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SEM & SEO a topic for MizMeliz with #GuruChats Wed Nov 22nd 2017

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This week I have been asked to participate in #GuruChats, a bi-monthly event on Twitter for startups, small businesses, digital marketers, graphic designers, web designers and design creatives. I am uber excited to be involved with this amazing organization and I look forward to the chat. I love Twitter chats because they help me to get to know the real people behind the profiles on social media platforms. I a learn, make friends (not just “build relationships”) and I have had the opportunity to express my opinions and share my knowledge and experience with other people around the world in a way that I never thought possible. And you can, too!

Here is the plan for the chat:

Once your business website is up and running, the real challenges and opportunities start. You want to target and convert customers, while be in the good books of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as well. So how do you do this? In this #GuruChats we’ve invited Elena Terentyeva to give us the lowdown on how small businesses and startups can use SEO and SEM to optimize their online presence, boost their reach and garner customers through traffic.  

Elena Terentyeva is Product Marketing Manager at SEMRush, an SEM/SEO company. She also has extensive experience in public relations, content, finance and broadcast journalism.

Join us on #GuruChats to discuss “My SEM, My SEO, My Business”, scheduled on Wednesday 22 November 2017 at 11:00 AM EST (8AM PST/3PM GMT).

Some of the topics they will be discussing are:

  • search engine optimization and marketing
  • keywords
  • outsourcing
  • algorithm updates


If this is your first time on a Twitter chat here are some guidelines you might find useful:

1. You may use to follow our chat by using the hashtag #GuruChats in the search bar or you can use Tweetdeck, Tweetchat or any other Twitter aggregators to simultaneously interact with participants and follow the chat, again searching for #GuruChats.

2. Since people will be following the chat even way after the scheduled hour, be sure to include the hashtag #GuruChats when you comment or answer a question or interact with tweeters.

3. Twitter restricts users by the number of characters you can use in each tweet. This means you’ll have to condense your idea or thoughts within a 140-280 characters limit. A smart way to go about this is pre-draft your answers or use visual aids, such as an image.

4. On the day of the chat be sure to log in 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time to get ready and be prepared for any glitches.

5.Your host at #GuruChats will start off by launching questions one by one specific to the topic in this order Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. You may answer the questions as they are posted or schedule your answers according to the time they’re posted. Mark your answers as A1, A2, A3 etc. to correspond to the respective question numbers so people will know which question you’re answering to.

6. Feel free to interact with other participants, give tips, ask questions, answer questions or any kind of knowledge you feel like sharing during the chat. Be sure to add #GuruChats with your every tweet.

7. Best tip: Be yourself and have fun!

Looking forward to see you there!

The #GuruChats Team & Miz Meliz


Check out the chat live and join in the conversation, or check back here to see my answers along with a longer discussion and my thoughts on SEM and SEO and how I use this in my strategy for as well as all my business online when I share my answers next week in a new blog post.

So Cal Etsy Guild Market Northridge with Miz Meliz Live @mizmelizla Nov 19

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I will be appearing at the Northridge Fashion Center on November 19th!

Look for me up on the 2nd floor in front of H&M at the SoCal Etsy Guild Market Northridge

Join us for an amazing weekend of handmade fun!
Live Art, Handmade Vendors, Local Designers, and Much More

Saturday Hours 10am to 9pm

socal-etsy-guild-marketAvailable for Purchase at this event:

Available for Pre-sale and pick up in Northridge on Nov. 19th

Available for Pre-sale and pick up in Northridge on Nov. 19thHandmade and hand painted jewelry by Melissa Reyes, All Miz Meliz Originals including: Calendars, Planners, Books, and artwork – as well as signed photos and more! 

Black Belt Selling Tinsel Town Interview Featuring Anna Scheller @SchellerAnna

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Did you know that when my kids were small, I practiced Karate? Yep – sparring, grappling, the whole thing. I was even a sempei (assistant instructor!) I had a pretty good round house kick, too! Hi-yah!

