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I Hope My One Word Intention for 2018 Inspires You #ACTION2018

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I am going on a new adventure! Wanna come?

My intention is to thrive in every area of my life, just like last year, and all along my life’s journey.  I have always hoped to inspire you to thrive as well. This year is a little different. This year I am taking action. This year we move! Are you ready? I am! Let’s go!

It’s not a challenge, or a motivational plan. My intention for 2018 is to turn it on. To activate all the plans. To make things happen. I have been looking forward to this year for a long time. My focus has been on development and growth for the past decade and now I am ready to rock what I know and do the things I have been dreaming about.


My goal is to help people to realize their full potential and make their dreams come true by taking action.  #ACTION2018

I’ll use all the inspiration and motivation that got me this far to activate real change and acquire my core desires. If you are ready to do this too, awesome! If you aren’t quite there yet, I totally understand and I can guide you and support you at any point on your journey. We are all on our own path.

We will use the themes from the Daily Affirmations inspired by A Year in Bloom to keep us centered, energized, and filled with positivity and hope. These words, the card deck, the book, journal, and concept, all came from the intentions and challenges from 2017 and I am blessed and amazed at how much they are a part of everything I do. Thanks to the encouragement and support (and countless hours of help) from my best friend, Cindy Harrison, we will always have them to help us.

Cindy and I will be posting and sharing a theme for each week that we will use on our shows and incorporate in our classes, and on our websites, to unify and guide our groups and each other throughout the year. This past year we found this practice to be a wonderful way to grow our businesses as well as deepen personal relationships. We improved our self-care and brightened our outlook on life. We both feel strongly that we have all the tools we need to succeed and reach our dreams. The best part is, we want to help you do this, too!

I will keep striving to be my very best, healthiest, and happiest every day. But, more than that – – I will take action and make my dreams come true. I will take action and deliver my promises. I will take action and fulfill my destiny. I will execute the plans. I will take the initiative. I will make the first move. I am calling the shots. This is it. It’s time to activate and set the plan in motion. Let’s go! 2018 is my year of action!

I am wearing my Word for the Year on my #MyIntent Bracelet as a Daily Reminder #Action2018


Be a part of it.


My goal is to help people to realize their full potential and make their dreams come true by taking action.  #ACTION2018


My intent is for to be a source of inspiration in 2018 and it will be my pleasure to deliver it to you through:

  • Product Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Author Interviews
  • Art and Entertainment
  • Event Coverage
  • Travel and Destination Highlights
  • Live shows and web series: See links to all the shows below!

“” ties together all of my passions and talents like a big bouquet of vibrant blooming flowers.

In 2017, my goal was to incorporate my love of creativity, inspiration, and connecting with people to make a positive impact. It was my intent to develop, grow, and shine, together! It was my hope for us to be at our best, healthiest, and happiest all year long! I believe we surpassed this goal. With all my heart, I believe my Year in Bloom produced a beautiful bouquet of flowers that represent every special moment that I will treasure always.


This year, let’s go on an adventure that takes us to the ends of the earth! There is nothing stopping us! Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” If you are dreaming of making a change, big or small, you can do it. I believe in you. I believe in myself and I believe in my dreams.

Melissa Reyes, Delivering Inspiration

A Year of Action #ACTION2018


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What Is Your Favorite Novel? #AuthorInterview @JeriWB

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Welcome to!

 I was asked this question recently in an interview by Jeri Walker-Bickett…

 It’s hard to pick just one, but what do you consider your favorite novel and why?

If you have read my book and blog, you might find this hard to believe – but I love crime drama and detective novels! I loved reading Tony Hillerman’s books about Joe Leaphorn set in the Southwest where my mother’s family was from. My husband and I loved reading and discussing Dan Brown’s books and the mystery-adventures of Robert Langdon.

My favorite novel is The Godfather written by Mario Puzo. I was inspired by his screenplay adaptation, his infusion of the real-life stories of the five mob families, and the attention to detail and continuity throughout the novel with the various characters and their back stories. Much like the book I loved as a child by Louisa May Alcott, the influence of generations of families and how they shape our lives has always intrigued me. This transfers to my own writing as I am always thinking of the influence my parents and grandparents had on me, and how that will affect my own children and grandchildren someday.

Read more of the interview posted on HERE.

Allow me to present to you a blog post I called, “Transformation,” which was originally published on on January 6, 2012.

(This is also an excerpt from the book, This is the Sound of My Soul, A Transformational Journey,  by Melissa Reyes.)

