Ten Mins in Tinsel Town w/ Author @SuzetteValle 101 Movies to See Before You …

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Melissa Reyes, Margaret, and Suzette Valle

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80 responses to “Ten Mins in Tinsel Town w/ Author @SuzetteValle 101 Movies to See Before You …”

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Henry Petty says:


  3. You are a two beautiful

  4. Henry Petty says:

    how did you come up with that

  5. Ashlee Marie says:

    I’d love to get it for my daughters kindle

  6. Ashlee Marie says:

    will there be a kindle version?

  7. Julian Reyes says:

    it was all thanks to you!

  8. Thanks @ashleemariecake

  9. or having to find the right artist, right?

  10. Ashlee Marie says:

    is there a movie in the book you hadn’t seen before but is now a favorite?

  11. Ashlee Marie says:

    I can’t clean or play sports

  12. That has to have been the best research EVER!

  13. Ashlee Marie says:

    @ScrbblngBndit I doubt your that old

  14. @ashleemariecake holy heck! Then I’m old. LOL

  15. Ashlee Marie says:

    @ScrbblngBndit technically I’m not, I was born the year after 😉

  16. i think it’s hilarious

  17. Glorifies naughtiness…

  18. Sounds like an amazing labor of love!

  19. @ashleemariecake shhh….we’re not that old! lol

  20. Ashlee Marie says:

    classics, but understandable

  21. So the Warriors is totally out

  22. Ashlee Marie says:

    @ScrbblngBndit YES love the Dark Crystal!

  23. The Giant Robot / The Dark Crystal / Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas!

  24. Ashlee Marie says:

    101 MORE movies next?

  25. Ashlee Marie says:

    YAY back to the future, we just watched that trilogy on our family trip!

  26. Margaret says:

    @ashleemariecake Ha! Yeah my grandkids do that to me all the time

  27. Ashlee Marie says:

    I love Rudy, Goonies, Princess Bride, etc.. such great movies!

  28. Margaret says:

    @ashleemariecake I do that with my grnadkids

  29. Ashlee Marie says:

    @MargsWrld we drove across the country in the spring and drove past Gary Indiana and started singing and my kids were like.. what’s that song.. #parentingfail

  30. Margaret says:

    @ScrbblngBndit Thats wonderful

  31. @ashleemariecake I’ve got 3 boys and they are always making fun of me. LOL But I can’t believe I’m meeting people who’ve never seen TheSound of Music!

  32. Ashlee Marie says:

    yup, we do weekly friday night movie night with the projector and popcorn!

  33. Ashlee Marie says:

    @ScrbblngBndit that’s cause musicals are the BEST! just started pushing them on my kiddo’s

  34. I drive my kids NUTS with musicals. lol

  35. Margaret says:

    If you guys have a question for our guest, let us know

  36. Ashlee Marie says:

    such an important topic!

  37. @ashleemariecake no worries 😉

  38. Ashlee Marie says:

    @ScrbblngBndit sorry I missed some of your messages in the last chat! I have a hard time keeping up with the chat while talking!

  39. Margaret says:

    Hello everyone and welcome!

  40. Ashlee should definitely take a seat again 🙂

  41. Ashlee Marie says:

    I don’t hear feedback, your good!

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