I also have a little bit of a background in sales. I was a retail sales manager and I studied business and marketing in college. When I worked as an executive administrative assistant at a large bank, I attended sales management training. Interesting. You are wondering what does that have to do with Karate, Miz Meliz?

Well, I never thought the two would come together until I met my new friend, Anna Scheller. Anna is an author, speaker, trainer, and coach. She is the host of Sales Mastery on the Amazing Women of Power radio show. She just published a new book and is launching a new training program. Guess what the principles of self development and entrepreneurship Anna is gifted in. Go on, guess!

Everyone who signs up for Anna’s newsletter between now and Friday, April 29, 2016 will have a chance for a free seat in the program.

Everyone who signs up for Anna’s newsletter between now and Friday, April 29, 2016 will have a chance for a free seat in the program. (Click this photo to sign up!)

If you know Anna, you might not have guessed that she has a Black Belt in Taekwondo. Having a background in sales training, she naturally combines the two in her new program, Black Belt Selling. (I know, I gave it away in the title of this blog post! But you will be glad I did, because I am willing to bet you will remember that and want to Google Black Belt Selling!)

Don’t miss this episode of Tinsel Town Tonight! Especially if you have an interest in martial arts and entrepreneurship or sales mastery. I will interview Anna live on Tuesday, April 19, 2016  at 6:00 PM, Pacific Time.

Discipline, Confidence, Strength, and Leadership. I believe these are tools that we all should know. . .

That’s what this is about, baby!

Anna Scheller

Anna enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and practicing taekwondo.


“I am passionate about helping people achieve their dreams by growing their income through sales training and business coaching.”

In May 2016, Anna will be leading a four week program called Black Belt Selling. In this program, she helps people develop the qualities they need to push through the blocks that keep them from closing more sales.

Everyone who signs up for Anna’s newsletter between now and Friday, April 29, 2016 will have a chance for a free seat in the program.

Connect with Anna

Website: (under construction)

Twitter: @SchellerAnna


Facebook: ajscheller (personal)

Facebook page:


Have you ever thought the things you are passionate about, the hobbies, sports, or interests, would help you in life and in business?

If you have a story like this,please share it. I know having a little experience with Karate sure helped me when I was raising my three sons. A lot of the confidence I built in those classes is still with me today. It was an amazing experience for me.

Please follow Anna Scheller and Sign Up For the Newsletter.

Thank you,


Tinsel Town Tonight Live with @JacobElyachar @mizmeliz

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This is a replay of the live broadcast episode of Tinsel Town Tonight with Melissa Reyes, featuring Jacob Elyachar – Live in Studio!

2016-03-22 17.42.50

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Tinsel Town Tonight featuring Jennifer Quinn @JennyQ @TenMiniTT

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A Story of Two Bloggers Who Grew Up to Be Live Streamers…

Awhile ago (before Blab even) I asked Jennifer Quinn if she would like to be a guest on my show, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town. Her answer was, “Sounds like fun, but – why me?”

Here is why:

IMG_1078Jennifer’s blog impressed me. She is an excellent writer. She is a gifted poet. She seemed personable, caring, and fun. We had a lot in common, both being bloggers and in a tribe together on Triberr. At that time I was mainly interviewing other bloggers. I told her that I believe we have similar views and I wanted to connect with like-minded people. We agreed to set a date to do the show.

On Jenny wrote…

“Your soul whispered to mine…remember to live.”

Flash-forward to today. Now we are both doing interview shows on Blab and love live streaming and social media. We have a blast snapping and Instagramming, Tweeting, Pinning, and sending waves on Anchor! You must follow JennyQ everywhere, if you aren’t already! She will lift your spirits with her bright smile every time!

I am super excited to finally be interviewing this Total Rock Star of the InterWebs!!!

Jennifer Quinn (@JennyQ)

Show Notes

I asked Jenny what she loves to do when she isn’t Live Streaming and being a hotshot social media Goddess. She said, “I like to hike, walk & bike along the river – Boise Greenbelt. I enjoy dancing, karaoke, reading, and connecting with people. I love to hang out with my family. I like to not cook.”

