about Dan and his mission…

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