Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town 7-21-15 6-8 pm PST

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Melissa Reyes, Heidi Nazarudin, BobbY ShadoW <3 ✅, KristenLaird, and Covert Patron

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100 responses to “Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town 7-21-15 6-8 pm PST”

  1. Does chat continue when video ends? Just curious…

  2. Take some extended trips 😉

  3. You can discover and meet just by traveling

  4. covert that homeless show was awesome

  5. Nancy says:

    that’s a great idea

  6. Nancy says:

    wrong link… unfollowers.com

  7. Nancy says:

    that’s the website…twitunfollow.com gives you who follows, you follow that doesn’t follow back, etc

  8. Nancy says:

    some of the parody accounts are good

  9. what she was saying probably was true though she just didn’t apply it

  10. she was teaching it but she didn’t apply it herself

  11. there’s a lot of affordable print on demand services out there!

  12. Marshall its very odd outlook on Religion for me… We cna talk about it anytiem you like

  13. ooooh I like that topic covert!!! didn’t know you were religious 👍


  15. Great Show Melissa!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Well you have my utmost respect and please keep being the role model for my daughters

  17. Heidi, your blogs and your periscope lets us into your life more than many people, how do you seperate personal life and online life

  18. KristenLaird says:

    CP you are a special person in our hearts

  19. Melissa can I ask one more quick quesiton here for Heidi

  20. Thanks Bruce and Melissa…

  21. KristenLaird says:

    Heida are you a blogger that also streams?

  22. Just wanted to say hi to all 😀

  23. Great Advice Heidi… Thank you so much!

  24. PINCHOFYUM is probably the biggest bloggers ever..They have opened the door for millions

  25. Heidi,, there are so many people doing HOW TO BLOG BOOKS,,, How does one narrow down what works for them.

  26. dangit Jake, you beat me to it

  27. Jake Loo says:

    New updates should be rolling out shortly, probably tonight.


  29. Jake Loo says:

    There is no limit for viewers

  30. such as the Amazing JAKE_LOO who is here now.

  31. Money Bags Mike!!! Wassup Brother Man

  32. Heidi,, there are so many people doing HOW TO BLOG BOOKS,,, How does one narrow down what works for them.

  33. Your doing great Melissa

  34. sorry computer went down.. Imback lol

  35. 5. What is your plan?

  36. 4. What are the results?

  37. 3. What does the customer value?

  38. 2. Who is my customer?

  39. 1. What is my mission?

  40. The most important questions to ask yourself about your business?

  41. Betsy says:

    hello everyone

  42. Nancy says:

    oh ok…yes, meerkat gives you an echo. It’s great now Melissa!

  43. Nancy says:

    that is MUCH better

  44. Nancy says:

    too much echo, can barely understand. Think you need to turn off audio, Melissa, until you actually talk

  45. Ponn Sabra , Co-Founder & President of Blogger Babes

  46. Happy Healthy Vegan Kitchen

  47. Marie Denee aka TheCurvyFashionista

  48. 6. give credit where credit is due

  49. Joseph Hsieh says:

    Heidi/Melissa: Would like to learn your opinion on how brands could best work with Bloggers to keep it authentic yet get our message across.

  50. Question >>> Tips on doing an About Me page

  51. 4. Be well rested and focused

  52. Yay! You have a sponsor Melissa!

  53. 3. practice makes perfect

  54. 2. slowly expand your crowd

  55. We are talking about Jazz Singer Ariana Savalas

  56. Streaming Has Been Glitchy Today

  57. Heidi looks B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L 😀 Heidi time to join the meerfamily

  58. good shaun about done

  59. hey covert, how’s my picture comming

  60. just waiting for for @mizmeliz to start : ))))

  61. Daniel Ice says:

    what are you doing with the phone?


  63. Heidi is the co-founder and President of BloggerBabes.com

  64. On Tuesday at 6 PM Pacific, I welcome Heidi Nazarudian of TheAmbitionista.com Follow her @theAmbitionista

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