See! I told you we had lot in common! I need to find out how she gets out of cooking, I need some fresh ideas.


When asked what she is most passionate about, Jenny responds with, “Being the “Host of  “The Daily Q Show” – I interview people who demonstrate excellence in their field.”

Jenny loves everything about being a livestreamer. She reaches her followers through Periscope, meVee and Blab. She has even written a Free Livestream Guide download.

We will discuss:

  • Livestreaming and it’s effect on personal growth
  • pursuit of excellence
  • self-development

Connect with Jennifer Quinn

On Twitter, Blab, Pericscope – @JennyQ

Snapchat, Instagram – JennyQ411


Free download –>>

Who Does “Social” Work For? Tinsel Town Tonight @JonathanTripp @TenMiniTT

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I met Jonathan on my favorite live streaming ap,  He is a nice person who is helping people navigate the business of social media and content creation.  What does that mean? Well, it means that Jonathan is doing for entrepreneurs and businesses what I do for people in my life coaching and mindfulness classes. We both like to help people…to mentor, motivate, and inspire.  Jonathan shows integrity as he speaks from the heart. He is passionate about live streaming and connecting people. That is why I like him. You will too!

Who Does “Social” Work For?

Jonathan Trip makes social work for you! Meet him on Tinsel Town Tonight when I interview him about social media, live streaming, start ups, and cooking!

Show Notes:

Jonathan says, “I love cooking – but can’t bake to save my life.”    We will definitely talk about that! Father of five, Jonathan works from home and balances sharing the responsibilities of taking care of his little children with his wife, while he conducts his online and live streaming business. He loves coffee and he needs it as he works tirelessly to achieve all of his intentions.

He has a background in property management services, non-profit organizations, and small business. He feels that his experience has given him the ability to personalize project management from inception to execution.  He strongly believes in leveraging motivation and mentorship to create diverse professional teams while leading by example.

228947_10150273019228701_1957115_nCurrently, Jonathan is building a startup that brings social media strategies and platform account management services into focus in an evolving world of user generated content and livestream media.

Jonathan is also the host of BlabNation, a livestreaming talk show focused on social media, business and marketing topics that matter.  Daily shows feature new and familiar names in the digital and business world.

Check it out weekdays at

“I love making connections on Social Media… specifically on livestreaming and Instagram. These are my jam.” ~Jonathan Tripp

11850583_10153604421913701_989590285661006747_oYou can connect with Jonathan Tripp here:

twitter: @jonathantripp

Artwork Featured on Tinsel Town Tonight

In this episode of #TTT I had the pleasure of introducing you to the artwork of Dawney @GrammysArt

If you would like to see more of her work, connect with her on Social Media

photo collage created by Melissa Reyes on Canva 1-17-16 artwrok used with express permission by the artist Dawney of GrammysArt for and Tinsel Town Tonight

Artwork by Dawney @GrammysArt

Dawney can be found on Facebook

She is on Blab, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as GrammysArt

Do you have a question or comment?

Join the conversation!

What do you think?

Who does social work for?

Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with @MordantWorld @LisaLFlowers

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Join me as I welcome two amazing internet Super Stars: Lisa Flowers and R. Mordant Mahon to this episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town! It is my pleasure to introduce you to both of these gems! They sparkle like diamonds in the sky. Follow these shining stars because they will light the way to your dreams!


Advertisement: This episode features a review of the Aurorae Aqua Microfiber Towel. I received a free sample for the purposes of reviewing this product. Please read my Disclosure for details on why I post ads like this. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. Visit Aurorae Yoga‘s website for more information.

Meet Lisa L. Flowers

flowers logoIntegrating Traditional, Digital, and Social Marketing into Your Business

Lisa Flowers is an American business strategist, traditional marketer, social media evangelist and international speaker. She is also an award-winning copywriter and marketer with a diverse background in marketing, communications, business development and public relations. She is Founder and CEO of Flowers Media Matters, a digital marketing and communications firm, specializing in connecting companies, cultures and countries. Their strategies help businesses find and use their voice to engage, influence and grow using social media.