“I feel as though I have landed firmly on the ground

after swinging on monkey bars all of my life.”

~Melissa Reyes, June 17, 2014


I was looking through my journals because I am so excited that I have started writing again, that I wanted to take pen to paper.  (Remember paper?)  I flipped through some of the poetry that I wrote and I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I wrote regularly.  Ten years! So much has happened since then.  I have been inspired lately by some of my friends who blog, and the challenges and prompts are all about finding oneself and improving.  I am more about embracing, exploring and experiencing right now.  I realize that I have been through quite a transformation in my life in the past decade.  In 2002 I was struggling.  Writing helped.  Reading over what I wrote helps a lot.  One of the journals that I wrote back then I called “I Love My Life.”  I was just learning about acceptance and loving the moment.

If I imagine myself on a threshold of new possibilities, I consider that there is much more to learn and so much more to experience. I read Patti Digh’s article on Liminal Spaces and began to think of how I really enjoy the space that I am in at the moment.  A liminial space is that space in-between, “not the here or the there, but the not here and not there.” Digh calls this the transition zone.  It’s the moment of release before a trapeze artist would catch the new bar.  Like swinging on monkey bars, you must let go and swing to the next one.  It is the exhilarating moment that you are in the air.  And I feel as though I am weightless, flying through life right now.

Digh describes this space as the moment that there is nothing to hold on to.  It is the moment when we are flying that the real changes occur.  It is when we are “the most present, most alive, most vulnerable, most human.”  She suggests that we “cross the threshold, enjoy the space between and fly.”

I am ready for this!  After I turned forty and both my parents and, more recently, my sister passed away, I felt like I was at a point that I could express my thoughts and feelings openly.  I was not as concerned with what others thought of me anymore.  I was less likely to seek approval.  I am the mom now.  I developed into a person that I liked.  When some of my friends were going through divorce or major career and life changes, I was at a strong point in my marriage and in my life.  Healthy and active, financially stable (for the most part) and generally happy and satisfied.  I am grateful for this.  I am especially grateful after reading through my journals because it reminded me that it did not come easily.

The monkey bar that was so difficult to let go of was the feeling that I needed to make something of myself.  I wanted so desperately to be something. I felt as though I should have a degree, or advance in my career, or make a difference in some way.  I thought that I needed to honor my parents’ hopes and dreams for me and please them by becoming a successful professional of some type.  My family situation was somewhat unique in that my siblings were teenagers when I was born, so pleasing my brother and sister was also a goal I had.  My sister was (I can admit this now) like a mother to me.  She and my brother led the way for me, inspired me and watched over me like parents.  I only realized how much my parents loved me unconditionally when I had my own children.  I know the love that my brother and sister felt for me because I feel it towards my nieces and nephews. Once they started to grow up I began to exert expectations on them – out of love.  Putting expectations on myself was, as Digh puts it, “the illusion we put up to avoid where the real change occurs.”

This explains why I am so much happier now.  I am free.  I am flying!  I have released that bar and I am stretching forward to the next one.  I know in my heart that my parents are proud of me for the person I have become.  More importantly, I am proud of myself!


To laugh often and love much;

to win respect of intelligent persons

and the affection of children,

to learn the appreciation of honest critics;

To appreciate beauty;

to give of oneself,

to leave the world a bit better,

whether by a healthy child,

a garden patch

or a redeemed social condition;

To have played and laughed

with enthusiasm

and sung with exultation;

To know even one life has breathed easier

because you have lived –

That is to have succeeded.


— Ralph Waldo Emerson

So tell me, what do you consider your favorite novel, and why?

Ordinary to Extraordinary

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This blog post is being re-posted as an excerpt from my book, This is the Sound of My Soul, A Transformational Journey.

The Hummingbird

It is fitting that a hummingbird flutters nearby me at this moment. I am distracted by the sound of a light buzzing and look in the direction of that sound. I see a flash of black and I am instantly comforted by the little guy as he hovers in front of me for a split second and lands on a branch a few feet away. There is significance in everything.

Ten years ago, I was very involved in raising my small children and taking care of my elderly parents. It was a difficult time for me. I loved my parents tremendously and never once doubted the decisions I made to help them as they needed it. I was ever grateful for the time I spent with them and for the enriched life that the so lovingly gave me.

Many many people who cared deeply for me suggested that it was too much for me to handle. Nothing about my situation lended itself for me to be the one with the extra responsibility and stress to take care of my parents when they were at their most dependant. I know everyone meant well and saw me struggling and wanted to help. I was fine. I found the strength I needed. I sought the support I needed. I had the faith I needed. Most of all I believed I could do it and I let the love of God envelope me and He took care of all of us.