Learn more online at

When I asked Lisa to tell me what she is most passionate about and what she likes to do for fun, I wasn’t surprised by her answer.

“Okay, I know it sounds weird, but I think teaching and talking about social media is fun.”

Miz Meliz and Lisa FlowersShow Notes

Lisa Flowers – What do you like to do for fun?

For the last five years, I’ve been in school full-time while working full-time and holding down 3 part-time jobs. So, I really haven’t done a lot of fun things. But I do spend time with my son. He just turned nine and is a lot of fun. We go to the beach, park, watch movies, etc. He is my light and joy.

What I would really like to starting doing again is hosting dinner parties at my house. I did this when I lived in DC and it was really fun with a great group of all sorts of people.

And, I’ve been known to go Salsa dancing from time to time! 😉

flowers picWhat do you want to talk about on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town?

Using social media for influence and how my adventure to Nigeria started with a Tweet!

In the last year and half, I’ve traveled to Malaysia and twice to Nigeria. My recent trip to Nigeria was to present at Social Media Week Lagos. My passion is helping companies find and use their online voice for influence, growth, and simply starting conversations. As mentioned, my first adventure to Nigeria started with a tweet! So, Twitter is one of my favorite platforms.

Miz Meliz and Lisa FlowersR. Mordant Mahon – What do you like to do for fun?

  • Acting – Film/On-Camera Acting
  • Going to the gym
  • Performing at Renaissance festivals with my comedy troupe the Tortuga Twins (
  • Playing Video games (Xbox 360) with Friends
  • Co-hosting the comedic-motivational podcast “Success Freaks”

What do you want to talk about on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town?

  • How I am VERY Nerdtastic!
  • I also co-host a new relationship podcast called “I Like You Most Days” ( /
  • I am passionate about helping others be Awesome and Level Up their lives.
  • Fear / Failure – overcoming/embracing both for Success
  • I have been Clean & Sober almost 12 years
  • Anything Self-helpy, really.

All About R. Mordant Mahon:

R. Mordant Mahon’s love of travel and connection came early. Born in Karachi, Pakistan to a future British flamenco dancer and a Greek merchant marine, and adopted at birth by a family in the State Department, he was a true globetrotter by the age of 8. Comfortable in many cultures, he tours internationally and around the USA, sharing his wit and wisdom with those ready to take steps towards the Positive.

In his mid-20s, Mordants co-founded the improv-comedy storytelling troupe known as the Tortuga Twins. Outrageously unpredictable, these three “twins” present a variety of audience-interactive tales including Robin Hood,Captain Morgan and the Island Queen, Swordfighting & Stupidity to name a few! With a background in street performance, the internationally renowned (yes, Canada counts) Tortuga Twins have thrilled audiences at theme parks, festivals, and private events alike.

R. Mordant Mahon is a Success Freak. With 3500+ live comedy performances via his “mild-mannered” day job, Mordant’s passion to Help Others Be Awesome has motivated him to use his powers for good. Author, podcaster, vlogger—he engages his energetic sense of humor and creative coaching style, inspiring others to level up their lives. Whether entertaining and edifying on his comedic motivational show, “Success Freaks,” or challenging people to dance outside their comfort zones via galvanizing speeches, Mordant gives both mind and spirit something to chew on while putting enough laughter in your heart to make you smile out loud.




Join me every Tuesday at 6 pm Pacific time for exciting and meaningful interviews.

(Recorded LIVE on – Only the hottest new conversation platform online!)blab-logo

Read all about how to be a Total Rock Star on in this new blog post on by Jocyelyn Gonzalez, featuring…Me!

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Jay and Melissa – Two Kats in Tinsel Town @GeneWildersHair @TenMinitt #TenMiniTT #Podcast

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Here it is folks!