Now every so often I hear people discuss how they would handle or are handling what is happening with their parents. There are so many options. I don’t judge. I don’t even make suggestions or offer advice because I know that everyone must do what feels right for them. For me, what I did may seem very ordinary. It may seem like a no brainer or an obligation. I fulfilled a promise. I completed my duty. I sacrificed. I help the family together. I did what needed to be done. I did what I felt in my heart was the right thing to do. I made decisions based on what my parents wanted even if it didn’t fit in with what I wanted or what my siblings wanted, or even when it was partly detrimental to my own well being. To me, it was that important. I didn’t know why. It just was.

When I went trhough it – it being helping my parents through the illness, disease, failing health and ultimately the death of my mother; while at the same time the dealing with the injury, surgery, rehabilitation, and recovery of my father and his inability to be her caretaker and then his decline in health and two years later his sudden death – I took it day by day. I honestly and intently took each ordinary day and with every bit of energy and abounding love, dealt with it and hoped the next one would be better.

It was by far the worst time in my life.

Most people would try to put it behind them. It is something most adults have to go through. It was messy, both literally and figuratively. It was hard. It was frightening. It was sad. It was maddening. I fought with my brother and sister. My husband was supportive, but at times needed reassurance. My boss was supportive, but needed constant reassurance. My family was supportive, but offered little reassurance and had much doubt or faith in me or what I was doing. I wasn’t always sure of what I was doing.

I believe that this time in my life was the most triumphant, and beautiful most enriching and spiritual happening in my life. I learned the most about myself. I gained insight and wisdom. I loved unconditionally and unabashedly and received the most amazing uplifting love in return. My heart expanded and was filled with life sustaining warmth that has not diminished since that time.

It is not only that I survived it and my children and husband lived through the experience unscathed. I had been warned that my family was concerned that having my mom at home with me until she died would actually be harmful for my young children. I was cautioned that it would be traumatic. I was afraid that I would break. I was worried that my marriage would fail. I was terrified that I would fail. I was careless for the first time in my life about what my siblings and cousins thaought was best. I trusted my instincts. I stuck to my guns. My mom wanted me and I was going to see it though and I did.

What empowerment! It was the most amazing gift she could give me. She trusted me to be there for her and do right by her through her last moments. My father trusted me and respected me enough to give me his confidence. Me. The baby of the family. Me. The one who didn’t finish college. Me. The one who could barely make ends meet. Me. The one who married her high school sweetheart and never moved away from the valley. Me. The one with three small children who just went back to work full time and was commuting to downtown LA each day. They trusted me. They entrusted me. They believed in me. They put their faith in me. They loved me!

What extraordinary love that death and dying brings! I believe that death is beautiful. Dying graciously and in the comforting arms of your loved ones is the most beautiful thing ever. It is as wonderful and sacred as birth. My mother and father gave me the gift of life and brought me into this world with tenderness and love. I reciprocated by facilitating the end of their lives here on Earth, by helping them transition from my loving arms to the angels in Heaven with tenderness and love.

By doing this I ended up earning the respect of my family. I taught my children about unconditional love, duty, honor and sacrifice. My marriage gained strength and momentum by weathering this experience through and being steadfast and true throughout the process. I learned to trust myslef, my instincts, my beliefs, my faith and my abilities.

I now believe this was the most extraordinary time of my life.

The worst and most difficult ordinary mundane threatening heartbreaking moments of my life became for me a sacred happening that I treasure and hold dear. My heart is full of love for each and every moment that brought me to this extraordinary understanding. Now, I must share it and pray that others can only hope for turning their struggles into triumphs, their worries into dreams, and their lives into gifts for others to go on and live more extraordinary lives.

Driving home from the place where I wrote this the hummingbird visited me again. I have never seen a hummingbird do this while I was driving before. He was flying by and swooped down low and almost crashed into me! He hovered right in front of my windshield and I said, “you’d better move before I hit you!” He flew up and over my car. It made me laugh. Gigggling, I remembered how comforting hummingbirds are to me since the day my sister was in the hospitral with severe infection. I sat on my patio deciding between going to be with her or continuing the plans for the fourth of July holiday and seeing her the next day. Two hummingbirds flew by and one did that hovering thing and looked right at me. I instantly thought of the two birds as the spirit of my parents and I knew what I had to do. I went to be with my sister. She died early the next morning. Now there are three hummingbird spirits watching over me.