The podcast of all podcasts. It is video. It is audio. It’s on YouTube and iTunes. And you can watch it right here!

This broadcast was originally streamed LIVE on Meerkat AND Blab on Tuesday, June 30th.

It is Two Kats in Tinsel Town

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Jay, my new co-host on my show, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town. I must thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me make my dream come true. This episode is the first of many brought to you by my new technical team which includes Jay, Garner, Lito, and the help of our friends at Meerkat and Blab.

Come back every Tuesday night for a live broadcast – right here at! We have some fabulous super stars of social media planned to be our special guests. If you would like to be on the show or have a suggestion on who we should interview, please contact me at

We are actively looking for sponsors so we can fund upgrades to bring you a better show. If you think you or your brand aligns with ours, please consider a partnership. Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town has a wide international audience through social media via live streaming, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. I am available to discuss campaigns that include blog posts and social media influence. Be seen, heard, talked about and recommended here on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town!




Ciaran Blumnefeld Explores the Social Media Frontier with Hashtracking @momfluential @tenminitt

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Meet Ciaran Blumenfeld on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz

#10M with Miz Meliz Ciaran Blumenfeld

Tinsel Town Tales

Ciaran (pronounced “share-in”) Blumenfeld adores taking photos and wishes she had more time to watch TV.

She loves storytelling, travel and making connections. Her current projects include her social media start up, Hashtracking, where they track and analyze posts and images shared on Twitter and Instagram with hashtags.

ciaran ltym














She produces the stage production, Listen to Your Mother, which is performed throughout the states. Ciaran also has a television show in development. It’s no wonder she doesn’t have time to watch stories on television – she is out there making them happen!












I will talk to Ciaran about travel, storytelling, social media, and pop culture on this episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz.

Check Out These #Hashtracking Hot Spots:

www.hashtracking. com

ciaran brooklyn 99















“I love any occasion that takes me onto studio lots, the energy coming out of the building where your favorite shows are made just pulsates with creativity and magic.” ~ Ciaran Blumenfeld

This post contains affiliate links.

Use #Hashtracking to Navigate and Explore Social Media’s Wild Frontier


Hold on to Your Fedoras, I have a Surprise Guest!

Live on Meerkat from the “Meerkat Family” it’s Kevin, but you probably know him as the Covert Patron.

If you ask him what he likes to do for fun, he will tell you that he loves to drive and just walk around town. That doesn’t sound too exciting or interesting does it? Well, you have no idea how serious he takes it and how very serious what he does is…in fact, it is quite the

Inspirational Story

“I am very passionate about customer service, and also very passionate about my work with the homeless.” ~Covert Patron

We will talk about Covert Patron’s Customer Service Sting Operations and Expose, and why he is passionate about Homelessness in America tonight on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz.

Connecting Over Coffee with Marcie Taylor @SuburbanMama #TenMiniTT @TenMiniTT

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Marcie and I are both passionate about our families, coffee, travel, reading, writing, and social media! We had a blast talking about all of the things we love and what we aspire to be and do.

Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz and Marcie Taylor @SuburbanMama

Show Notes:

What do you like to do for fun?

I like photography, hanging out at the beach, messing around with my kids…

I’m a social media consultant and writer-for-hire. But aren’t we all?

I am passionate about coffee, books, travel, Doctor Who and social media.


Subscribe to – my own site about my beautiful city of Huntington Beach.

Connect with Marcie:

Surf City Family

I’ve written a book, too – it’s called “Missing Mangoes: For Filipinos and Those Who Love Us”

Do you have a favorite Hangout or Hollywood Hotspot?

I love going to Santa Monica  but going to LA is daunting with traffic from OC.

Here in Orange County, I love the OC MIX/SoCo Collection and The Lab – both are in Costa Mesa.

#10M Backstage Pass


Spreecast is the social video platform that connects people.

Check out Ten Minutes w/ MizMeliz -Kerry Tressler on Spreecast.


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